How To Use The Kickass Proxy

The kickass proxy server is the best source using which you can download the multi category torrents. Now the ISP may block the kick-ass proxy server then you can get instant access to the other kick-ass proxy servers. You will get instant access through the kickass mirror sites. It will help you to download all the multimedia content.

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You need to know several essential matters if you want to unblock the kickass proxy torrent site. There are many countries in the world where the Kickass proxy server is restricted. You cannot use it in your country; if your government has banned this server’s use, consider these factors and find a way out to install it on your PC.

Different Ways You Can Employ To Use Kick Ass Proxy Server  

You can employ several ways to use the kick Ass proxy server in your country if it is banned in your nation. You need to follow the methods step by step to use this server to reduce your government officials’ chances of being caught.

1. You Can Make Use Of Tor  Browser or Web Proxy 

It is the most effective way to unblock torrent websites. You cannot get anything better than this option for unblocking the torrent sites in your country where it is restricted.

You must consider the fact that any does not block your website by the ISP. Otherwise, you may have to face different kinds of difficulties like slow connections; no download encryption is there, and the frequent captchas will disrupt you.

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0123putlockers are one of the sites that you can use to unblock the kick-ass proxy server in your country. You can use any one of the options to handle this kind of situation fruitfully.

2. The Manual DNS Configuration 

It is the least effective solution for unblocking your kick-ass proxy server. It will only work effectively if you have small percentages of the ISP blocks done in your country. You cannot use it any time or every time to unblock the kickass proxy.

It is useful if the blockage of the site is less in your country. It can make the DNS configuration proper and valuable if you use this torrent unblocking site or the technique. Remember one thing that it will not encrypt your browsing traffic or the torrent traffic.

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3. You Can Make Use Of The Web Proxies 

You can make use of the web proxies to unblock the sites of kick-ass proxies. There are many free web proxies of HTTPS that you can use to unblock these sites. These free websites will load the proxies for you in the long run. You need not bother a lot to download the places in the best possible manner.

Unfortunately, many of the sites block the torrent sites automatically. It may create a problem in your way. Sometimes, it also avoids the chances of the network blocks to a great extent. Remember one thing here that these sites block the torrent sites sometimes here.

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You cannot afford to take the risky chances in your country to unblock the torrent sites and get charged with legal action for accessing the restricted sites in your nation. You cannot afford to take risks of such a kind here.

4. You Can Make The Use OF Tor Browser   

You can easily make use of the TOR browser to unblock your site. Tor browser bundle is a free web browser that allows you to divert your browser traffic using multiple encrypted proxies. It will quickly help you bypass the ISP ban and hide your IP address from which website you have visited.

You cannot afford to take a risky chance here as the government authorities may track your IP address once you enter the kick-ass proxy server. You must stay alert to get the best remedial measures before you plunge into this site. You cannot take things for granted from your end.

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The Tor browser is one of the safest options you can employ to develop your proxy server in the best possible manner. You cannot consider things for granted here.

5. You Can Change DNS server 

The blocking of the ISP is sometimes done at the DNS level. Sometimes the DNS or the Domain Name System of your website can easily block your website. If your DNS is changed, then you can easily open the blocked torrent sites from your end.

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You can make a public DNS; it can quickly solve your problems, and you can get access to your Torrent sites rapidly. Make sure you have made the right choices to get the best solution for unblocking the proxy servers from your end. Ensure that you do not violate the norms of your nation.


All these proxy servers are not legalized in many countries. Ensure that you have not violated your nation’s rules while trying to unblock the kick-ass proxy servers. Make sure that your steps are proper and any government officials do not track your IP address. This blog of mine is written to show you how you can adopt to download the kickass proxy site. Do not violate the rules of your nation. Try to play safe when you are handling these types of sites.

Ensure that you have followed all the safety measures while seeking access to your popular torrent sites. Ensure that you have not violated the rules of your country in the best of your knowledge.