21st century is the age of digitalization. From reading research to internet to entertainment- in this century of advancement everything is possible with just a click.

Talking about the different hobbies that people have, one of the famous one is reading.

There are bookworms all around the world who are always into this book or the other. Now carrying paperbacks at time becomes problematic.

Also, when you have your phone and there you can read more than thousands of books, there is no point that one needs to carry the hard copies. There are many online sites where you can find varieties of books.

What Is MangaStream?

People who love online comics, Mangastream was the ultimate destination for them. This site has been widely loved and enjoyed by the Manga readers around the whole world. The reason of its so huge popularity is the quality of the comics and the user-friendly interface. Due to legal issues, Mangastream has been through ups and downs for a long period of time. But 2020 has completely shut it down and hence nothing from Mangastream is available on net. Now, it has been recovered but after that, it has gone completely dead. It is a clone website which is full of leeches. So, it is not at all advisable to access to this website. The current condition of the site leaves no hope for the Manga lovers to get it back in form neither soon nor in the far future.

The main reason why Mangastream went down and were shut off was it was sharing scanned copies of the original Manga comics. This act is pirating which is illegally giving access to someone’s intellectual properties. So it was copyright violations that has caused the Government to shut it down.

This for sure has been a real issue for the ones who are just fond of Manga comics and cannot imagine a life without those. But Manga lovers need nothing to worry about.

Best Alternatives Sites Like MangaStream

There are many Mangastream alternatives found that provide the same comics, but with issues- some comes with infinite pop-ups, some are of bitter quality and some other comes with so many annoying advertisements. Here is a list of 15 best Mangastream alternatives to read Manga comics from.

#1. MangaOwl-

After Mangastream, if there is any other site that has received fair share of attention and fame, it is MangaOwl. As the bounce rate is low for this site, many people find different varieties of Manga comics here, without any interruptions. Manga owl has gained attention even when Mangastream was active because of its smooth orange interface and user-friendly access. It is just as same as a anime and cartoon; yet it gives the readers the full experience of reading a comic book in original.

#2. MangaTown –

What attracts the readers at first even before accessing to the website is the thumbnail and the logo. MangaTown has a very appealing and promising to the readers as it has a very catchy domain. People are searching here and there for the Manga comics yet are not at all aware that this site has every category of comics separated from each other. SO, basically, you can choose the category and get varieties of comics to access and read under the same category. The interface is completely in English; hence the navigation is easy. It is impossible to have an exact Mangastream alternative, but this one can be considered as the closest.

#3. MangaFox –

There are certain Manga alternative websites that provide all the stuffs to read but are chargeable. MangaFox on the other hand is free of cost and provides a wider range of comics to read from. The comics are dubbed in different languages and are categorized into varieties of genres- thriller, romance, comedy, sci-fi, drama and many more. You can pick up anyone you wish to choose without even paying a single buck. Neither does this site require any log ins- hence you do not need to provide your mail ids or usernames.

#4. MangaReborn –

This is by far the best Mangastream alternative to surf for the Manga comics. But it is not that easy to find. The owners of this site has kept it hidden as they do not want it to have the same destiny as that of Mangastream. Hence, they maintain a very low profile and barely can be found by the Manga lovers. But once you get access to this site, you will completely forget about the Mangastream as it is as smooth and of great quality as that of Mangastream.

#5. MangaHere –

MangaHere is another website that contains more than 10.000 varieties of Manga comics. Like any other Manga comic sites, it also changes the URL extensions of the site to keep it safe from the DMCA issues (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1988). You can use the app to download and read your favourite varieties of comics even when you are offline. The app names ‘MangaZone’. It is available in the Appstores but one has to download it in any other form as it is not legal and clear as well. Yes, Mangastream has gone but that should not curb your watch list and love for the Manga comics. MangaHere makes it sure that you keep on experiencing the same quality as that of Mangastream.

#6. MangaPark –

MangaPark is one of those Mangastream that are completely free to have access to. One needs to sign up to have a free account.  But none of your information is used in any of the wrong ways; you can completely relax on that. One can save a tab in the bookmark of this site. One of the best parts of this Mangastream alternative is here you can get a surprise tab that helps you find comics exactly of your choice. Also, as the comics are separated into categories it is easier to access. You can also filter the comic types that you do not want to have on your tab. Every fresh Manga comic released is available here, in moderate quality. One can have the discussion on the characters and request for more chapters in the comment section. The most questions asked by users is that whether it is safe or not. It is safe to use.

#7. KissManga –

KissManga by far is the largest Manga Comic directory available on the internet. This Mangastream alternative site has more than 100,000Manga Comics saved in it. As this website is being updated every single day, it provides you notification for the latest releases as well. It provides the viewer’s the choice to navigate from the side they want- from left to right or from right to left. All the comics are ranked; so you can see what are the most trending ones.

#8. MangaReader –

MangaReader has an extensive collection of Manga comics. From every genre to every latest version of it- one can get everything available here. It is free. It is very easy to have access to. This site also updates their collection hence one can get all the latest collection of Manga comics here. It is the easiest site to navigate and access to the Manga comics after Mangastream.

#9. ComiXology –

It is a free cloud-based comic reading website which is completely digital. Anyone having iOS, web and Android can have full access to this platform. You can go through the site; you can read as well as buy comics from this site as well. To have the quick access one can download the mobile app as well. This site has one limitation- all the comics available here is in English. Considering all the features of this site, it is called as one of the best alternatives of Mangastream for Manga comic reads.

#10. MangaEden –

MangaEden is a simple website that is full of Manga comics. But here one can find many other comics as well along with the Manga comics. These are affordable, exciting, and interesting. Here is a twist in this site. It has an internal search option which enables the reader to restrict their search results. It gives the readers to get easy and quick access to the exact comic they are searching for. Here, you can also add new Manga comics, chapter, or latest releases as well beside just reading the comics. It is fun and provide you satisfaction every time you read the comics here.

#11. TenManga –

From the provided search tab, one can very easily get the access to this site. It is easy, fun, free and satisfying. In the search tab, one can easily search for their favourite Manga comic as well. The site covers huge database to provide the readers as many comics as possible. Also, thissite has a very user-friendly interface. It is a little different from Mangastream site but has a very easy navigation. Hence for someone who is using this site for the first time would not face any difficulty at all.

#12. MangaKakalot –

MangaKakalot is perfect place to dig in for the people who are just beginning to get into this genre of Manga comics. The UI of this website is very easy to navigate for anyone from any age group. This website holds old vintage Manga comics in the clearest quality. Also, the newer comics are available in HD quality as well. The UI basically makes the whole process of searching and reading completely effortless. The easy access and user-friendly services make it one of the most famous Manga comic reader websites of the world. Also, here, one can get comics available in different languages.

#13. MangaDex-

There are many suitable and authentic sites that provide proper Manga comics to read for. But if you are willing for a high-speed portal that can bring your required and asked comic in front of your eyes within the fingertip touch on the search button, you have landed in the right most Mangastream alternative- the MangaDex. The two most used language here for the comics are English and Japanese. This site again is very highly recommended to people who are the first timers on the Manga related websites. One can read one-piece Mangastream on this website.

#14. MangaFreak-

As reading online is getting more and more importance and preference these days, it is becoming obsolete that people download e-books and read them later. Still for those who loves to read without the tingling of notification bells on their phones or devices, means love to enjoy reading being offline from the media, MangaFreak is the best site for them to surf. There are a number of copy websites that are available in the market which makes it less popular among the Manga readers. The page orientation of this website is very neat and clean; hence such clarity always attracts the readers to navigate through the page. Also, the history section of this Manga site saves the data and search history, making it easier for the user to find their choice if readings.

#15. MangaBat-

This is another alternative to Mangastream which has a very trendy name and a very classic logo. Here one can get their favourite Manga comics in a very distinct manner. The UI design of this site might not be that strong, yet it is popular among the readers. The advantage of this website is it has amazing HD quality of Manga prints.

FAQs related to Manga- 

  • Is Mangastream Legal?

A: Mangastream is not a legal site. One of the main reasons why this site is shut down is because it illegally gave access of Manga contents to the readers; without the permission from the original content creators. Hence, technically it is one of the many illegal websites available out there.

  • How Much Money Does Mangastream has made?

A: During the time of full activation, one market research survey produced that the approx overall turnover of Mangastream is more than $37 (approx). This is one of the highest numerical as the yearly income of the available free Manga website online.

  • Is MangaFox better than Mangastream?

A: Both Mangastream and MangaFox have been amazing websites to provide quality content for the Manga readers. But, Mangastream received the best popularity amongst them all and was the most widely known. But, since the Mangastream site has been down for the legal cause, MangaFox amongst the all other Mangastream alternatives of Manga comics has gained the most popularity amongst the readers.

  • What are the best alternatives of Mangastream in 2020?

A: Till Mangastream was active, scarcely other sites were required for the free access of Manga comics for the reader. Since, Mangastream has been shut down, here is  a list of other authentic and easily accessible quality alternative websites-

  1. MangaPanda
  2. MangaFox
  3. MangaOwl
  4. MangaGo
  5. MangaFreak
  6. MangaBat
  7. MangaPlus
  8. MangaDex
  9. MangaHere
  10. TenManga
  • Are free Manga reading sites illegal?

A: Technical answer to this question would be yes, free Manga reading sites are illegal. These sites provide you scanned copies of Manga comics, without the permission of the original resources. This act is considered as piracy and hence these sites are tagged as illegal. If you want to go through and read from sites that are legal, then you can subscribe to the CrunchyRoll website. It is a legal as well as payable site to have access to Manga comics.

  • What caused Mangastream to shut down?

A: The official Mangastream website was stopped from providing services quite a few times ago, like around one year ago. There is no confirmed reason known, but the strongest wild guess that is revolving around is the copyright issues. It was the original content creators who pressurized them to stop providing free and illegal service. Because of certain legal steps, they were banned from screening.

  • Is sign up needed for the free Manga sites?

A: No, one might not need to sign up to free Manga sites to read or download contents. Most of the Manga sites would provide you free access to read and manage the Manga comics. You do not need to register for that. But, there are some other Manga sites as well which need you to register first to have access to the websites.

  • Is Manga readable online?

A: Yes, Manga comics are readable online. There are many comic reading sites which provide the readers free access to read and download exclusive and all other Manga comics. Free Manga sites like Mangastream will let you have access to all the Manga comics without even paying a single penny/buck as subscription fees. Besides, there are some Manga apps as well which are mobile supportable and one can have full access of free Manga comics through these apps and sites.

  • What are the most popular Mange genres?

A: Like the original hard copy comics, there are many genres as well in the Manga comics. The most popular ones are Josei, Shone, Seinen and Shoujo. Besides, there are romance, thriller, action, comedy and many more genres that Manga comics are available in.

  • Why Mangastream goes down?

A: It is almost a decade after its release and popular run that Mangastream has gone completely shut down and inaccessible. However, the reason was not clearly stated by Mangastream. But it seems to be the authoritarian pressure from the legal creators of Manga comics who have legally launched a case against them for copyright violations. Hence, Mangastream has gone obsolete and is not available anymore. However, there is a clone site with an URL is working right now. But it’s legitimacy has not been confirmed yet.

  • After Mangastream, where to read Manga?

A: As long as Mangastream was there, Manga readers were relaxed to have access to their favourite Manga comic site for free, at anytime, from anywhere. But after its collapse, readers has gone really tensed where to get there comics. There are many sites available in the internet, but not all of them are proper and of good quality. One can simply go to MangaFox, MangaGo, MangaBat and MangaReborn like sites to have access to their favourite Manga comics, for free and without any registration.

  • Where to red Manga reddit?

A: According to the information from Reddit, one can read Manga comics on KissManga, MangaBox and MangaDex. These are some of the most popular among Manga users of the whole world. These sites provide you good quality content and all the available comics on Manga- starting from Vintage ones to the most recently released ones.

As entertainment has come inside the hands in this mode of digital interaction, the habit of reading has also been modified from its traditional age-old books to the computer screens. Above are the best 15 Mangastream alternative sites to keep your entertainment going on even after the banning of Mangastream.