Top Healthcare Software Development Companies

Technology is everywhere these days, right? 

From the phone you’re using to read this to the planes flying overhead, it’s changing the way we live. And the healthcare industry is no different!

Thanks to technology, patients today have access to incredible new treatments and instruments that were only imaginable a few years ago. This means hospitals and healthcare providers are working hard to find ways to use technology to improve their services and keep up with the changes.

That’s where companies that specialize in healthcare software come into play. They help healthcare organizations use technology to make things better and more efficient. 

We’ve done a lot of research and found some amazing companies that are making a real difference in healthcare delivery.

Top 10 Healthcare Software Development Companies in 2024

Innovative software solutions are really important in healthcare. Connecting with them can make things run smoother and help provide better care for patients.

The top healthcare software development companies provided below are at the forefront of change. They’re successfully developing amazing platforms and delivering quality services, transforming the entire healthcare industry.

1. PixelCrayons


Headquarters: Noida, India

Founded Year: 2004

Total Employees: 250-500

Hourly Rates:    $25 – $49 / hr

PixelCrayons is a reputable IT company. They specialize in creating software solutions for the healthcare industry. 

The company develops custom software applications. These applications are specifically made for healthcare providers and organizations. These solutions are designed to enhance patient care. 

They also streamline operations and make things run more smoothly within healthcare settings. 

PixelCrayons offers a wide range of services. These services include electronic health record (EHR) systems, telemedicine platforms, medical billing software, and more. 

They have a team of skilled professionals who ensure that their healthcare software meets all industry standards and regulations. 

PixelCrayons focuses on creating user-friendly interfaces. These interfaces are easy for healthcare professionals and patients to navigate. Their goal is to empower healthcare organizations with innovative technology solutions. 

These solutions ultimately contribute to better patient outcomes and improved healthcare delivery. 

2. ValueCoders


Headquarters:  Gurugram, India

Founded Year: 2004

Total Employees:  450+

Hourly Rates:    $25 – $49 / hr

ValueCoders specializes in making software for the healthcare industry. 

They make tech solutions to help patients and make healthcare work smoother. Their services help hospitals, clinics, and others in healthcare. 

They make custom software just for healthcare needs.

ValueCoders is great at making electronic health record (EHR) systems, telemedicine platforms, and medical billing software. 

They have a team of smart digital health software developers who know a lot about healthcare tech. 

ValueCoders wants to make healthcare better with their software. 

You can find out more about their healthcare software on their website.

3. Markovate


Headquarters:  San Francisco, USA

Founded Year: 2015

Total Employees:  51-100

Hourly Rates:    $25 – $49 / hr

Markovate, one of the top healthcare software consulting companies, is a famous tech friend with over ten years of healthcare know-how. 

They’re experts in fancy tech stuff like machine learning, AI, IoT, and big data. 

Markovate makes special apps and SaaS things, like admin software (EHR, inventory stuff), doctor picture and lab apps, and patient-friendly software. 

The company has smart medical software makers with 6–12 years of skill. 

They offer software to healthcare groups, software firms, and medical tool makers.

Markovate has expertise in developing HIPAA-compliant software. They offer services for creating telehealth apps, patient monitoring systems, healthcare software systems, EHR/EMR software, hospital apps, and IoMT systems, from planning to complete development.

4. Itransition


Headquarters:  Lakewood US

Founded Year: 1998

Total Employees: 1000+

Hourly Rates: $25 – $49 / hr

Itransition is known for providing innovative healthcare services to doctors and pharmaceutical companies. 

It offers various healthcare solutions, such as consumer health apps and clinical systems.

The Itransition team uses technology to help healthcare organizations manage procedures and automate operations. This supports medical professionals in delivering better care to patients.

5. Kanda Software


Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

Founded Year: 1993

Total Employees: 500+

Hourly Rates: $50/hr

For over 25 years, Kanda has supported pioneers in Digital Health and established medical software companies. 

They offer complete services, including product design, development, implementation, and support for the regulated healthcare software industry. Kanda helps healthcare firms bring innovative software solutions to market quickly.

They have deep expertise in healthcare information technology and serve clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups in digital health.

6. Chetu


Headquarters: Plantation, FL

Founded Year: 2000

Total Employees: 1000+

Hourly Rates: $10,000+

Chetu is a healthcare software company that creates mobile apps for patients and healthcare providers. These apps help exchange healthcare information and track patient data.

Developers at Chetu assist in evaluating legacy medical record systems and migrating data. They also provide user training and implement ICD-10 codes.

Chetu integrates third-party technologies for tasks like cloud-based billing and lab data transfers. 

They also work on insurance databases, communication modules, and charting & reporting features.



Headquarters: Ukraine

Founded Year: 2011

Total Employees: 50+

Hourly Rates: $25 – $49 / hr

GBKSOFT has more than ten years of experience in designing and developing medical solutions for clinicians and patients. 

They create custom software for healthcare organizations, providers, medical software vendors, and medical device manufacturers. 

GBKSOFT offers top-notch custom development services to adapt to the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.

8. Sciencesoft


Headquarters:  Texas, US

Founded Year: 1989

Total Employees:  500+

Hourly Rates:  $50 – $99 / hr

ScienceSoft was established in 1989 in the United States. 

Its team consists of 700 members, including technical specialists and business analysts. 

ScienceSoft creates software to help 200 healthcare facilities and retirement homes in the United States effectively manage patient and medication data.

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9. Simform


Headquarters:  Orlando, Florida

Founded Year: 2010

Total Employees:  50+

Hourly Rates:  $25-49/hr

Creating a custom mobile healthcare app can be challenging. 

Simform helps by offering comprehensive solutions and advice on trends, types, and design considerations for healthcare app development.

Simform has developed more than ten different healthcare applications. They evaluate healthcare app development based on their years of experience.  

10. LeewayHertz


Headquarters: San Francisco, USA

Founded Year: 2007

Total Employees: 250+

Hourly Rates: $50 – $99 / hr

LeewayHertz is a healthcare app development company. It’s based in the United States. 

They create scalable solutions for the healthcare industry. LeewayHertz focuses on each customer’s needs to develop new solutions that enhance healthcare security and scalability. 

LeewayHertz offers a range of services. They include developing telemedicine software, remote patient monitoring systems, patient engagement solutions, mobile health apps, and Internet of Things (IoT) health software. 

They build cutting-edge healthcare solutions. They use blockchain, IoT, and artificial intelligence.

Steps to Choose the Right Healthcare Software Development Partner

Choosing the right healthcare software development company is crucial for building innovative solutions that improve patient care and streamline healthcare processes. 

But with so many companies vying for your attention, navigating the selection process can feel overwhelming. 

The following steps will help you ensure you partner with the perfect team.

1. Define Your Needs & Goals

Before diving into research, step back and clearly define your software needs and project goals. 

What specific problems are you trying to solve? What functionalities are essential for your ideal solution?

Here are some questions to consider –

  • What type of healthcare software are you looking for? (For example, a Telemedicine platform, remote patient monitoring system, medical record management system, etc.)
  • What are the core functionalities you need? (For example, Appointment scheduling, data analytics, secure messaging, etc.)
  • Who are your target users? (Patients, doctors, healthcare providers, etc.)
  • What are your budget constraints?

Understanding your requirements will guide your search and help you identify companies that specialize in your needs.

2. Research & Shortlist Potential Partners

Once you have a defined vision, it’s time to explore your options. 

Here are some effective ways to research potential healthcare software development companies:

  • Industry Research Reports 

Utilize reports from Gartner, Forrester, or Clutch to get insights into leading companies in the healthcare software development space.

  • Online Directories 

Platforms like GoodFirms or Upwork can help you discover companies with relevant expertise.

  • Recommendations 

Seek recommendations from colleagues, industry professionals, or healthcare organizations you respect.

3. Evaluate Company Expertise & Experience

Once you have a shortlist, delve deeper into each company’s qualifications. 

Here are key aspects to evaluate:

  • Industry Experience 

Look for companies with a proven track record of developing successful healthcare software solutions.

  • Portfolio Analysis 

Carefully examine their portfolio to see if their past projects align with your needs and showcase relevant functionalities.

  • Technology Expertise 

Ensure they possess the technical skills and knowledge to develop the required software.

  • Compliance Understanding 

Verify their understanding of crucial healthcare regulations like HIPAA and HITRUST.

4. Communication & Collaboration Style

Building a successful software solution requires seamless communication and collaboration. 

Here’s how to assess a company’s approach:

  • Project Management Methodology 

Do they utilize agile methodologies for flexible development and clear communication?

  • Communication Channels 

What communication channels do they offer (email, calls, project management tools)?

  • Team Composition 

Will you have a dedicated team assigned to your project, ensuring clear accountability?

5. Client Testimonials & Reviews

Don’t underestimate the power of real-world experiences!

  • Read online reviews and testimonials to see what past clients say about the company’s work ethic, communication, and project outcomes.
  • Request references: Contact past clients directly for honest feedback and insights.

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 Final Thoughts

As we wrap up our look at the top healthcare software development companies in 2024, one thing is clear: the future of healthcare is all about patients. Healthcare needs to be accessible, easy to use, and personalized for each person.

Healthcare software is making a huge difference. It’s changing things from virtual doctor appointments to AI-powered diagnoses and easy ways to share medical records. These new tools help patients, make things run more smoothly in healthcare, and open up new ways to prevent illness and catch problems early.

As we move forward, hospitals and healthcare providers need to embrace these new technologies. They should work closely with the best  healthcare software development services providers. This will help healthcare keep improving and make sure that patients are always at the center of everything they do.