Simple and Easy Steps to Check Your Bike Insurance Policy Online

Having valid bike insurance is crucial if you want to use your bike on the streets of India. If your policy has expired, renew your policy or be ready to buy a new, best bike insurance. 

If you want to avoid spending more on late renewal or new policy purchases, make it a habit to renew your bike insurance in time. Bike insurance policy renewal is a rather straightforward procedure that can save you from all the hassle that follows an inactive policy. 

Staying prudent and verifying policy status is paramount. You can easily do a vehicle insurance status check online. Here is how you can do that!

 Checking Your Bike Insurance Online Status 

  •  Check Through the Insurance Provider’s Website 

Nowadays, insurance companies have online websites, applications, and portals where you can buy bike insurance policies. The insurance provider’s official website portals hold all the necessary policy details you need, including your policy status, renewal, and expiration date. You need the login credentials provided to you by the system. 

  1. Go to the insurance provider’s website or application
  2. Log in with your account credentials
  3. Choose the details you wish to verify
  4. Verify your two-wheeler policy status.
  •  Check Through VAHAN 

VAHAN is an official registry that holds all the relevant information about the vehicle in the country. If you want to check the validity, renewal due date, and expiry date of your bike insurance, you can use the official VAHAN website.

  1. Visit the VAHAN website.
  2. Enter the bike registration number in the designated box.
  3. Click on Proceed
  4. Select the “Services” option on the toolbar and go to “Additional Services.”
  5. Enter the necessary information and your bike registration number, chassis number, engine number, and captcha.
  6. Enter the OTP you receive on your mobile device.
  7. Verify the validity of your bike insurance policy.
  •  Check Through Policy, Email, and Document 

When you buy the best bike insurance from a good policy provider, they keep on updating you on your policy. These updates are possible because you submit your contact details to the insurance company. You need to provide them with your contact number, email address, address, and other details. When the purchase procedure is completed, you receive the policy papers in hand. 

  1. These policy papers hold all the necessary information.
  2. You can also search your email or message inbox. The insurance company sends policy documents to your email ID. 
  3. You might also find a soft copy of the policy on your mobile or computer. Using all the above-mentioned documents, you can verify the policy status.

 Checking Your Bike Insurance Policy Offline 

If you are not comfortable using the online verification methods to check your bike insurance plan, you can use the offline option. For this:

  1. Identify the nearest RTO in your area.
  2. Visit the RTO with all essential documents, like the bike’s registration details, your personal identification documents, policy details, etc.
  3. At the designated counter, present the details and request your policy details.
  4. The official on the desk will provide you with your bike insurance policy details. 


In conclusion, there are various ways to verify your bike insurance policy status. It is important to track the validity and expiry of your policy, as the renewal of your policy depends on these details. 

Do not forget bike insurance renewal after expiry of your policy as it can lead to penalties and missing out on crucial coverage benefits.