Anime is something people love to watch from each sector of the world of all ages. We used to wait for TV shows before but now we have the internet where we can watch our favourite shows anytime, anywhere.

GogoAnime is one of the biggest anime streaming platforms. We cannot stream Gogoamine in many countries due to some rules and regulations.

For this, I have got here top 10 websites which might be perfect alternatives for Gogoganime where you can stream or download your favourite anime.

#1. Chia-Anime:

chia animeChia-Anime is first and foremost that I would prefer. Here Chia-Anime is a perfect source of anime and Asian drama. You can stream or download your favourite anime here on any Smartphone, Smart Tv or Computer and laptops in MP4 format.

The website handlers do have an active Facebook page where the followers request and let the handlers know about their demands for which they do provide feedback and work accordingly. The structurization and management are so well that you can easily find your required anime part or episode.

#2. 9 Anime:

9 anime9 Anime is a different website which you can surely go for in absence of GogoAnime. 9 Anime is really easy to use anime streaming and downloading website. The website allows users to use the website all for free.

There are different categories in the website from which you need to select your required and here you get the majority of the videos with the language selection being dubbed in English and also subtitles for the videos which aren’t dubbed. You do not need to register as well on this website.

#3. Animeland:

Animeland is a perfect place where one can watch dubbed and subbed anime movies and shows without registering. The website has every famous anime series like Naruto, one-piece and many more. You can search for your preferable anime in the search bar on the top and right-hand corner.

Like Chia-Anime here also you can interact with the website handlers not on the facebook but their website itself. Here you can similarly communicate and suggest your prefered series or movies. The “New Added Animes” section at the bottom helps you know the latest animes and releases.

#4. Tubi Tv:

tubiTubi Tv is a website today which offers you with movies, Tv shows, dubbed and subbed anime. The number of shows and movies here is limited while at the same time the uploads are of the best quality here.

The problem here can be that you might not find your favourite show as a few popular shows are not available on Tubi Tv. It has a clean dark-themed User interface for proper easy usage.

#5. Crunchyroll:

This is a perfect anime streaming website. It has an option of premium membership here as well. In the free section, we do have many different shows to watch free as well with some adds in 480p quality along.

There are more than 25000 anime episodes on Crunchyroll which makes it one of the best here. Some of the most famous shows like Naruto are available for free here as mentioned before which makes it perfect.


anime showAnimeshow is also one of the most preferable alternatives to gogonime. This website has one of the biggest lists of genres of anime here. Here the most interesting thing we have got that English dubbed anime up to the latest ones available anywhere could be found with subbed anime.

The streaming speed of the website is up to the mark with perfect categorization which makes it easy to search and find our anime in the list easily. The most viewed and famous animes are generally up the screen on the first or second page itself which makes the majority of viewers happy.

#7. AnimeUltima:

AnimeUltima is a perfect anime streaming website. This website offers a great collection of anime TV series with English subtitles. Here we can stream any of our favourite anime while cannot download it.

We can create our own playlist or library to watch later for free with our personal ID. There is a comment section as well in the website which we should see after watching the video or anime as it mostly would be a spoiler being everyone talking about the video down.

#8. AnimeFreak:

Animefreak has a huge database where you can find the series and movies which we could find rarely on any other website. These movies and series are of high definition quality being complete free at the same time.

The navigation and usage are really easy which makes it best alternative for GogoAnime. The website has millions of users using it on different devices as you can use it on smartphones, desktops, laptops and tablets.

#9. KissAnime:

kiss animeKissAnime is a really popular anime streaming website for a long time now. Here we have anime from all over the globe. Here we can stream and download anime movies and episodes of up to 1080 pixels.

You can navigate as the user interface is really easy with a search bar. They have a never-ending genre which has all the categories like, comedy, action, ninja, horror and much more. You need to remove or pause your adblocker if you have any before visiting the website without which you cannot stream.

#10. Kuroani:

Kuroani is a king type of anime streaming website. The website is mobile-friendly with perfectly optimized web pages. Here website offers different features like to let us know directly which episodes are dubbed and which are subbed in different sections.

The website features a search bar where you can search for your required anime show. Also here we have got a chat section where a visitor can share opinions or request for something he can’t find on the website.

How to watch GogoAnime with VPN:

Different anime streaming websites like GogoAnime do not host these anime videos on their website servers. These websites are dependent on third party networks which are much more convenient. Websites are worked in this way because it protects online streaming websites from any copyright claims.

This might be helpful but cannot protect from your internet services provider who can monitor your internet activities. If you want to watch these anime anonymously you can easily hide your IP address with VPN services. A VPN is a private network tunnel that helps us to send and receive data on any network anonymously.

A VPN service provider uses encryptions that makes it impossible to analyze your IP address and where you are surfing.

To install VPN services follow the steps below to work smoothly.

  1. Visit the VPN sites or search for a similar VPN services provider.
  2. Get on the price section after clicking the button.
  3. Select your plan according to your choice
  4. Launch and sign in after which you can surf on GogoAnime without an issue of being tracked.


Here I have mentioned the top 10 alternatives which I would prefer due to their benefits and features. These could be preferred by you as a perfect alternate option to GogoAnime. Hope you can enjoy your favourite anime without an issue from now. If you prefer GogoAnime then to you can with installing VPN as explained above. Also, if you know some other websites which you feel should be on the list do mention in the comments and keep following for more such helpful and awesome content.