Don’t you hate it when you have to browse the mobile dictionary in the middle of a chat just to confirm the spelling so that you don’t look lame in front of the other person? We have all been there, done that. But do you know that the keyboard on your smartphone could do that thing for you instantly? Well, it may not now, if you are still using the default keyboard.

10 Best Keyboards for Android That Will Help You Type Efficiently

There are a number of keyboard apps in the Google Play Store that can allow you to do a lot of things with your keyboard.

#1. Go keyboard:

This free android application by GOMO Apps is a great option for those who are tired of using the same old default keyboard on your android devices. GO Keyboard does not only allow you to personalize the appearance of the keyboard but also offers a variety of features that the default keyboards often lack. You can use this multipurpose keyboard app with tap input, a swipe input, an emoji keyboard, and a GIF keyboard.

GoKeyboardInterestingly, there is 1000+ colorful emojis, which are updated weekly. Also, the keyboard supports 60+ languages serving the users from 100+ countries across the world. Furthermore, it includes integrated dictionaries that can tell you the meaning of any word in any language. The only drawback the app has is the intrusive ads which come with almost every free app nowadays.

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#2. SwiftKey:

SwiftKey is certainly one of the finest keyboard apps that are currently available on Google Play Store. This app is recently acquired by Microsoft. However, this app made its mark in the Android app market prior to that acquisition. This is an intelligent keyboard that learns your writing style and makes it easier for you to type by predicting the next word. SwiftKey also features autocorrect and gesture typing to enable faster input.

SwiftkeyOne of the best things about SwiftKey app is its cloud syncing feature which allows all your devices, where you use SwiftKey, to stay up to date share the similar themes, keyboard customization and lots of other specification without having to configure each of the devices individually. It also supports over 150 different languages, even different themes. However, you need to pay for most of the themes. The calendar integration and location support also put this one above its competitors. Moreover, Swiftkey has a strict privacy policy that safeguards your personal information from all sorts of risks.

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#3. Fleksy:

Fleksy is recognized as the fastest keyboard in the world by the Guinness Book of Records. Hence, if you are always in a hurry, you should choose this keyboard app for typing on your android devices. It uses next-generation autocorrect and gesture control that let you type accurately in a lesser amount of time. It also offers 50+ colorful themes and 3 different keyboard sizes, giving you the option to customize it as per your preferences. Also, the keyboard is intuitive. However, if you switch the devices or factory reset the settings, the app goes back to default, resetting the personal dictionary.

FleksyLike a few the other keyboards on the list, this app also supports swipe and gesture inputs, alongside some incredible features like web search, GIF and meme support, themes, extensions and much more. However, you may need to pay a few bucks to avail some of these features. It is also a privacy-friendly app. In fact, their description on Google Play reads, “We are the only keyboard where what you type stays in your phone…” It also supports over 40 languages which make it handy for the users across different countries.

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#4. Ginger Keyboard:

Ginger Software Inc., which owns Ginger Keyboard, has also developed several grammar checking tools for a number of platforms. This explains the grammatical accuracy that Ginger Keyword app offers to its users. The developers have actually included the same grammar checking and correction algorithms in the app that “allows the user to send better, less embarrassing texts and higher quality writing,” as described by Techcrunch.

GingerEven if you put the feature of grammatical correction aside, Ginger Keyboard still remains a great keyboard choice for the android users. It also supports tons of emoticons, stickers, animated GIFs, themes and free in-app games like Snake and 2048. Furthermore, it also supports over 50 different languages, swipe typing, and even emoji prediction. What makes it even greater is that it predicts your next word once it develops an understanding of your writing style.

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#5. Chrooma Keyboard:

Chrooma is a lightweight, fast keyboard that offers a lot of customization options for free. While most keyboards allow you just to pick the themes, Chrooma Keyboard picks the theme color of the app you are using. For instance, if you are using Twitter, it turns blue, while for WhatsApp it turns green.  You also get a “night mode” option that darkens the keyboard’s color offering a better viewing at night.

ChroomaHowever, the customizations are not the only exciting features Chrooma has to offer. It is also a great keyboard option for the users who love to use GIFs on their chats. It even offers a built-in proofreader allowing you to rectify the content you write. You can also enjoy features like swipe typing, gesture typing, keyboard resizing, one-hand mode predictive typing and autocorrect on this app. Since it is powered by AI, it offers a better contextual prediction.

#6. Multiling O Keyboard:

If you are using a budget Smartphone that has limited space for the apps on the device, you may find it unnecessary to install a keyboard device for a change. But there is actually an android keyboard app that takes only 500KB of your phone’s memory while delivering a bundle of features. Well, it may not be as sophisticated as SwiftKey or Fleksy, but it still offers some amazing features that put Multiling O Keyboard among the top android keyboard apps.

MultilinkingInterestingly, the keyboard supports over 200 different languages, alongside accurate gesture and swipe input. You also get to choose from tons of theme options to customize the app. It even supports emoji and T9 prediction. This keyboard app may not be the best choice for the people, who have high-end Smartphones. However, this app is perfect for those, who cannot use the other keyboard apps due to the space crunch.

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#7. Gboard:

Gboard is set as the default keyboard to the devices that are run on stock android. What makes it the best android keyboard in the list are its great predictions (owing to the machine learning technology), access to GIFs and stickers, and a dictionary that is tied to your Google account. It even lets you choose from a huge collection of themes, and allows you to customize the layout.

G boardApart from the use of a wide range of emoji and one-hand mode, Gboard also offers features like voice typing, a swipe input, web search, and 100+ language support. Its minimalist appearance is often appreciated by the users, even though Gboard is quite feature-rich. There’s also another reason to love this app, which is the ad-free experience. Also, it does not involve any in-app purchases.

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#8. Touchpal Keyboard:

If you love using emoji while typing, this app is just for you. This award-winning keyboard app has over 50 million downloads and has been in the market for a really long time. While it offers several amazing features like voice typing, glide input, T+ and T9 keypad, autocorrect and predictive writing, the most highlighting feature of this app revolves around the use of emoji.

TouchpalTouchpal Keyboard allows you to “DIY your emoji keyboard themes, emoji keyboard layout, emoji keyboard font, and emoji keyboard color” as mentioned in its Google Play description. It supports over 5000 emojis, stickers, and amazing GIFs. It can even predict the emojis you are intending to use by learning your typing style. Also, it supports over 150 languages.

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#9. Grammarly Keyboard:

You may have heard about the Grammarly app which is one of the most popular proofreading tools in the market. Well, Grammarly Inc., which runs the Grammarly app has also launched their Android keyboard recently. It uses the same proofreading algorithm to perfect your typed content. Since the app is still in its nascent stage, it misses out on several crucial features like gesture typing (swiping) or voice typing. However, its sophisticated grammar checker is something that puts it ahead of so many keyboard apps.

GrammarlyThe app integrates smoothly with all apps and is quite easier to install. The simplistic nature of the app is somewhat appealing to a lot of users. And those, who have been using Grammarly extension on their computers, find this app quite satisfying as it offers contextual spelling checker, advanced punctuation correction and vocabulary enhancements. With time, it may introduce popular features like emoji and GIF support on the keyboard. But even without those features, Grammarly still makes a pretty good keyboard for users with simple needs.

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#10. Cheetah Keyboard:

Cheetah Keyboard is another great option for the users who love to personalize their keyboard layouts. This is one of the few AI-powered keyboards that offers 3D themes. Besides the option to choose customized themes, the keyboard also supports some of the major features like gesture typing (swiping), auto correction, predictive writing, and emoji support.

CheetahCheetah keyboard also offers GIF keyboard where you can search and use hundreds of popular GIFs from Giphy. It also analyzes and learns your typing style and starts predicting the next word or emoji as you type. What is more interesting about this app is that it offers you the option to create your own themes where you can change the fonts and the backgrounds and wallpapers with own photos as per your preferences.

There are a lot of other Android keyboards available on the Google Play app store that are worth checking out. Most of these apps mentioned in the list are available for free. However, some of them also offer a premium version of the app which allows you to use some additional features as well. Since each of these apps caters to a particular group of users, it is better to identify your needs before you choose a keyboard app for your android device.

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