Best Alternatives to Watch Anime on Kodi

What makes an anime distinct from any other forms of entertainment? How does anime affect our lives when it comes to our daily existence? How does it change the culture and tradition of every individual in any given situation?

One of the most significant reasons why people would still look up to anime movies and series up to these days is because they provide endless inspiration. Even though animes create fictional characters and have non-realistic scenes, they consist of several elements like comedy, drama, relatability, etc.

With that said, many anime lovers would look up to KissAnime, a website that provides massive anime movies and series. On the other hand, KissAnime may crash due to high traffic downloads.

In this case, the list below will give you alternative comprehensive sites where you can watch your favorites animes.

What Are the Alternatives to KissAnime?

With that said, many anime lovers would look up to KissAnime, a website that provides massive anime movies and series. On the other hand, KissAnime may crash due to high traffic downloads.

In this case, the list below will give you alternative comprehensive sites where you can watch your favorites animes.

First on the list of alternate websites would be 9Anime. 9Anime is a popular KissAnime alternate that offers a large database for the best anime online. It has millions of active users who stream and download animes on the website.

Furthermore, this website offers English subtitled animes which differ from other anime websites. The best part of this website should be offering more than 25, 000 anime shows and they’re always open for new requests.

Aside from that, anime movies and series available may be downloadable in HD (High Definition) format like KissAnime. The lists of animes are listed in a well-categorized manner so you have a hard time searching for your favorite anime movie. is another good anime streaming website. It offers a wide range of anime series and movies which are only available in high quality. All films and series are free and is often updated regularly.

Moreover, it is an anime website that allows you to filter the kind of genre you’d like to watch. It does not sound different from any other sites but you can quickly enter the title of the anime you’d want to view in the search query, and it’ll automatically come up.

AnimeSeason is another alternative anime website that offers free and downloadable favorite anime movies. The site provides you a high-quality user experience by providing a list of most popular anime movies by viewers votes.

Besides, AnimeSeason is a website that does not show a lot of advertisements. So, for anime lovers who do not want any interference upon watching, AnimeSeason would be the best anime alternative website for you.

It is also a website that for child-like anime lovers because it comes with an appealing website design. As with previous sites, all anime movies are free to download.

Gogoanime is an anime website the same with 9Anime. It offers a wide range of anime movies and series which comes in English subtitles. It means that English speakers or non-Japanese speaking anime lovers would find this website a user-friendly anime site.

Moreover, Gogo anime has an app available both for IOS and Android users so anime lovers can watch their favorite movies and series anywhere they go. It would be one of the best alternative anime websites to KissAnime in various ways.

Animelab is a website where you won’t have to rely much on KissAnime. It is a website that’s best for streaming anime series. Animelab works on all devices like PlayStation, Xbox, iOS, Android, Apple TV, and Chromecast.

Apart from that, AnimeLab has unique features which come differently from other anime sites. Moving the cursor on the selected anime series thumbnail will make the image flip to show the anime series information. It gives a quick overview of the show from the plot to user ratings.

Chia-anime is a simple and easy to use anime website. It is a website good for Japanese native speakers because the animes available would be both dubbed and subbed. If you’re not a native Japanese speaker but understand the Japanese language, you won’t find issues watching anime movies and series on this site.

Also, Anime Freak shows fewer ads, and Chia-anime would be a little messy. Advertisements are coming in and out all over the website; however, if you’d be patient enough to stream on this website, then there would no issues watching and downloading your favorite anime movies and series. is the best KissAnime alternative website for die-hard anime fans. It is a website that offers a lot of high-definition downloadable anime series and movies. Take note that this site provides the latest anime shows available in the market.

Moreover, it is a seamless website to watch. You may have to bear in mind that your flash player must be updated because anime shows won’t play if you have an outdated version. It also comes with a prompter called “release schedule” which tells you what exact time to watch the anime.


It is another leading alternative anime streaming website. It composes a massive library of anime videos, series, and movies. The same thing with the other alternate sites, anime streams doesn’t cost anything to download and stream videos.

Additionally, all videos uploaded comes in English subbed and dubbed. All videos are of high definition and will give you a lot of pleasure while watching anime movies. Also, you may search the videos by categories presented on the website.

Lastly, anime is a clean and straightforward website. It comes with easy navigation and market audiences such as children and teens.

It is an anime website which got released in early 2006’s. Crunchyroll is not the same as other anime websites mentioned above because it offers not just animes. It comes with other Japanese and English shows dubbed in multiple languages.

Besides, Crunchyroll is a source of original and authentic anime movies. It has around 25, 000 anime episodes which come with licensed content. It is suitable for anime lovers who don’t want any pirated copies.

On the other hand, Crunchyroll does not offer free content. There are free anime movies provided; however, some videos need payment because of a premium subscription feature. It also has spam free ads so that the interface would be more engaging and fun.

It is an alternative anime website to KissAnime which provides an impressive library and database of anime series and movies for pleasure. It comes with a long list of anime file which you can quickly found by just typing it in a search box.

The anime movies and series comes at no cost and rest assured that you’ll be satisfied with this site.

Daisuki is another alternative anime website available offering high-quality movies. They say that this website offers all kind of anime possible.

If the sites mentioned above comes with a full option of anime movies, then this website provides the rarest type of anime series and films. Besides, the website has an impressive design and well-categorized list. You may also create a folder playlist which you can sort and play later on.

Additional Kodi Add-ons for Anime Streaming

Here are the other websites to consider upon watching animes if the sites mentioned above won’t be available.

Animego and Animehere

Animego and Animehere are two anime streaming addon sites which specialize in anime content on the Kodi system. It still has a wide variety of available anime movies and series though it comes with smaller selections.

Goodfellas 2.0

For avid anime fans that are using general TV along with movie add-ons, Goodfellas 2.0 would be a prominent choice. It is one of the most favored subsidiaries for all Kodis. It comes with the most famous Japanese anime list with high-quality content.


Funimation is an anime addon that needs enrollment and subscription. It comes with a colorful and slick interface and has a large option of anime libraries. It is only available to specific countries such as the UK, Ireland, and the United States.


Generally, KissAnime is a famous website where a lot of avid anime fans visit because of the full anime movies and series list it offers. It has a wide range of anime selections that come in different elements like adventure, tragedy, drama, and comedy.

Due to factors such as traffic, maintenance, connections, etc. KissAnime may experience crashes and delays. With that said, alternative the anime websites listed above will help you stream and download anime movies and series if KissAnime would not be available.