YIFY Torrents or YTS is online website group that allow user to download free movies through BitTorrent. It’s popular because of HD quality prints.

Back in the day, the only visual entertainment you could get was television or those weird black and white films with no audio. Yes, it was that boring I just can’t imagine how. Pass forward to today, and entertainment is on another elevated level that anyone could have predicted. One major contributor to this is internet technology. The internet is a big source of entertainment today.

A huge chunk of data is occupied by YIFY movies video streaming websites and torrents. The majority of internet users are now looking for unlimited access to movies, software, games, music, eBooks and TV shows.

Yify torrent

This Yify torrent website is a great torrent choice for users who are looking for high-quality files. It may not be as big as the other torrent websites but it beats them all by providing the best quality torrent files. You won’t get irrelevant or infected files here. Users can are spoilt with many kinds of files that are downloadable.

This is a popular torrent website where users can download torrent files of movies and TV shows in different screen resolutions including 720p and 1080p. You will also access various kinds of eBooks that can be downloaded easily. This site also has many proxy websites and proxy servers that are accessible to users at any time.

Yify is a little low on content compared to other torrent websites or the famous Kickass. You can get as many files as you would want.

  • Is YIFY Torrents Safe? 

If you want to download torrents, it is very safe just like other torrents. However, malicious ads still exist, but this is the last thing you need to worry about. The other thing that you need to be careful about is authorities who are always keeping an eye on who is downloading Yify content.

Besides the authorities, you also need to watch out for copyright trolls who are also doing the same. Depending on the laws of the land, you may even do some jail time if they catch up with you. You will receive a couple of warning messages telling you to stop or they will inform the authorities if you don’t, they will mess up with your Internet connection, or leave you if your country’s internet laws are basic and underdeveloped, it is likely that nobody will care what you are downloading.

  • How to Access YIFY Torrents Using a VPN Service? 

For developing countries with no Internet laws, accessing YTS is not a problem. The problem comes if you are living in developed countries like the US or EU where YIFy is already blocked. Don’t worry as all is not lost. You can still access this torrent if you have the perfect tool. You can do these using VPN Finder service which are private networks that assure you anonymity and security while browsing the web. The private networks are available in paid and free versions. The free versions are not quite safe and secure and may leak or sale your data.

  • How to Access YIFY Torrents Anonymously? 

If you want full anonymity, you will need to subscribe to a premium VPN. This ensures that your information is private, your online traffic hidden and encrypted, plus your identity and location unknown. VPN works in a way that will give you lists of numerous servers around the world. By connecting to any one of them will give you a new IP address that leads the server location, not your location.

  • What’s the Difference between Proxy and Mirror Sites? 

Another option will be to use proxies. They offer the same results are VPNs but guarantee you protection. Instead of offering you safety, privacy, and anonymity, proxies will simply hide your true location, and that’s it. You won’t be safe since anyone can see what you are doing and where you come from.

Yify Mirror sites are replicated versions of original websites with all the features that the original website has. In all the torrent websites that went down, there are yify mirror sites that replaced them and offer the same experience that the original website you to give.

 7 best YIFY Torrents proxy sites:

Top 7 Best YIFY Torrents Mirrors include:

Top YIFI Alternatives to Watch Movies

#1. Kickass

Kickass torrent popular and best alternative to Yify movies. This torrent site was the one everyone was looking for every time they wanted to download or watch anything exciting. That was until it was blocked by the ISP or government in many countries. So what happened to this site? Since the torrent site was so popular, there was no use changing its domain. Authorities who were handling its case blocked the changed domain too. However, its domain was changed so much that people got used to it. This made it hard for users accessing the new site all the time. Things got so frustrating; they had to switch to mirror sites or proxies. The mirror sites and proxies were made from the blocked websites.

These mirror sites may also get blocked by ISP or the government. So, if you are trying to reach some of your favorite torrent or mirror sites and they are not opening, it may be that they already blocked by authorities in your country. Additionally, a proxy site cant is accessed easily by the non-technical torrent user. It is very hard to access due to its technical complexities and if you not advanced in it you may be forced to encounter various annoying issues like low speeds, malicious ads, and redirects. If you are a Kickass fan and you can’t access this torrent site in your area, you can resort to these other torrent sites site Yify movies.

#2. The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is a popular torrent website similar to Yify movies that enjoys a top rating on the web. The site has a huge database that is quite appealing to users with a lot of entertaining stuff in it. This is a great substitute to Kickass torrent due to its impeccable features offered to users. Users can enjoy everything from movies, TV shows, paid software, online games that you can also download.

Sadly, Pirate Bay is also blocked in some countries and you can’t access it without a VPN network. What makes it maintain its top spot is by frequently adding the new and exciting files that are appealing to the users.


This is another great premium version torrent website that is fully optimized to ensure that files are downloaded fast and easy. You will get all the content that you use to get in Kickass making it a great alter8native to it. Additionally, it has an inbuilt search engine with greater search speeds, meaning that you will get your results in a fraction of a second. The torrent website also has a huge collection of entertaining files at the user’s disposal. This YIFY movies Torrents alternative specializes in movies and TV shows.

You will get torrent files from all sorts of niches like gaming software paid software, movies, TV shows, music and so much more. it has a download accelerator that allows the file to be downloaded at lightning speeds. One thing that annoys though about this site is the pop-up ads displayed on the side screens of this website with irrelevant links.

#4. 1337X

1337X is the right YIFY Torrents alternative for you. This is another awesome website fully loaded with a massive collection of different types of exciting files that are not so easy to find on the web. The files are premium due to they’re worth. Downloading stuff from this torrent website is pretty easy. Another great thing about this website is that it has lots of mirror and proxy websites that are accessible if anything happens to this one. It is illegal in many countries that is why you will find it blocked. The homepage of this website has a list of torrent files that have been added recently. It makes it very easy for users to find what they are looking for by dividing its data into various categories.

#5. Lime Torrents

Another popular name in the torrent website world is Lime torrent, which also an incredible list of exciting files. You will get all sorts of torrent files like YIFY Torrents here; from paid software packages, gaming software, eBooks, movies, TV shows, popular web series to music torrent files. The best thing about this kind of torrent website is that it offers everything freely. However, new users will have to register first to enjoy what it offers.

Once registered you can browse through any kind of media file. The good thing is that the registration process is free and fast.

#6. Extra Torrent

If you are looking for a great torrent website like YIFY movies that resonates around the user’s needs then Extra Torrent is what you need. This great torrent is not just the biggest torrent running community and it also provides millions of torrents in the archive. If you are looking for a movie, music, software, series, game or any other niche, you will get it at this torrent website. Its active community of users that consumes high-quality torrent is what makes it incredible.

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There you have it the best YIFY Torrents websites that offer the best of media entertainment. In this world of pressure and stress of life, you need quality media to keep our mind entertained. Although many if these YIFY movies websites are banned in many regions and countries, we can still access their content through their yify mirror sites and proxies.

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