Do you know that an average driver spends around 32 hours a year stuck in traffic? Well, we all know how pathetic traffic congestions can be. And if you are a big fan of sports, you may have already missed your favourite team’s match several times due to this unavoidable mess. Well, if you cannot afford to buy a helicopter, there’s nothing much you can do about the situation. However, you can still enjoy your favourite team’s match while stuck in the traffic – all thanks to the sports-streaming websites and apps.

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People have been following live games over radio broadcasts for more than 50 years, but the advancement of technology and a better network coverage allows average individuals to enjoy the live action on the go on their Smartphone and other portable devices (laptop, tablets, etc.).

10+ Working Free Sports Streaming Websites To Watch Sports Online

If you don’t know which websites to visit for enjoying the live streaming, just keep reading this post and allow us to discuss 12 most feature-rich sports-streaming sites on the internet and you can also take tips for your essay writing on top 10 best sports streaming sites.

#1. Stream2Watch:

Stream2WatchThis website is perhaps one of the most well-designed sports-streaming websites that allow you to watch the live stream of various sports for free. Yes, it does not require any premium subscription. In addition, you do need to deal with the pop ads, which come with almost every free online service these days.

Here, you can watch almost every sports and game in the world, including football, basketball, hockey, baseball, cycling, wrestling, cricket and much more. It is easy to navigate through the page, thanks to the rich user interface. And the best part of this website is that it offers the streaming in high definition.

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#2. Batman Stream:

Batman StreamIf you’re looking for a free yet premium-looking sports-streaming service on the internet, this is the right place for you. Even though it has Batman in its domain name, the website has nothing to do with the Dark Knight of Gotham. The website allows you to stream a number of sports, including football, basketball, baseball, motor sports, tennis and much more.

The navigation bar on the website lets you easily find the desired sporting events. It also features all the list of available matches under the tabs dedicated to each sport. It is quite popular among the users from Europe as it streams popular football leagues such as the UEFA Champions League, English premier league, Serie A, Bundesliga and much more.

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#3. CricFree:

CricFree is one of the most popular sports streaming websites around the world. The domain name of the website may make you think if the website only streams live cricket matches. In reality, however, it streams a variety of sports besides cricket. Some of the popular sports featured on the website include football, baseball, boxing, tennis, American football, rugby and much more.

What makes CricFree different than others is its online chatbox that allows you to interact with like-minded sports-fanatics from all over the world. Even though the website is blocked in many countries, users can still enjoy international matches on CricFree using the right VPN. The website is quite responsive, allowing the user to navigate faster. However, the pop ads affect the user experience a bit, which is common in almost every free streaming platform.

#4. Stream Woop: is one of the newest streaming sites in the list that also offers a chatroom like CricFree. Even though Stream Woop is more popular among the North American viewers, its responsive interface and smooth navigation make it a favourite for the sport-lovers across the globe. It may not be available in a few countries yet, but users can use VPN to access this website and enjoy live streaming of their favourite games.

Stream Woop may not be the most feature-rich website on the list, but it still delivers all the essential features that you may seek in a streaming website. It even features the list of all the ongoing and upcoming sports events, allowing you to keep track of all the matches. It streams almost every major sport including tennis, basketball, cricket, baseball, football, golf, etc. Moreover, it’s free.

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#5. Watch ESPN:

Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, popularly known as ESPN is a familiar name to all the sports lovers. What most people still don’t know is that the network also offers a live streaming service for its fans in the United States. Unfortunately, this online streaming service is not available outside the US.

If you aren’t a big fan of US sports, you may find Watch ESPN a little underwhelming. However, it does offer HD viewing on the web, mobile and game systems. What makes Watch ESPN stand out in the list is its ad-free user experience even if it’s a free streaming service. It covers almost every US-based game including football, basketball, and baseball, and if you want to watch these games from another country, you can use VPN to enjoy the live streaming.

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#6. Yahoo! Sports:

Yahoo! Sports is not exactly a perfect example of a live streaming website. However, it has the edge over other websites in the list as it offers a complete package for the sport-lovers at one place. It does keep you updated with a variety of sports content which provides the readers with insight about the events.

There are lots of content that are restricted by most of the streaming services. Yahoo sports not only offers you a peek into the content but also delivers more information about the content that other streaming websites cannot. There are articles, short clips related to a particular event and related interviews to go through on this platform. It is particularly important for those times when the other streaming services break down, or there’s a technical issue with the broadcast.

#7. Laola1:

The name Laola1 may be a little off-putting for a lot of people, but the live streaming platform offers a myriad of features that put it among the top sports-streaming website of recent times. It is pretty easy to navigate through the website as it categories each sport by its type and league. It even allows you to watch several channels live on the website. It also has the recordings of several high-intensity matches which the viewers can enjoy in their leisure.

Even though it is often considered as the best football streaming platform on the internet, it also covers a variety of sports including hockey, football, volleyball, table tennis and much more – all in high definition. It is even available on the Google Play store for free. It may be specifically targeted for the European audiences, but people from various parts of the world can also watch live-streaming on this platform by using VPN.

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#8. Livesport24:

If you are looking for a live streaming platform with a well-designed user interface, you should check out Livesport24. Here you can browse and watch videos on a variety of sports. You can even find dedicated links for popular players. Users usually visit this website to watch football, MotoGP, F1 Grand Prix, and Rally Racing. However, it offers much more for the users.

One of the highlighting features about this platform is that it puts equal stress on the US sports and the UK sports. So, if you mostly follow sports from these two regions, Livesport24 can be a great option for you. You can even read news about a certain player or a sporting event besides watching the match.

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#9. VIP Box:

Even though the platform is named VIP Box, its services are available to the users for free. It has one of the most well-decorated landing pages in this list. It is responsive and loads faster than other streaming platforms on the internet. The sports are so well-categorized that you can navigate through the platform with absolute ease.

Notably, the links on this platform are updated regularly, providing the users with updated information regarding the on-going as well as the upcoming games. The platform covers wide-range sporting events, including football, tennis, rugby, boxing, badminton, table tennis and even water sports. Most importantly, users can set their time zones on this platform and get the right streams for their favourite game.

#10. Live On Sat:

If you want to watch minor leagues such as the American football, Gaelic Athletic association games, and Aussie Rules football, which are not covered by most streaming platforms, you can simply go to This site covers a wide range of games and matches across various countries. Like other streaming platforms on this list, this is also available to the viewers for free.

The landing page of this streaming service is quite attractive, and it is really convenient to browse through the links. Also, the homepage categorizes the leagues and games as per the countries. So, if you are willing to watch European matches, you don’t need to rummage through the site to find the necessary link. Besides the European leagues, the platform also covers Arabic games as well as South American leagues.

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#11. From Hot:

FromHot, which is often called Sport Lemon, is one of the finest streaming platforms on the list. It generally features all the available live sporting events on its homepage, allowing the users to locate the live games easily. Just like VIP Box, this platform also allows you to change the time zone in settings and stream the broadcasts according to their region. The user interface of the website seems simple, yet it offers all the necessary features that you may require.

This free live streaming website covers games like hockey, football, tennis, basketball, motorsports, cycling, golf and much more. You can also learn about the upcoming sporting events as it features the schedule of the games on its homepage. It is currently available in almost every country around the world. However, if you are not able to use it from your region, you can simply use VPN to unblock this well-designed streaming platform on your device.

#12. WiziWig:

WiziWig may not have an impressive user interface like some of the popular streaming platforms on the list. However, the content that WiziWig offers is way superior. Like any other sports-streaming website on this list, WiziWig also features the current sporting event on its homepage, allowing the viewers to browse through the content easily. The appealing fact about this platform is that you get to see fewer pop ads here.

The platform covers all the major sports, including football, basketball, baseball, boxing, tennis, Moto GP, hockey, volleyball, rugby and much more. Even though it delivers all the necessary features of a sports-streaming platform, it still has a lot to improve in terms of user interface and navigation. Notably, the website has a forum, where people from different parts of the world come and discuss various games.

Since all the aforementioned sports-streaming platforms are available for free, you may not need to look for any premium streaming platforms. However, you may consider availing a paid streaming service if you want to enjoy an uninterrupted, HD quality streaming of your favorite game.

As mentioned previously, some of these websites may not be available in certain regions. In such a scenario, you can use VPN to access the websites and enjoy live matches on your device.