Everyone owns an iPhone, but what makes yours truly unique is the customization you make with your phone. When we talk about customizing an iPhone or any other Apple device, we mean trying out some customization apps available on the App Store. If you are looking to make your phone a little personal and stand out from others, try these personalization apps today.

But there are so many of them, which one to download, you ask? Worry not. We have made your job easy. Here are the top 10 customization apps you might like to install on your Apple device. Go through the list and give these apps a try. We are sure you will love them.

Best customization apps with interactive widgets


Wallzy is a widget treasure. The app offers numerous customization options and widgets you will hardly find in any other app. From daily horoscopes to inspirational quotes and calendars to system utilities, Wallzy is no less than the personal assistance you need right now. What’s more interesting is that the app is available for iPhone and Apple Watch both. So, it’s time to let Wallzy be your ultimate customization app. And change your widgets on your Apple device today!


WidgetSmith is another good personalization app for your Apple devices. It has a wide range of highly customizable widgets that let you design your home screen your way. Whether you want to showcase a countdown to an upcoming event or listen to your favorite music, this app could be your perfect personalization partner.


The ultimate finance management app you will ever need. Copilot helps you keep track of your budget, spending, investments, and net worth. Its prime feature is the review transaction widget that lets you keep track of newly imported transactions and check them off through your home screen. In addition to this, it has many valuable widgets you will like.


Timely is a time-tracking app that lets you track your time for a particular activity. With Timery, you can create timers and keep them saved. With its interactive widget feature, you can effortlessly start and stop time entries, check tracked time, see detailed reports, and much more.


Are you a health-conscious person? Then Calory is the ultimate calory counter app you ever need. The app calculates daily calorie goals after you enter your height, weight, and activity level. It can even be accessed from your Apple Watch, allowing you to check out a quick calorie counting on your wrist.


Another app for health enthusiasts like you. Pedometer++ is a perfect app if you regularly measure your steps and aim to walk a set number of steps. Pedometer++ helps you review your step count, walking distance, active calories, and heart rate data. With its seamless widget, you can keep yourself updated right from your home screen and lock screen.

OmniFocus 4

OmniFocus is a personal task manager app for busy professionals. The app offers a curated set of widgets to add to your Home Screen. The widgets can be customized to the size of your convenience. Moreover, it also offers numerous features that a manager or business owner would find helpful. If you are the one, give OmniFocus a try. 


ScreenKit isn’t any ordinary widget app. It is the ultimate customization application you need to install on your phone right away. Whether you want to change your phone theme, set cool app icons, or set new wallpapers that showcase your personality, ScreenKit is the app you want to go to. Download it right now and enjoy the customization opportunity the app offers.


With Chronicling, you can track anything you can think of, from habits, chores, medication, and health metrics to symptoms and moods. The app allows you to better understand yourself so you can work on your improvement. What’s more, the interactive widgets make improvement more seamless by allowing you to track anything from the home screen and lock screen. Chronicling is a worth-trying app.


TripIt helps you keep all your travel plans at your fingertips and check out them whenever you want. If you are a travel buff, this app will be your ultimate travel solution for everything. With this app, you can manage essential travel information like your flight schedules, hotel bookings, rental vehicles, and more. Keep every information in one place and access them whenever you want with a quick widget.

Ending thoughts

The apps enlisted above help you with seamless iPhone customization. Which one are you gonna try first? Comment down below and let us and everyone else know how you find these apps. You can also leave your suggestions if you have other apps. We would love to try your suggestions as well.