Sleep Apps

Everybody is well aware of the benefits associated with the good night sleep. Doctors have been suggesting to complete 7 hours of good sleep regularly in order to stay healthy. Still, many people struggle to get the 7 hours of sound sleep on a daily basis. Out of every 3 persons, one is suffering from sleep issues or insomnia. Regular sleeping issues may cause depression, heart disease, stroke, and affects health adversely. Hence to promote sleep use of the sleeping app is growing.

Sleeping apps have been proved to be very helpful in getting good sleep. If you are facing trouble while sleeping, sleeping apps can be helpful to you.

Listed here are the top 10 Sleeping apps to maximize your quality sleeping hours.

Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies AppRelax Melodies is one of the best sleeping apps. This is a very popular app with 35 million users across the world. It helps you get sound sleep listening to soothing melodies. As the name suggests a reposeful sweet music is the key aspect of this app.

You can create your own playlist from the list of wide melodies accessible at the relax melodies app. You can add your favorite music into the apps sound layers to amplify the experience of a relaxing and ear-pleasing music.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle AppSleep cycle has proficient in tracking and analyzing your sleep pattern. This app wakes you up in a way that makes you feel fresh and full of energy to start your day.

Sleep cycle is indeed the smartest app you ever used.

Sleep cycle takes access to phone’s inbuilt microphone to analyze your sleeping activities. This analysis is used to determine your sleeping levels and decides an optimal wake-up time for you within the 30-minute window set by you. Your Sleep cycle dashboard will show graphs and analysis of your sleep phases. Also, display your sleep quality percentage and sleep schedule. This app can even detect and measure your snoring sound.


recolor appThe Recolor is the best sleeping app for the people who work in creative fields. Recolor provides an adult coloring book containing more than 1000 images. Every day you will get a new picture to color and relax your exhausted brain. Recolor has various category ranging from animals, food, patterns, sport, art, scenery, and many more.

When using this app select an image and then you will get bolder colors to complete the picture. The actual intention of this app is to lower your anxiety level and help you relieve the stress in your life. This relaxation will help you sleep peacefully.

Relax & Sleep Well

relax and sleep appRelax & Sleep Well is another amazing app to help sleep soundly. This app is especially to help those who suffer from distress and anxiety problems. Relax & Sleep Well app includes free stress-busting hypnotherapy up to four times and later it can be purchased using the same app. This app has 80 recordings of Harrold’s on the topics of insomnia, how to overcome anxiety, weight loss tips, mindfulness, confidence, and self-esteem. This is a soothing app to promote a better sleep.

Sleep Time

sleep time appSleep Time works on an algorithm to analyze and provide insights of your sleeping pattern. This app will monitor your movements during your night sleep to generate an easy to understand graph and chart for you.

Sleep time is identical to Sleep cycle app. Sleep time suggest the best time for your body to wake up and go to sleep. The wake up alert tones is selected based on your sleep quality. The dashboard of the sleep time app gives a full report of your closed eye so that you can find the trends and factors that affect your sleep.


pillow appPillow is an app that acts as a smart clock. This App tracks and analyze your sleep quality and trends. Pillow is a sophisticated app with an intuitive motion detector. A cutting-edge algorithm is used to log your complete sleeping pattern. It is so clear in results that it can even tell you how long you were in deep sleep and awake timings.

Pillow is fully integrated with the Apple Health app. Pillow consider your complete health status including weight, blood pressure, heart rate, dietary calories, and caffeine to study its impact on your sleep.


noisli appNoisli uses the soothing sounds and colors to promote inner peace. Noisli enables you to cut out distracting background noises to achieve improved concentration and productivity. You can create your own music by mixing a personalized combination of sounds.

It enables you to combine echoes of rain, wind, thunderstorms, leaves, and water streams to create your own peaceful atmosphere. Noisli has an inbuilt timer to count down your sleep time. This is a great way to reduce stress and relax while performing daily chores.


prizz appPrizz is an amazing app to help you fall asleep faster and wake up perfectly refreshed. Use Prizz as an alert system for sleeping and waking up in the morning. Every sound has a psychological effect on human brains and Prizz uses this same theory to help its users.

The sound effects and music are used to trigger your mind to allow you to rest. Listening to soothing music during sleep improves the sleep quality and feel revived the next morning. Take a 7 day sleep challenge to know if this theory is effective for you or not.

Good Morning Alarm Clock

good morning alarm clock appGood Morning Alarm Clock app is another great app supporting you to sleep soundly. It is a smart alarm clock which adjusts itself according to your natural waking phase. The idea behind this is to wake you up feeling energetic and refreshed.

This user-friendly app is designed to provide you insight into your sleep status. A relaxing sound based on your music taste is played to give you good night boost and will notify you of the sleep needs of your body.


digipill appDigipill is an innovative app that uses linguistic skills and pleasant sound to promote mental well being. Well, Digipill claims to be a digital sleeping pill for the people suffering from Insomnia, anxiety, and depression. This purely works by engaging your brain with a relaxing sound or music.

The first pill is absolutely free to use and if satisfied with the effect, you can buy more of them depending on your health needs. each session is of 30 minutes with different names and effects like Power nap, sleep deeply, and so on. Take a pill and enjoy sleeping.

Above are the Applications developed to help you sleep sound and stay healthy. You can improve your sleep through other influential factors such as Promoting regular sleep patterns and sleep hygiene. Creating a Sleeping routine by going to bed and rising at the same time regularly. Also avoid heavy meals, caffeine, and alcohol before bedtime. Read more sleeping habit articles to incorporate the best practices. has written on how you can asleep fast and factors helping you sleep better. Visit the site to learn more about sleep and other related topics.

Sleep well and stay healthy!