How to Use 1337x to Watch Movie if it is Blocked

Things have turned mostly virtual in today’s digitalisation world – be it finding assignment help experts online or the latest movies on Torrent. 

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Torrent sites need no introduction to individuals who frequently download movies, games, and media from the internet for free. However, most sites are now blocked by the government due to copyright infringement claims. Users rely on either proxies or VPN software to gain access to websites like 1337x, Kickass Torrents, The Pirate Bay, and so on. 

If you are a regular user, you know how often these websites go down due to the government’s strict scrutiny. Despite being the most popular site for Torrent files, 1337x is blocked in many countries worldwide. 

Here, I will talk about the best1337x proxy sites that will help you access the main website. So, why wait? Let’s explore some of the popular 1337x Proxy sites in 2020.

1337x: A General Domain Overview

There’s no doubt that 1337x is among the most excellent sources of getting your favourite Torrent links. The website has an extensive Torrent File directory and a user-friendly interface to make your search easier. 

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However, due to the ISPs and government agencies’ ban, alternative websites like 1337.to have emerged to help you unblock 1337x. If you too suffered from the ban, you can use proxy sites to get into the leading site. 

Use of 1337x Proxy Sites

Governments attempt to ban access to 1337x for various reasons. Proxy websites allow users to gain access to the Torrent Files even when the main domain is inaccessible. Simply put, proxy sites act as the intermediate server between the user, and the site s/he wants to visit. While it allows you to visit the banned sites  in your country, it also protects your real IP address. 

List of Top 1337x Proxy Sites for 2020

Even though popular websites like 1337x and Pirate Bay tend to go offline now and then, there are a few 1337x alternatives that users can visit for high-quality torrent files. The below-mentioned list of proxy sites are good, and users can navigate any of these sites for a similar experience. 

  • 1337x.to:

1337x.to is the best alternative to the primary domain. It has all the features of 1337 and gives access to the leading directory in case you cannot get through any of the 1337x domains.

  • 1337x.tel:

It is another quick domain and has similar features and directory that of 1337x. Even though it’s not linked to the main 1337x domain, you can find links to the Torrent Files available on the other sites. 

  • 1337x.am:

Another 1337x proxy that is not on the main domain list but serves a similar purpose is 1337x.am. Although it performs slower than the other proxies, it still offers a decent browsing speed for the website’s available files. 

In case, you find any of the links not working, try out these active 1337x proxy sites 2020.

    • 1337x.st (Active since October 2017)
    • x1337x.ws (Active since December 2017)
    • x1337x.eu (Active since March 2018)
    • x1337x.se (Active since May 2018)
    • 1337x.is (Active since January 2019)
  • 1337x.gd (Active since October 2019)

Best 1337x Alternatives 

If you got no luck with the above mentioned 1337x proxy sites, worry not! Here are some 1337x alternatives that are ideal for downloading movies, games, apps, and more. You can either directly access them or use a VPN for torrenting. 

The Pirate Bay:

The-Pirate-BayIf you have used Torrent, then you might have also heard of The Pirate Bay. It is one of the leading websites on the internet today, mainly because of the high quality torrent links. The interface is user—friendly and appealing. Even if the access is blocked, users can gain access with the help of proxies without getting into trouble. 


LimeTorrents.ccIt may not be a favourite among many, but LimeTorrents.cc cuts the mark with high quality torrent links. Everything is well-organised under specific categories. LimeTorrents follow strict guidelines as far as adult content is concerned, unlike most other websites. Even though the website is blocked in several countries, you will find ample active proxies of LimeTorrents. 


RARBGRARBG has the largest fan base around the globe. The search engine is top-rated amongst the Torrent users, thanks to its easy accessibility and many high quality torrents with an increased number of seeders and leechers. It is a superb preference for users who download books, comics, video games, films, etc.  


YIFYYIFY is popular among movie buffs. The search domain is the one-stop destination for finding links to currently released movies. The easy-to-use interface and extensive collection of videos, movies, and TV shows make it a crowd favourite. If you can’t access the website, you can find a YIFY proxy similar to 1337x proxy. 


TorLockTorLock is another brilliant 1337x alternative which has the perfect combination of verified torrents and good looking interface. You can find lots of useful links on the platform itself separately categorised in to different lists such as popular torrents or newly added torrents. 


SeedPeerSeedPeer can be the right choice for you if you are looking for an excellent website with a good list of movies. Like most other websites, SeedPeer offers a clean and well-organised interface that makes it easier for you to search. You can certainly take this web site into account if your 1337x proxy disappoints you. 


ExtraTorrentExtraTorrent has an extensive collection of high quality torrent files from different genres. The website is well-structured and well-organised, which makes it easy for users to navigate and download. Although it has suffered due to legal reasons, users prefer this website for the massive collection of torrent links. 


EZTVSimilar to 1337x, EZTV exclusively offers torrents for television shows, music, films, games, anime, and so on. It provides quick access and high quality contents that range from 720p, 1080p to 3D. Besides, the list is regularly upgraded with fresh torrents – no wonder why millions of users choose EZTV as a 1337x alternative to discover the latest content and upgrades. 

KickAss Torrent:

KickAss TorrentKickAss Torrent needs no introduction to Torrent fanatics. Millions of users visited the website regularly to find the links of the latest shows, games, movies, software, and more for free. You can find the finest quality videos in over 40 languages. However, the website now blocked due to court orders. But you can gain access to the website using KickAss proxies


ZooqleGoogle is another right choice when it comes to finding a good 1337x alternative. The interface is visually pleasing and well-organised. And you what’s the best part of this website? You can find the videos and links with top seeds on the homepage itself. You don’t have to search through page after page to locate high seeded videos. 

Torrent Project:

Torrent ProjectWhen it is about the best alternative to1337x, Torrent project would be another great pick. The website gathers high-quality torrent content from different sites, including movies, games, software, or TV shows. The UI is easy to follow, well-arranged based on the length and seeds.


I may have placed this at the end of the list, but it is one of the best 1337x alternatives on the internet today. You can download top-class movies and shows in HD quality without any hassle. TorrentKing is a popular name in the industry for all kinds of media content. The website has over 70000 movies ready for your access. 


These are the twelve most used 1337x alternatives which you can use right away for free. If you know other 1337x alternative sites, please drop the names in the comment section below. 

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