What is the Cost of Custom iPhone App Development

Keeping the idea of business expansion, the main component that elevates it is building an app. The user-centric app that offers user feasibility and systematic function changes the game for high-end businesses. For instance, basic ideas like food delivery transformed the entire industry and opened a market for food delivery app development.

Similarly, any other business interacting with users daily requires an app to streamline day-to-day functioning and offer convenience. Furthermore, mid-sized companies understand the need to change and adapt apps, considering that users are used to app-based functioning and enjoy the at-home service perk.

With custom iPhone app development, high-end or small businesses can target the vast iOS platform audience and boost their conversion rate. While Android offers a 70% loyalty rate, iOS has maintained its reliability with a 90% loyalty rate.

Since established enterprises target the iOS-centric audience, now is the time to get your business an app with iOS app development. A preceding factor that companies consider is the cost of iOS app development. To understand the required capital investment, let us dive deep into the factors that may affect it.

Essential Factors Affecting the Cost of iPhone App Development

Multiple factors influence the cost of iOS app development. For instance, factors like the project size, the app complexity, the development company’s location, the experience of iOS app developers, and the features and functionalities.

To understand the approximate app development cost, let us dive deep into the factors and answer all the “it depends” questions.

  • App Size

Businesses and enterprises must remember that the size of an app plays an essential role in the development cost. The app’s size is directly proportional to the capital investment required for the project. If a business is looking for an app with basic features, the development cost may differ from that of an app with advanced features incorporating intelligent technologies. The table below will help you understand how a basic differs from an advanced app in expenditure.

App Complexity LevelEstimated CostEstimated Duration
Simple$25,000 to $40,0003 to 6 months
Moderate$40,000 to $90,0006 to 9 months
Highly Complex$90,000 to $150,0009+ months
  • Feature

As mentioned above, the more advanced the features, the more capital investment there is. An app with essential features like sign-up, search bar, support system, and other features will likely cost less. An advanced app with features like an AI-powered chatbot, an ML algorithm incorporation, and AR/VR functioning will be expensive. Considering the need, businesses decide what they are looking for.

To understand the difference in features, let us take a look at the table below:

Features Approximate Cost 
Login & sign in$4,500-$5,000
Admin Portals$2,500
User Interface$10,000
Search Bar$5,000
  • Location

Considering that everything is not dependent on the application, the cost of iOS mobile app development services differs according to the company’s location. For instance, if you choose a company based in India, you will expect significantly less capital investment than a company based in the United States. The same situation is valid for the United States and the United Kingdom. UK-based companies charge more than US-based companies for the same services. The table below will help you understand the location-based difference.

CountryYears of ExperienceHourly Rate ($)
  • Team Size

Another development-company-based factor that influences the cost of developing an iOS app is the size of the team chosen for the project. Considering multiple phases in the development process, the number of professionals increases with every step. Project managers, UI/UX designers, business analysts, and many more take the project to completion.

Below is the list of professionals you will require to build an iOS app for your business and further grow:

  • A Project Manager
  • UI/UX Designers
  • iOS Developers
  • Quality Assurance Analysts
  • Project Coordinators
  • Database Experts

One can build thriving iPhone app development solutions with the assistance of the above.

  • App Maintenance

Many businesses forget that app maintenance and support costs must be included in the quotation. However, regular maintenance and updates after the launch must always be included. Everything plays a vital role in the development of custom iPhone apps.


Everything influences businesses’ final capital investment, from the complexity of features and functionality to the cost of app maintenance. Therefore, companies and enterprises must decide wisely when investing their money and ensuring immense ROI. Mid-sized businesses and established enterprises must hire an iPhone app development company that brings its expertise and industry knowledge. They also ensure that companies can build their applications cost-effectively and deliver projects on time with immense excellence and required features and functionalities.