When you want some privacy, a VPN is the foremost best way to safeguard yourself on the extensive, unsecured internet. Use of VPN when you travel to a foreign country can grant you access for services that are restricted in that country. You have a couple of questions: What is VPN? Why do you need a VPN and what’s the best one for you? So here I am to answer the above mentioned VPN –related questions.

How Does A VPN Work?

VPN acts as an intermediary between a computer and Internet. Data arrives on the computer through the internet indirectly. Data transmitted by the internet first reaches VPN and then to your computer. VPN ensures the data is transmitted through a private tunnel over the Internet. The VPN provides a stronger Encryption to protect private data and also mask the IP Address.

Do You know Advantages and Disadvantages Of VPN?  

Advantages and Disadvantages OF VPN

Is VPN a perfect choice or not? We have seen the benefits of VPN outweigh the drawbacks of VPN.

6 Advantages Of VPN

VPN Protect Privacy Online-  VPN masks the IP Address in order to prevent hackers from  stealing the personal details. Government, Google, and Advertisers cannot keep a tap of your online activity because of VPN.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions- You know some countries like China have bans on Netflix and Whatsapp. The VPN helps to access the blocked apps or content. It helps in unbinding you from censorship. Access your favourite site or content without being identified. Don’t use free VPN because they are not able to bypass strict geo-restrictions.

Secure Public Wifi- When you connect to public wifi your data is vulnerable to many kinds of attacks. Personal information is protected from attackers because VPN act as a shield. All the efforts of a hacker will be in vain when your connection is secured by VPN.

Prevent Bandwidth Controlling- Bandwidth provider lowers speed of data transferring frequently. The bandwidth provider concern to lower down the speed of transferring is equal distribution of bandwidth to all users. They compel you to buy the expensive plan for more speed. VPN plays a crucial role because it masks your ISP so they cannot keep a record of how much bandwidth you are using. Stream new games, TV shows and download files with high speed while using VPN.

Defeat Firewall- For Bypassing a firewall you need to have multiple encryptions. It needs to have 256 Bits AES encryption, IPv6, DNS for bypassing a firewall. Huge number of VPN servers allow you to unblock restrictions.

Kill Switch– This is a special feature provided by VPN in premium plans. They automatically disconnect your computer, tablet, and phone when the VPN connection is down. The reason to disconnect is to protect your IP Address from exposing when you are accessing or streaming blocked content. Kill switch makes sure your anonymity or privacy is not hampered when VPN is disconnected.

5 Disadvantages Of VPN

Slow Internet Speed- It is Absolutely correct VPN slows down Internet Speed but there are many other contributing factors. The major factors that we want to put in light are distance between your location and VPN server location. Open VPN encryption plays a major role in slow internet speed but it slips our mind. You should choose PPTP encryption so you don’t have to compromise with Internet speed.

Performance Issue-When you use a VPN the performance might hamper because it takes time to connect with a private server. It initially increases time for streaming or unblocking websites or content.

Monitor Or Save Data-There are some VPN that use your private data but do not state it. They keep a close tap on your private data for their personal benefit. You must be alert while using a free vpn or private server at nominal cost because you might fall into a trap.

Difficult To Set Up Business VPN-Setting up a VPN for business seems to be complex when you need a private server. All business premise devices will be affected, which is why looking for the best VPN alternatives for businesses is crucial. You can opt for identity and access management platforms, privileged access management, third-party security platforms, and zero trust network access.

Expensive– VPN is expensive if you want to use a premium private connection because it has higher cost than regular VPN. Using a cheap VPN or free VPN does not provide all features and your privacy is endangered. Free VPNs are less competent and less reliable with a lot of restrictions.

Don’t Provide 100% Anonymity- Your true identity  might get revealed because there are several ways. There is a risk your VPN might get disconnected when you are accessing the blocked content or website that puts you in danger for violating or bypassing censorship.

Best VPN service Provider

Best VPN Providers

We can see finding the best VPN that keeps you safe online feels impossible. There are hundreds of VPNs out there, and each one claims it’s the best. Choose the best service you want to use. Get the best services that will make you invisible over the internet. With the help of the best services of the VPN, you can easily get access to all those content and websites that are restricted in your area.

So let’s have a look on the best VPN service Provider


World fastest VPN #1; all your internet data stays safe behind a wall of the next additional layer of security. Turn on Cyber Security to avoid malware-hosting websites, annoying ads, and botnet control.

NordVPN Features Quick Overview

  • Dedicated Torrented Profile: Yes, P2P specialty servers available
  • Works with: Netflix (multiple libraries, BBC, Amazon Prime Video, Sky-TV, Disney+, and many others
  • Available on: All devices like IOS, Android and routers
  • Data logging: Strict no-logs
  •  Money back guarantee: 30 day


1month11.95No Discount
1 year Plan$4.92Save 58%
2 Year Plan$3.71Save 68%

Caution-You want to pay with PayPal. It does that to protect your privacy, but some people still like PayPal. As compared to other VPNs, NordVPN has maintained their good will among the users. For Detailed comparison you can check ProtonVPN vs NordVPN comparison review.

2)Express VPN

Express VPN is a premium VPN provider focused on user privacy and anonymity. The network is built around specifically not knowing the internet activities of our users. Privacy is a core part of service offering.  Primary concern is protecting the user’s private internet data.

Express VPN Features Quick Overview

  • Dedicated torrenting profile: Supported by all servers.
  • Works with: Netflix, BBC, Disney+, HBO NOW, Amazon Prime Video, and many others
  • Available on: Windows, Mac, Android, Kindle Fire, browsers, and routers
  • Data logging: Strict no-logs policy
  • Money-back guarantee: 30 days


SIX MONTH$9.9923%

Caution: You’re looking for a cheap VPN. Express VPN can be twice as expensive as some of the other VPNs on this list.

3)Surfshark VPN

Surf shark claims to be the best all-round VPN, great for Netflix, torrenting, anonymous browsing, and staying safe on public Wi-Fi. The feature is torrenting ability and security protocols to its device compatibility, unlimited connections, and customer support.

Surfshark Features Quick Overview 

  • Unblocks Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC
  • Lower cost
  • Kill switch in all apps
  • Solid speeds on nearby servers
  • Works in China
  • No logs
  • Unlimited devices
  • Allows P2P


SIX MONTH$476.3550%
TWO YEARS182.7680%

4)CyberGhost VPN

Cyber Ghost is a top VPN that often appears on our recommendation lists. You can make a good choice as its combination of reliability and security, ease-of-use, and price are best known in market.

CyberGhost Features Quick Overview

  • Dedicated torrenting profile: Yes support all server
  • Works with: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC and others
  • Available on: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android browsers, streaming devices, and routers
  • Data logging: Strict no-logs policy
  • Money-back guarantee: Up to 45 days

Pricing-The CyberGhost Plan starts at $2.25/mo*

Note- We haven’t made the pricing table because people generally prefer one month deals.

5)Private Internet Access

The PIA VPN helps to hide the IP address associated with your browser traffic, using servers in a variety of locations, and is secured with Squid HTTPS. 

Private Internet Access Features Quick Overview

  • Dedicated torrenting profile: No (P2P is allowed on all servers)
  • Works with: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, HBO Now, Disney+, Showtime, and Sky-TV
  • Available on: Windows, Mac, Android, Chrome, Firefox, PS4/Xbox, and routers
  • Data logging: Strict no-logs
  • Money-back guarantee: 30 days


TWO YEARS$202.5878%

CAUTION: Don’t have advance security features

When Should You Use A VPN?

Need a VPN When you’re traveling

Travelling in a foreign country the VPN allows using streaming services that you use in your home country, but for international rights issues aren’t available in another.

Remote workers or students Need VPN

We noticed many employers and students required a VPN to access company services or attend online classes remotely. VPN is connected to the office’s server and gives access to internal company networks and resources when you’re not in the office.

Political dissidents Need VPN

Some countries have censorship on press freedom, speech, and expression like Russia. Using a VPN is essential for internet use within an oppressive regime. They’re not a catch-all solution, though, and governments are beginning to crack  down  on their own use.

Tip: In the comfort of your own home, doing your regular internet thing, using a VPN isn’t a terrible idea.


From all the above information we can conclude that VPN provides a very safe, secure, cost effective communication services and infrastructure. The standardization of VPN technology will lead to its widespread use among network users. Best VPN Providers have disadvantages but are overshadowed by the advantages.

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