How to Ensure You are Buying the Right Type of Cycle

While planning to buy a bicycle, you need to keep a few things in mind. These include where you buy the bicycle, how much to spend, and the type of bicycle you will need.

When you buy the right cycle, it is always worth the cost. Searching for the right cycle with the required features is challenging. You might need a bike for touring, commuting, day rides around town or training. Some will want a rugged bike for challenging terrain, dirt, grass, roots, and bumps that come along. Therefore this article helps you to understand the types of cycles with their respective features and benefits.

Accurate knowledge and understanding of what you want to cycle are needed. You will be able to get your perfect cycle match if you only know what you want to ride. Below are the benefits that can help you get the right cycle:

Benefits of a Quality Bicycle:

  • You will Save Money in the Long Run.

Having a quality cycle will save you a lot of money over time. So all of that gas money or bus fare that you spend daily can be saved for a rainy day. Having your quality bike will get you where you need to be. In addition, you also save a lot of parking costs. When you have time to get to work, you will never be late again. Plus, you will not have to worry about finding a parking spot. Your quality bike will control how long it takes to get to where you are going. 

  • It benefits your Environment and your health both

Your quality cycle will help keep the Environment protected from the huge amount of pollution caused by driving. Plus, it only makes sense with a small amount of production instead of other forms of transportation. Having a quality cycle will improve your health all by itself and without you having to change any eating habits. Plus, you can lose as much as 25 pounds after riding daily for a year. This will ultimately eliminate the amount of stress you would take in as you drive.

  • Understanding the Bicycle Types

Bicycle riding provides you with many types of bicycles to choose from. This also means each type has a distinct advantage over the others. Below, we have the two most popularly used bicycles and their main features. 

The Road Bicycle:

With the road bicycle, you get a bike that is designed for riders who will be riding on the road as opposed to rock and gravel that is off-road.

Features of the Road Bicycle:

  • The Frame and Fork

The road bicycle´s frame is the most important part of the bike and consists of carbon or aluminium.

The frames used for a road bicycle consist of a short post for the seat and a flat top tube. Having a top-tube that slopes can allow your bike to remain small and light. When your road bike´s size is correct, you will enjoy a smoother ride.

  • Your bike’s fork

Your quality bicycle´s forks need to be carbon-free to provide the best quality ride. The cheaper bicycles may consist of a cheap aluminium or a combination of aluminium and carbon.

When you have a quality road bike, the entire bike will be considered a single system, known as a bike´s frameset.

  • The Tires

The road bike´s tires don’t require the need to be as big as those on an off-road bike. This means the rim will be lighter, and not many spokes to worry about. Because the aerodynamics are essential, the rims will be a lot deeper.

The rims are narrow with the traditional road bike, but they have changed quite a bit in width today. This allows for better aerodynamics and a decreased amount of problems.

The bike can provide a comfortable ride and supply more speed with the tires being less comprehensive.

The Mountain Bike:

You want to ride on unpaved surfaces such as dirt trails, rocks, and gravel surfaces with a mountain bike. These riders will always be off-road and normally out of sight.

Features of the Mountain Bike:

  • The Mountain Bike Tire

Having a quality cycle involves having quality tires to go with it. This means the size matters and is an important part of the entire biking experience. Having bigger tires will provide more speed. If speed is your thing, then having at least 29” tires will be ideal.

  • The Mountain Bike´s Brakes and Gears

The brakes and gears come in many different types and sizes and are important for your mountain bike. If you enjoy the toughness of a trailhead, then a mountain bike having a significant number of gears will get you through the tough parts. Your quality bike should also include hydraulic brakes. Hydraulic brakes provide a stronger amount of braking power with the slightest touch.

The Recumbent Bicycle:

Also referred to as a bent bicycle, this is not a normal bicycle that you see every day. In fact, this bicycle is designed to have you reclined instead of perching. 

In spite of this, a recumbent is not like any other type of bicycle. In fact, they are considered very comfortable to ride despite their purpose being for individuals who are disabled.

As opposed to a normal bicycle design that riders are used to riding, the recumbent is available in many standard designs. They can be designed in different sizes and designs. These designs allow individuals to enjoy their rides when they usually wouldn’t be able to.

When a recumbent bicycle is chosen, the rider wants to gain comfort while riding. This is accomplished by distributing their weight evenly.

Features of the Recumbent Bicycle:

  • Able To Build Muscle

When you use the bike the correct way, you can quickly build muscle that is toned and keep your core strengthened. The design of the bike can also help tone the midsection. This makes for an increased amount of efficiency.

  • Perfect for Training

Having a recumbent cycle means you get more training out of it. When training for increased endurance and strength, the recumbent cycle gets the job done.                               


Finally, do a short ride and check out the features before purchasing your bike. A single test of a ride is enough. In case you are planning to buy cycle online, have a clear picture of the requirement, it’ll help you decide the cycle you will choose. Learning the elements is a good practice for beginners to evade mistakes while purchasing. Hope this helps!