15 Church Outfits For Your Moderate Look

Now let’s talk about church clothes as it can be quite hard for most people to create that very special outfit.

Everyone`s faced the situation when you`re going to the church, but you stand in front of your clothes and don`t know what to wear. Do you start worrying about why this happened? How could this happen that you always know what to wear to work or a party, but you don’t realize how to dress properly for church attendance? However, the answer to all these questions is very simple, there is no any universal formula or uniform that you can put on to church. All you can do is to find appropriate church clothes and create the right image by yourself.

Here you’ll find 15 casual church outfits that help you to pick the right clothes for your modest look when you’re going to visit a church.

Moderate Church Outfits 1

Midi dress is a nice example of a casual day church outfit. Nude pleated dress and light blue Jean jacket have to look nice and classy. The metallic necklace makes a bit conservative look stylish.

Moderate Church Outfits 2

Classic striped midi dress with a high neckline looks great. The length of the dress is a little lower the knees and it isn’t too tight.

Moderate Church Outfits 3

How to create a playful church outfit? It`s easy to do with a baseball dress. It is comfy, modest and stretchy! Just what you need!

Moderate Church Outfits 4

Use mild cardigan to complete your moderate image and look extremely fashionable.

Moderate Church Outfits 5

Maxi skirts fit perfectly if you’re going to church as there is no need to show off your long legs in church. But you shouldn’t wear slit maxi skirts. Pleated yellow maxi skirt and polka dots sweater are a gorgeous outfit idea for the Sunday church visit.

Moderate Church Outfits 6

Another dressy look is a classy navy ¾-long-sleeve shirt with a high waist maxi skirt.  Try to be more moderate, prudent and temperate when choosing a suitable outfit for the church. One color skirt will fit nicely a mild shirt. But there is one basic condition for shirts: sleeves must be short, long or ¾-length.

Moderate Church Outfits 7

If you`d want to wear a T-shirt, it`s also possible just hide your shoulders with the help of a Jean jacket. This outfit completes with a trendy leopard print scarf.

Moderate Church Outfits 8

Another casual looking outfit consists of a black and white striped ¾-long-sleeve top tucked in a black high waist midi skirt.

Moderate Church Outfits 10

Polka dot tulle midi skirt can be worn with a black top. Add matched necklace to complete this simple, chic and pretty look.

Moderate Church Outfits 11

If you do like elegant ladylike outfits, then choose a midi pencil skirt for the next Sunday service. Pick suitable accessories, for example, match the belt and bag.

Moderate Church Outfits 12

Never show cleavage in the church. Even if you`ve got a little cleavage it would be better to wear a scarf. Take a look at this delicate image – dark blue maxi dress with a brown leather belt paired with a brown leather jacket. The two-toned scarf is used to hide cleavage.

Moderate Church Outfits 13

Pink maxi dress accented the waist with a thin belt looks fabulous. If you’re afraid that a pink color is too bright for church add a beige cardigan to alleviate the color of the dress.

Moderate Church Outfits 15

If you don’t like wearing dresses and skirts you can put on pants or jeans. But don`t choose too tight ones.

Moderate Church Outfits 14

Jeans and pants haven`t to accent your figure.  One more important thing here is shoes. Wear ballet flats or low-heeled shoes when going to church.

So, you come to church to talk to God, that`s why remember one simple thing: getting dressed for church attendance, first of all, you have to think how to look presentable and then attractive.