CouchTuner is an online TV show and movie streaming site where you can watch content from many media channels, and other major entertainment companies and film studios without paying.

One such of them happens to be Couchtuner which is an online streaming site. It will allow you select the movies from different genres at your own time. Before we dig into the further interesting information here are some important things to know. Here, we gave you the new site of couchtuner –

Back in 2010, Couchtuner ch started with a .com extension. Its main aim was to provide you with your choice movies with unlimited content. One of the best thing about the site is you don’t need to sign up for it. Simply browse the one you want and it will redirect you to the pages. In this blog, we also cover the best movie streaming sites like Couchtuner.

Be it the latest shows, movies or even the old TV shows, without spending bucks the Couchtuner Empire is all yours. You will actually get to stream online shows that you won’t find anywhere else.

What are the categories of movies available with Couchtuner?

The categories of movies that are available with Couchtuner are:

  • English movies
  • English TV series
  • Top IMDB movies
  • Top watched movies
  • Top watched TV shows

Is it advisable to use Couchtuner?

First and foremost, Couchtuner is a pirated website where all the content present over there is not legal. But, this clearly doesn’t mean you can stop streaming online movies from it. In fact, you can watch everything for FREE. But, a gentle reminder make sure you use VPN connection just to save your privacy.

Now, it’s possible to access outstanding free movie and TV streams safely and legally on Couchtuner with a VPN. Best VPN encrypts your connection, keeping your private data safe from hackers, scammers, and phishing attacks.

Is Couchtuner safe?

Most of the times, when you are surfing free live streaming sites they do have the lot of issues and bugs to be fixed. But, when you are using Couchtuner, you can save up all your data and privacy without having any fear of losing anything from pc. All the other Couchtuner alternatives sites are also safe to use.

The famous platform also allows you to stream your shows even on Android devices, even PC and Laptop. You might see few pop-ups coming your way but then close it via the option that’s available.

So, one of the most genuine sites out there is the Couch Tuner which allows you to stream all your favorite movies of all the genres.

What’s available on Couchtuner?

There are tons of shows, movies that you get to watch series online couchtuner. Starting from the old shows to the new ones like – The Family Guy, Arrow, Big bang theory and much more. You also get free movies like Dunkirk, Thor, and Justice League etc.

But before head down to use it make sure the internet connection is secure. Also, in the search bar, you are able to find movies and shows according to the Genre.

Does Couchtuner have a user-friendly interface?

There’s no doubt that couchtuner is one of the preferable options with a well-built interface among top live streaming sites. While building the website the main aim was to provide access to a website that easily supports your Android device, PC or Laptop.

On the homepage, you will get ample of selections other f TV shows giving you an amicable experience. Also, you can search it and map read directly to the show by ignoring the ads. In the sidebar, there is an entire collection of TV shows placed for you that will allow you to browse.

Are there any downsides to Couchtuner?

Every coin has its two sides, similar to that there are certain things that will bother you while using couchtuner for movies. Here are few downsides to using Couchtuner.

• One of the main things that annoy almost everyone is the ads coming everywhere. It’s like ruining your mood in between the show. Even more when it opens up in the new window. Turing on the Ad Block might help you a little.

• Mind you, the TV shows are not organized. So in order to use the couchtuner site to watch seasons, you will have to dig tad bit more. Chances are you’ll stumble upon your episode which you are looking for.

• The autoplay option is not obtainable. The user will have to explore the entire site just to watch the next episode. Hence resulting, it becomes the tedious task to perform.

• In certain regions, the streaming of couchtuner is being blocked.

Any alternate Sites to Couchtuner?

In other news, there are tons of options available when it comes to online movie streaming sites. In case if you don’t wish to use Couchtuner anymore. Some of best sites like Couchtuner are mentioned below.

Movie 4 U – Free Site Like Couchtuner

When you are using Movie 4 U you’ll be able to gain a hold of endless movies. There’s no single movie that won’t be available on this famous website. The advanced search option provides user expediency. This is best live streaming sites like couch tuner to watch movies.

Putlocker – Best Site Like Couchtuner

After the massive launch of its movie library, Putlock became the talk of the town. With the most popular shows and movies, you get to watch all of it without the need for registration. In addition to that, you can ask the operators to upload the content as well. Putlocker is well-known movie streaming site, the best website like Couchtuner.

Cucirca- Top Site to watch movies Like Couchtuner

Cucirca works similar to that of the Couchtuner except it only features TV shows. Therefore if you love enjoying TV shows with a slice of Pizza then Cucirca is your all-time hit option. It might be disappointing because of NO MOVIES! Cucirca contains a huge list of popular and well-known tv shows, and it will keep you updated with the latest shows. The interface is quite simple, clean and easy and user-friendly.

The Dare TV -Illegal HD Movies and TV shows

Another best live streaming site happens to be The Dare TV. You can discover the content as per genre including fantasy, horror, comedy etc. It also displays the categories “Recently added shows” “Recently updated movies.”  It has a huge library of movies and tv shows which you can stream online directly through their platform, and that’s even for free. The Dare TV Platform makes the streaming function so easy that you have to tap on a video to start watching it. Also, if you don’t have time to watch, then the Dare TV gives you the option to save videos for later streaming.

How to easily access CouchTuner Using a VPN Service?

The setup process is easy:

1. Create a user account of yours.
2. Choose a VPN plan and pay money.
3. Download and install a VPN client software on your device.
4. Securely connect to the internet.
5. Start watching movies on couchtuner.

Many VPN providers offer a free trial period of 1 month , so you can use them to access CouchTuner without paying.

Wrapping Up: 

Since the releasing in 2010 couchtuner became famous all over the world. A free live streaming site that offers you various TV shows and movies. One can browse a diverse range of shows without even purchasing it. Go through our list of best Couchtuner alternatives and select the one which suits you better.

Couchtuner is being watched by millions of users from across the globe. So, go ahead and watch all the movies which you have been planning to watch for your night out with the friends. Also, don’t miss out the fun of watching aired shows as well.

The original version of the app has been blocked but they keep on bouncing their IPs so it’s never actually down for a long time.

 Also, if you have any suggestions for us, then let me know in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.