Nintendo Emulators for Android

To all the Nintendo loyalists out there, did you check out this year’s Nindies Summer Showcase yet? By the looks of it, Nintendo looks to be back with a bang in a world that’s tipping over to the PlayStation side a bit too much for their liking. The good news is, Nintendo intends to make quite a splash with announcements of revamped games and new games already making the news.

That brings us back to the Nindies Summer Showcase of this year.

Wondering what can we expect from Nintendo this year? Well, it looks like they’ve got some new games in their kitty like Into the Breach (strategy and stealth), Treasure Stack (block/platforming puzzle) and Towerfall (party) among others. Mixed formats of sword and gunplay will come into effect in Bullet Age while The World Next Door will deal with an anime storyline. Looks like beginning from fall and right until the spring of next year, Nintendo’s got something for everyone!

Into the world of Nintendo 3ds emulators

Sure enough, all of this news about Nintendo made me quite nostalgic. I remember how fond I was of the first Nintendo I got as a birthday present and all those summers of challenging my cousins and friends over Super Mario, Zelda or Donkey Kong Country. On those days, assignment help or homework blues did not irk us much as we spent whiling away our afternoons over one mission or the other.

Unfortunately, the new-age gamers of this generation will never know how it felt to play on a Nintendo. And that is precisely what urged me to write this post. Here is an ultimate list of all Nintendo emulators that you can download online for your Android devices and get a taste of playing on a Nintendo. This is for the sake of those awesome days of endless gaming fun over lemonades and sour patches. Take a look at the following emulators that can help you take that much-needed trip down the memory lane of your Nintendo days too.

Awesome Nintendo 3DS Emulators you need right now

We all know how Smartphone rock and all, but how about going back to those good ol’ gaming days with your Nintendo? No worries in case you do not own one right now. With cutting-edge emulators, all it takes is the download time before you can revisit those days of gaming glory.

Here are some of the most amazing Nintendo emulators for Android. Pair these up with special gaming controllers for Android, and you are good to go.

  1. AseDS (NDS.EMU)

AseDS EmulatorHow would you like an emulator that comes with wireless control settings? AseDS is thus a dream-come-true for all gamers out there. If you own a smartphone or tablet powered by Android and if you are a fan of Nintendo, you simply have to get this one to see how good it is. Play Store says it has a little over 1,0000,000 downloads at the moment, and the next one to download could well be you once you know what else it has to offer.

Dual touch screen, code breaker cheat sheets, saves and load states and action replay are just some of the remarkable features that AseDS has. Get it on your phone right now so that you can immerse yourself in the gaming universe of Nintendo!

Price: Free

  1. RetroArch

RetroArch EmulatorA one-stop solution for all your Nintendo gaming needs, RetroArch is indeed a power-packed emulator. It is basically an open-source engine. It can pull other open source emulators and lets you have the ultimate gaming experience via your Smartphone or tablet. Not just Nintendo, RetroArch opens a whole world of gaming possibilities like Sega Genesis, N64, PlayStation, NES and a lot more. After downloading and powering this app, select the option that is most relevant to you and starts playing right away!

Price: Free

  1. Ultimate x3DSx Gold

Ultimate x3DSx Gold EmulatorIf you are in need of an all-around emulator that works on all types of Smartphone as well as the hi-tech tablets, then Ultimate x3DSx Gold is just the app for you. One of the best battery-saving emulators available on the Internet these days, the Ultimate x3DSx Gold lets you play the most favourite of your Nintendo games in style. Wireless controller support, auto-save features and customizations are just some of the things it has to offer for hardcore gamers. External controllers powered by Bluetooth or USB, trackball, keyboards or touch screen – all work seamlessly when it comes to Ultimate x3DSx Gold.

Price: Free

  1. nds4droid

nds4droid EmulatorOne of those emulators for Nintendo that has not been updated in a while but works like clockwork is nds4droid. Unlike other slow emulators, nds4droid has an inbuilt screen skip option that helps in countering the slow emulation rate like a pro. This one is a must-have in your Smartphone or tablet since playing Nintendo on nds4droid does not require any in-app purchase. Try your hand with this one if you are new to the world of emulation and gaming.

Price: Free

  1. DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS EmulatorUndoubtedly the best among Nintendo DS emulators, DraStic DS Emulator offers a value-for-money experience that every gamer worth their salt would simply love. It has some of the coolest features like on-screen customisations, hardware controller support, customisation for controllers, Google Drive backup support, improved graphics rendering, and fast forward functions. The DraStic DS Emulator can practically play any Nintendo game, and gamers swear by its impressive features and bug-free functioning.

Price: Paid

  1. NDS Boy! NDS Emulator

NDS Boy - NDS EmulatorIf you own a smartphone with a high memory and RAM functions, this is the perfect choice for an emulator. Whenever you are in the mood for a classic Nintendo game, power up this emulator, and you will be good to go. A pretty hassle-free affair, this emulator lets you play any game using any file format. It is also compatible with .rar formats of files for your games as well.

Price: Free

  1. Pretendo NDS Emulator

Pretendo NDS EmulatorEasy to connect to your smartphone, this emulator lets you play games from ROM files using .rom and .ds formats as well as .zip or .rar formats. As the name goes, it gives you everything that an actual Nintendo could, including gameplay experience and gaming console control. Awesome display features take you back to those days of Nintendo glory. With the autosave feature, you can save all your progress automatically. If you want greater control over gaming consoles, you can also slide your finger on the lower side of the screen while playing a game using this emulator.

Price: Free

  1. NDS Emulator for Android

NDS Emulator For AndroidThe newest kid in the block, the NDS Emulator for Android has all the essential features that you need in an emulator. Along with save states, external controller support and on-screen game pads that you can customise, you will get to check the load status on this emulator as well. Although this still needs a bit of tinkering from time to time with multiple bug reports, playing Nintendo on your Smartphone or tablet using the NDS Emulator is actually pretty fun.

Price: Free

  1. Snes9x EX+

Snes9x EX EmulatorThe best open source emulator for your Android device, the Snes9x Ex+ works on Smartphone and tablets that have 1 GHz (or higher) processors. With this one, you can add ROM files to the internal storage of your device or an external memory chip, whichever you prefer. Make sure that your game files are all in .smc or .sfc formats, and you will be able to use this emulator for playing. What’s more, this one comes preloaded with Bio Worm so that you can go back to those days of playing on your Nintendo, albeit with a new-age twist.

Price: Free

  1. MegaN64

MegaN64 N64 EmulatorThere is just no beating MegaN64 when it comes to N64 emulators. Mupen64+ did some wondrous bug fixes to the original and launched MegaN64 which is obviously so much better. It works smoothly with any game that you throw at it, and has some pretty cool features as well.

However, an odd glitch with the graphics and occasional annoying advertisements remain a constant with this one. If you are willing to take a few annoying adverts for the sake of your love for Nintendo, then you need MegaN64 for your Smartphone or tablet right now!

Price: Free

  1. Nostalgia.NES

Nostalgia NES EmulatorThose of you, who are big fans of the Nintendo Entertainment System, get your hands on Nostalgia.NES today! Relive those moments of coming back from school to have a go on your Nintendo with this emulator which allowed you to play some of the best games to ever appear on the Internet. Nostalgia.NES lets you customise the games with virtual controllers, game-saving options and rewind features. However, Nostalgia.NES works best on the online mode and has a few advertisements that might cause slight annoyance for the gamers of this age.

Price: Free

  1. SuperRetro16

SuperRetro EmulatorIf you want an emulator that can auto-detect your ROMs and zip files, then SuperRetro16 is just the one for you. Having multi-controller as well as multi-player features, SuperRetro16 takes Nintendo gaming to a whole new level. Stream your gameplay onto Android televisions or Chromecast using SuperRetro16, and you can have a superb gaming experience right there. With walkthroughs, guides and cheat codes, SuperRetro16 is what every Nintendo gamer dreams of having on their phones. Thanks to Play Store, you can now download and play it for real.

Price: Free

  1. NES.EMU

NES emuWith NES.EMU, you will have a classic Nintendo experience with a real (well, almost!) Zapper gun! Download this one, and you can play all games having zipped ROM files in .nes or .unf formats. Couple it with a Famicon BIOS, and it can run .fds files as well. Some of the wow features that NES.EMU offers are: control configuration settings, backup memory and save-state support features.

Price: Paid

  1. GenPlusDroid

GENPlusDroid EmulatorOffered by Halsafar, GenPlusDroid is one of the best Nintendo emulators on Play Store these days. Its multi touch features, as well as customisable controllers including keyboards and gamepad controller settings has made it an instant hit among the new-age gamers. It is compatible with any Android phone or tablet with upgraded 2.0+ (or higher) versions. What’s best, this one lets two players play at the same time and has resize and fast forward features as well.

Price: Free

Wrapping it up

Gamers who look back fondly on their Nintendo gaming days of Super Mario, Excitebike and Donkey Kong can now relive their childhood with the Nintendo emulators listed here. Try out the emulators to see which one best fits your gaming style and spread the word to your fellow gamer buddies. Unite the Nintendo gameverse with the power of emulators that blend modern-day tech with the real essence of what gaming used to be. May the force be with you!