Android Apps for Designers

Designers often lead a hectic way of life, but luckily, Android phones offer a wide range of applications that can make the designer’s life very easy and straightforward.

Android phones offer such a huge number of applications because the technology is open source, which means that the applications can easily incorporate the most up-to-date forms of technology.

With lots of remarkable android apps for designers, it can be tough to opt for the ones to download for your phone.

Due to Android’s popularity and a wide array of apps, there are various apps, which can assist designers in mobile app Development Company to get their work done.

However, opting for the right design app is not easy to choose at all, as it will take from you in large amounts of time and experience to sail by thousands of apps and pick the best one for you.

The New Year is approaching fast, which means it’s a great time to look at the 2018 Android mobile marketing statistics and trends that have materialized over the past year.

Enliven your knowledge about the mobile industry, because a lot has altered. Know what is driving mobile activity, how it has progressed, and how you can take advantage of it as a business.

This article is aimed at assisting you to make well-versed decisions about your 2018 mobile strategy.

Android Mobile usage

  1. As of August 2017, there are more than 3.5 billion unique mobile internet users.
  2. Users spend on average 69% of their media time on Android app smartphones.
  3. Android mobile devices will drive 80% of worldwide internet usage.
  4. 50% of the time folks spend on digital media is on Android mobile apps

Along with it is best to Hire Android App Developer, to provide you completely up-to-date android apps. I am going to share top 10 useful Android App for designers are:


Pinterest is one of the most incredible Android apps for every app Design Company which assist you in building your own designs and projects.

Not only you can check the work of other people but also you can share your own projects. It is the ideal platform which provides you with inspiring ideas.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is an exceptional android app for designers to create and edit artwork in a state-of-the-art way. It offers a massive range of filters for your images and graphically enriches them.

Type: Rider

This android app is mainly created as a game style. If you are a beginner at building and want to know more about typography, then the funniest way of learning is through Type: Rider. Around 3200 users have rated it 4.

Color Pop Effects

If you want to provide color to only a specific part of an image, then Color Pop Effects android app has made it a piece of cake.

Other than a zoom, undo and redo options, it has lots of creative features for advanced editing: control of the image opacity, recoloring, adjustment of brush size.

You can also share your edited work directly on social media without leaving the app.

Camera MX

The powerful image effect features of Camera MX android app has a variety of effects, contrasts, rotation, and video trimming make it a loadstone for designers. ‘Live shot’ is the distinctive feature of this android app for designers of top mobile application development companies; it saves the last few seconds of the picture before it is taken.

You can also create and edit your own photos and videos.

AutoCAD 360

AutoCAD 360 android app for best mobile app developers and it is rated 2 by 120,000 users due to its wonderful fixing tools and easy-to-use drawing techniques.

With its sophisticated features, this app lets you create unique drawings. This app allows you to view, create and edit the drawings as well as you can easily share them with others.

Infinite Design

If you want to create 3D images with five different viewpoint views, then Infinite Design is the perfect choice option for designers of top mobile app companies.

Making use of this android app for designers, you can easily create unmatched designs on your Android-powered smartphones and tablets.

You can also include exceptional effects for re-vamping.


If you are looking for a wide array of colors that will just for your company logo, your website, your room makeover, get them immediately by downloading SwatchMatic.

Just seize a color you like and SwatchMatic will automatically find you the perfect match.

3D Interior Room Design

This android app for designers assists you in crafting 3D animated room of your own choice.

You can modify the colors and designs according to your concept. It provides your design a more lifelike look.


The accessibility of this android app makes it able to best all the popularity lists. ArtFlow android app is popular among a huge range of age group.

A 10-year-old kid can create his own drawing patterns in the same way; a professional designer can work with more cutting-edge features. ‘

Palm Rejection’ is one of the specific features of ArtFlow. You can also make HD pictures as this android app supports resolution up to 4096×4096 pixel.

Other two important and handy Android App for designers includes:


With this app, you can easily access to six tools, which provide you the opportunity to tint, to add some cartoons effects and to sketch.

In addition, it lets you create up to 3 layers and also to manage the non-transparency of several parts of your picture.

Another great advantage of this app is that it allows sharing the pictures you create on Facebook without leaving the app.


One of the top best Android image editor. Desygner is a graphic design tool for non designers. Using a centralized hub, you can easily manage and track your digital assets and layouts with the click of a button. Have secure access to all of your assets regardless of the device you are using. Our Digital Asset Management ensures brand consistency while streamlining your workload.
Features like Background Remover, PDF Editor, Animator, Free Stock Images, and more. With that, you can almost do everything in one tool.


Although this app is not designed for experienced designers, it is an incredible app for those, who want to just begin their designing career.

If you download it, you can see that there are numerous tutorials displaying how you can get things done with this app.

These tutorials are allocated in 3 levels of difficulty. A great thing about this app is that like Paperless you can share the images and you can also create with others on Twitter or Facebook.

In recent months, the popularity of developers with graphic design app for android free that started to offer their mobile apps on Android smartphones.

Many companies now identify that the Android user base is developing and that future releases must be well-matched with these types of devices.

As a result, the Android Market is now overcrowded with a countless number of mobile apps. To make matters more puzzling for the customer, new programs are posted on a daily basis.

Let’s take a look at some vital tips that will make choosing useful Android apps easier.

Opting for Apps from the Android Market Interface

If you are choosing on a phone like the Droid X or Google’s G2 for T-Mobile, you can access Android’s registered application store from the integrated user interface.

This online store features the up-to-date and up-to-the-minute apps. You can sort them by cost and popularity, and this will help you to find the majority of the most mainstream releases.

This user interface also enables you to search for Android apps by keyword. If you are looking for a specific program, this will be the coolest way to find it.

However, if you are just searching for using Android apps in overall without any exact title in mind, this won’t be the most effective technique.

Using Third-Party Services to Find Android Apps

Some companies offer search engines with free graphic design apps for Android through which you can find new and state-of-the-art applications. AppBrain and StumbleUpon, for instance, both offer different app search experiences.

With StumbleUpon’s approach, your interests are worked into an algorithm which then finds Android apps for you based on your specific interests.

AppBrain incorporates social components to assist you to find collections. You can share your preferences on Facebook and Twitter. It also allows you to know which apps have plummeted in price in recent times.

Third-party tools can be very useful when you are choosing useful Android apps.

Think Outside the Box

There are lots of mobile applications available nowadays. Most of them offer solutions to problems you face right away.

However, it is tough to foresee the prospective functions of all the apps that might occur on the Android Market.

Consider the things that could be achieved with a mobile app. This will notify your search. Odds are fairly right that any possible idea will have been tried by a designer already.

If not, you might have learned a perfect business idea.

Once you’ve strong-minded a way that an application might improve your life, consider of keywords that would assist you to find Android apps that could achieve that function.

For this type of research approach, you should be able to find choices by just searching for them by keyword in the Android Market user interface.

Between third-party services and the phone’s integrated functionality, you have many tools at your removal to find amazing Android design apps. The tough part is selecting which ones will perfectly improve your life.

These days, users look for high-performance Design apps for their mobile phones which are effective, dependable and save the battery.

Here are some advantageous tips that will assist an Android apps developer to enhance the performance and quality of their smartphone applications.

  • First of all one thing needs to keep in mind is not to incorporate needless features, functionality and other things which are not essential.
  • These undesirable things will not only hold up the performance of your Android application but also diverge the users.
  • Don’t make it complicated! Keep the design simple as it will enhance the performance of your application. Users choose easy to use and install applications which are convenient for them.
  • Be very particular about the graphic designs. It’s imperative for the Android application developer to build an inspired and unique experience for the users so that they like the complete image and look of the applications.
  • Make sure that you hire a professional and experienced graphic designer who has good skills about graphic design app free download who can add playful colors, fonts, and images to your apps.
  • Finally, don’t overlook to ask for the review, comment or suggestions of the consumers.

As most of the users don’t like to fill such forms, you have to be very astute, smart and polite at the same time.

These ideas and reviews will assist you to make substantial changes in your application that will be liked by the users.

As the Android application market is developing progressively every day. Android app developers have to face tough competition to encourage the end users.

Android is mainly a Linux based operating system with JAVA library which was established for smartphones to make them more friendly and handy.

But, the fast increasing demands of users elevated the bars for quality, performance, and functionality of the applications.

An Android application developer should ask the users to rate the application. An excellent rating will not only boost the ranking of your mobile app in the market but also enhances its popularity among the target audiences.

Developing Android-based mobile applications is a profitable business as it encompasses no licensing charges.

You can easily create the apps for billions of gadgets being in used all over the world and obtain a high rate of return.

Thus, keep these vital and useful tips in mind and design an astounding and useful Android application for your users. Improve your presence in the play stores, get started now!


There are various best apps for graphic designers available for Android phones and navigating the massive source can be devastating.

The earlier ten applications should assist your work progress efficiently and help you nurture admirable relationships between yourself and your clients.

Plus once you hire the Top Android App development company India, of course, your Android apps will improve far better than earlier.

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