Home Renovation Apps

Many seniors decide to renovate their home before moving into upscale senior living to boost its purchase value, and some just want to use their free time in retirement to make improvements to their home.

Planning to renovate, remodel or add design to your homeThere are many different home renovation apps that can make the process of transforming your home much easier and faster.

Here are 10 of the best home renovation apps for that HGTV-like renovation project to help in the market that will help seniors with this challenging project.

iHandy Carpenter

This app is incredibly useful to have on your phone whether or not you’re doing any renovations. The iHandy Carpenter contains five different tools that you might use when working on a home improvement project, so you can spend more time working on it and less time searching for the tools you need. This app contains a protractor, a surface level, a plumb bob level, a ruler, and a bubble lever. These apps are often easier to use on a phone because of the clean graphics as well. Just take a picture of a room and design it app quickly.
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Planner 5D

This is one of the best home design software & interior design tool for home & floor plans in 2D & 3D. You can choose interior and exterior items from a comprehensive catalog in order to plan and furnish your home or any other space the way you have always wanted, and you can see what everything looks like in reality using the Virtual Reality mode. Design houses, flats, offices, country-houses, cafes, bars, your dream houses, just anything in 2D or 3D modes.

– Editor – edit and view your home design in 2D, 3D and Virtual Reality modes
– Catalog – lots of items to use in your designs
– Snapshots – realistic images of your designs
– Gallery – projects and images of designs created by our users
– Can be used online and offline
– Sign in with your planner5d.com, Google+ or Facebook account to use your designs across all platforms
– User interface localized in these languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese
– View your design using Chromecast (screencast)


This free app is very helpful when working with your initial contractor to create floor plans. Having a basic floor plan on hand is incredibly useful when planning the final design for your space, but actually taking the time to measure a room and create one is very time intensive and frustrating. This app allows you to take photos of the room you want to create a plan for and it will help you generate one quickly and accurately. Magicplan has a free and paid version, and compatible with Android and iOS devices. It is most popular home design and decorating apps in the market right now.


Think of BrightNest as your personalized encyclopedia for home renovation and maintenance. Throughout the renovation process, you can go onto the BrightNest community and search for helpful articles that provide DIY instructions as well as tips and tricks that will make your renovation projects easier. BrightNest also has a very innovative feature where you can enter in details about your home, such as the materials used in construction, and the app will send you personalized information relevant to your space. This App helps to DIY guides, calculators, color matching, or even just clever interior design ideas and inspiration. This is the best app for remodeling your home like professional designers.

Home Design 3D

This incredible app was created to help you plan your renovations more easily. You can design entire rooms in detail in both 2D or 3D view, giving you a clear picture of what you want from the finished project. It addresses many different aspects of planning a renovation, from drawing the basic structure of a room to placing furniture throughout the space. While some features require a paid upgrade to the free app, the level of detail that this program provides makes the few extra dollars a worthwhile investment.

Tap Painter

Trying to decide what color to paint your walls? This handy tool helps you visualize what paint colors will look like in your home. You can select from a variety of actual paint colors from major brands such as Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, and you can superimpose them on photos of your home currently. This can save you from a design disaster down the road by allowing you to see what everything is really going to look like. The app for homeowners is always free but you can upgrade to the pro software for more professional features.


This app allows you to book handymen directly through your smartphone to help you with your home renovation projects. This is a great tool for someone who just needs a little extra assistance with renovation but doesn’t need to hire a full contractor. Handy only books verified and trusted handymen, so you can feel completely comfortable with the expertise of anyone booked through the app. You can also book someone to help you right away to speed up the renovations process. It is one of the best home renovation planning apps available in market.

Home Improvement Calcs

Home renovation projects often require a lot of pesky math, which can be challenging and irritating to do on your own. The Home Improvement Calcs app takes care of the math for you very quickly, so you’re not stuck fussing with a calculator or pen and paper for long periods of time. Home Improvement Calcs has hundreds of very specific home improvement calculations that you can do automatically. They also feature clean, easy-to-understand graphics for even more clarification.


Houzz is the ultimate web guide for interior design, and their app is a gold mine of helpful articles and resources that you can use to put the finishing touches on your home. Not only is this app very helpful, but it’s also just fun to browse through the articles and find inspiration for your next project that you may never even have considered. The app also contains your own personal home improvement sketchpad that’s perfect for playing with new ideas, compiling photos, and even collaborating with other users.


If you’re interested in working with an interior designer on your home improvement project, Havenly makes it easy and accessible to do so. You can actually chat with designers for free on the app, so if you’re just looking for some very basic guidance, you can get it quickly just by using your smartphone. You can also book custom plans and projects for relatively low fees – they start at $79. You can even shop through a curated selection of furniture and other design products through this best home designing app.


When you just need something simple and easy to walk you through the process of a renovation project, WikiHow is a great go to. They have thousands of how-to guides for everything, not just home improvement, and they’re crowdsourced and incredibly easy to read. The step-by-step instructions and illustrations can make a project that may have seemed challenging before a bit less scary to tackle. You’ll be surprised how handy this can be when working through a renovation project.

Home renovation can be very challenging, so having a variety of resources available on your phone makes it much easier. Even if you’re a smartphone newbie, all of these apps are quite intuitive, so you’ll be a home renovation pro in no time. If you aren’t taking advantage of your smartphone as a resource for senior living help, now is a great time to start. There’s so much information and entertainment easily accessible, and you can find a solution to virtually any problem with these incredible tech developments.