Secure Email Providers

Here are the top 10 most secure email providers for Privacy.

Security is the main concern for every individual and for every business, which makes it the most important decision to select a secure email service when it comes to share important data through internet. Whenever you are trying to select a secure email provider, you need to keep in mind that the email service must provide a complete security with encryption system to keep all of your confidential information safe from the cybercriminals.

Most of the people choose the most famous email service providers without considering the level of security it offers. Not everyone care about that much security, but most of the individuals and business’s needs security as much as possible.

What Are Secure Email Providers?

You know those secure email providers? They’re like your trusty bodyguards for your inbox. They have these fancy tools to make sure your emails are safe from bad guys.

It provides  end-to-end encryption. It’s like wrapping your emails in a super-secret code, so only you and the person you’re emailing can read them. Cool, right?

Why Do You Need a Secure Email Provider?

It’s like having a secure lock on your email. It stops bad people from seeing your messages.

Without it, anyone can read your emails.

A secure email provider acts like a guard. It makes sure only you and the person you’re emailing can see your messages.

So, if you want to keep your stuff private, using a secure email provider is a must

Consider a secure browser and use a VPN that offers strong security with data encryption and anonymity.

It is better to avoid sending information through email messages if your data is really important that needs a lot of security. But if you still want to send it through an email, you should choose the most secure email service.

#1. CounterMail – Best secure email service providers for privacy

CountermailIt is a Sweden-based email provider. CounterMail focuses on the user security more than anything else. The interface is kind of old fashioned but it is easy to use. It keeps the promise of security by offering end-to-end encryption between the sender and receiver.


  • It uses OpenPGP to secure your emails and account information
  • Give access to modify your account details
  • It doesn’t keep record of your IP address
  • It supports payment though cryptocurrency
  • Protects password with a built-in password manager
  • It supports filters
  • It uses unknown headers for email
  • Can be accessed by desktop and IOS
  • It offers cloud storage starting from 250mb
  • It costs $49 per year

#2. Hush Mail

HushmailHushmail is one of the most secure email provider based in Canada, it keeps your email safe with strong encryption algorithms so no one can reach your emails, even the Hushmail itself. With this, you can send messages that are encrypted, to any other account including users from Yahoo, Gmail or any other email service provider.

Features :

  • It is supported by desktop and mobile including both Android and iOS
  • It has a two-step verification method
  • All the contacts can be imported through a CSV file
  • It supports an email signature
  • It has 10GB storage capability for emails
  • A file up to 20MB can be attached
  • It has a spam folder
  • Easy to modify or change account settings
  • It supports an automatic response for emails
  • It costs $49.98 per year on a premium package

#3. Proton Mail

protonmailProtonMail is the top most famous email provider which offers an open-source and end-to-end encrypted service. If the receiver is not a ProtonMail user, you can send an unencrypted email. . Its headquarters are in Switzerland. They have strong security which makes all the data secure to the point where not even they can access your information.


  • It has a user friendly interface
  • It is supported by desktop and mobile phones
  • It has mobile applications for both Android and iOS
  • It is one of the best paid email service
  • Encrypted emails can be sent to other email account that use other email service providers
  • The email messages has the capability of self-destruction
  • Maximum limit for a file attachment is 25MB
  • It provides storage up to 20GB for emails
  • It costs $75 per year

#4. Tutanota

TutanotaTutanota is another most famous and trusted email provider based in Germany. It focuses on facilitating with the best experience and security to its customers by offering different kind of services. It is also considered as one of the best paid email service.


  • It is an open source system
  • It supports all kind of browsers
  • It offers end-to-end encryption
  • Emails can be sent at any limit per day
  • Their cost starts with $1.50 per month
  • Users who own premium account can have their own domains
  • Users can expand their cloud storage
  • It provides mobile applications supported by both Android and iOS
  • A file of up to 25MB can be attached
  • It has mailbox storage of up to 1GB
  • It costs $1.13 per year on a premium package

#5. Runbox

RunboxIt is a Norway-based email service provider. They use strong security algorithms to keep all the user information safe and locked. It offers a complete end-to-end encryption. From sending till receiving, every email is encrypted.


  • It has plenty of storage for emails
  • It has a unique and user friendly interface
  • It is easy to modify account settings
  • It contains spam folder
  • It has a powerful processing ability
  • The privacy protection is strong
  • It also provides protection from virus
  • Maximum limit for file attachment is 100MB
  • Total storage for mailbox is 10GB
  • It offers a free trial for a month
  • It costs $49.95 per year

#6. Posteo

posteoPosteo is a Germany-based email service provider with a tight security which offers complete privacy and encrypted user accounts. It satisfies the customers with a complete secure package with synchronizable calendar ad address book.


  • It has a user friendly interface
  • It is an independent email service provider
  • It has a two-factor authentication system
  • It contains no advertisements
  • The registration process is simple
  • Payments can be made anonymously by various methods
  • It has up to 2GB of storage
  • A file of up to 50MB can be attached
  • It costs $1.13 per month

#7. Mailfence

MailfenceMailfence is a Belgium-based email service provide which offers a completely secure system including encrypted email messages based on the OpenPGP standard that offers end-to-end encryption and digital signing.


  • Encrypted emails are based on the OpenPGP
  • It offers the two-factor authentication system
  • All the email addresses are signed digitally
  • It contains no advertisements
  • Users can easily customize their settings
  • It offers blocking system for spam messages
  • Users can import the contacts from other sources including Gmail, vcard, or CSV file.
  • Users can use their sign up address to send email messages
  • A file of up to 10MB can be attached
  • It offers 500MB free storage for mailbox

#8. Kolab Now

Kolab NowThis email service provider lets you send confidential data securely through the emails. Its headquarters are in Switzerland and this is where it stores all the data of emails and users. They claim to never sell your data anywhere else.


  • It provides an easy to use service
  • It offers monthly and yearly plans
  • It also supports payment through cryptocurrency
  • It offers custom domains for its users
  • It supports calendars
  • It has an integrated application for notes
  • It contains shared folders
  • It costs $5 per month

#9. SCRYPTmail

SCRYPTmailIt is another security focused email provider based in US. It offers a completely encoded system. Plus, it provides another quality that adds up in the security, encryption of all the information to keep it safe from cybercriminals.


  • It providers two-factor authentication system
  • It uses PGP standard security
  • It offers encryption for the client side
  • The password is based on ANSI characters
  • Users can reset their password
  • It has a signed certificate for connecting through HTTPS
  • Users can access it through any email system
  • It offers a free trial for a week
  • It costs $2 per month

#10. LuxSci

LuxSci is another USA-based email service provider which offers a complete security and anonymity for their users. It has a user friendly interface and the users don’t need to install through any setup. They have named their secure email system as SecureLine.


  • It offers end-to-end encryption
  • It keeps all the user data safe from the cybercriminals
  • It uses PGP standard
  • It can be accessed from desktop and mobile phones
  • It provides protected and secure sign up system
  • It uses SMTP TLS systems
  • It offers up to 200MB for a file attachment
  • It provides up to 50GB of storage
  • It costs $10 per month

Some Important factors to Consider

  • Consider reviewing how they collect your data, for what purpose and for how long they keep it.
  • See if the email providers offers a complete end-to-end encryption
  • See if they offer dedicated apps
  • See if they have importing feature for your contacts
  • Choose the service that satisfied the amount of privacy and security you need.
  • Look for PGP encryption system, not all the email providers support it.
  • Look for the security standards that the email providers use
  • Check out their policies

Bottom Line :

The most popular email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook do not offer a great level of security. There is no guarantee that your information will remain safe and locked. Government and cybercriminals can access your data through these email providers. It shouldn’t be a problem if your data is not confidential, in other cases you need to select the most secure email service.