Golf like any other sporting discipline has many myths concerning various aspects of the sport such as its origin and gameplay. These myths have been very discouraging and held many potential people from taking up the game. It’s important for any prospective golfer to realize that these myths are just misconceptions that have been perpetuated throughout the golf industry for many years.

The myths relate to coaching, golf swing, and overall gameplay. Below are 5 hilarious golf myths that shouldn’t discourage you from taking up the game.

#1. Playing Golf takes the whole day

This is a very common funny myth that has been around for ages. However, like any other sport or hobby, playing golf shouldn’t take the whole day. Instead, golf can take approximately two hours and can be customized to fit your busy lifestyle. A round of golf takes involves 18 holes and takes around four hours. However, the holes can be reduced to 9 which just takes 2 hours to complete and conveniently fits into your busy schedule. The 9-hole golfing system is legal and conforms with the Rules of Golf and the handicap system.

#2. Golf is an expensive game.

Most wannabe golfers think that golf is an expensive undertaking only for the rich. However, golf does not need to be an expensive game, and you can spend as little or as much as you can to obtain the best golf gloves, golf shoes and other equipment and clothing. New golf clubs and a bag can cost as little as $300 dollars, or you can buy a second-hand set for as little as 70 dollars on eBay. You can also get a new golf shaft at a very good price, if you’re looking to upgrade existing equipment. Additionally, you can join beginner golfing clubs with flexible membership where you earn points (golf credits) whenever you play and redeem them for golfing equipment, clothes or cash depending on the value of the points. Therefore, you don’t need to shy away from playing golf due to cost concerns.

#3. Golf is only played by men

Golf has for a long time been thought to be only played by men attributed to the major golf events such as the US Open only featuring men. However, golf is a game for all irrespective of gender. In fact, golf is the only sport in which men and women can compete due to a unique handicap system which enables people of different abilities to compete together. Golf brings people together, therefore, contributing to a great social life for both men and women alike. Additionally, golf clubs across the globe have implemented strict measures aimed at preventing gender discrimination. Great women golf players include Laura Davies, Paula Creamer, Annika Sorenstam among many others. Golf is good for women as it puts them in perfect tonic for health and happiness and contributes to their general well-being.

#4. Golf is a stuffy game and does not one fit

Most people consider golf as a stuffy game and does not really contributes to overall individual fitness. This misconception came into the limelight during the Victorian age where people men wore heavy clothing with a tie and women where restricted from accessing golf clubs. However, golf changed with a new generation of players, new rules and playing formats. Modern golf enables one to keep fit with by allowing you to burn calories, lower cholesterol levels and significantly reduces the risk of heart attack. Research has shown that you walk for approximately 5 miles while playing a round of golf burning 900 calories. Therefore, golf isn’t a stuffy game and helps you stay fit and healthy.

#5. You must be a member of a golf club to play golf

While most golf club requires membership, you may still learn to play golf without necessarily being a member of the club. All you have to do to start playing golf is to join a golf program where you access beginner courses and start playing golf as a hobby or professionally. Most golfers in the US are not members of a golf club, but they play golf whenever they want. You just have to book a session. Nevertheless, being a member of a golf club comes at a cost, but you are able to access numerous social and playing benefits such as being able to compete professionally and participating in multiple golf events to widen your golfing experience.

#6. Golf is Boring to Watch:

This myth suggests that golf is a tedious and uninteresting sport for spectators. However, this perception is evolving, and golf has undergone significant changes in recent years to make it more engaging and entertaining for viewers.

But, Golf has seen the emergence of charismatic and dynamic players who bring excitement to the game. Players like Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Brooks Koepka have showcased skillful and thrilling performances, capturing the attention of a broader audience. Golf offers a variety of tournaments with different formats, catering to a range of viewer preferences. Major championships, team events like the Ryder Cup, and innovative formats such as match play contribute to the diversity and excitement of golf competitions.

#7. You Need Expensive Lessons to Improve:

Another common misconception is that only expensive professional lessons can help you improve your golf game. In reality, while professional instruction can be beneficial, there are alternative and more affordable avenues for improvement.

While lessons from a golf pro can be beneficial, there are also numerous affordable resources, online tutorials, and self-help materials available for those on a budget.

There is a wealth of self-help resources available for golf enthusiasts. Books, online tutorials, and instructional videos provide valuable tips and techniques that players can use to refine their skills without the need for expensive lessons.

Improvement in golf often comes from consistent practice and dedication. Regularly hitting the driving range, practicing short game skills, and playing rounds can significantly contribute to enhancing your game without the need for formal lessons.

#8. Golf is Not a Team Sport:

Golf is often perceived as an individual sport, but there are various team formats and competitions in golf, such as Ryder Cup and team scrambles. Playing in a team setting adds a social and collaborative aspect to the game.

The Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup are prestigious team events in golf where players from the United States and Europe (Ryder Cup) or the United States and the rest of the world (Presidents Cup) compete as teams. These events foster camaraderie and team spirit, bringing an exciting team dynamic to the traditionally individual sport.

Many golf tournaments and outings feature a team scramble format, where players form teams and collaborate to achieve the best possible score. In a scramble, each player hits a shot, and the team selects the best shot to play from for the next shot. This format emphasizes teamwork and strategy.

While golf is predominantly an individual sport, the existence of team-based events, formats, and competitions highlights the versatile and social nature of the game.

#9. Only Older People Play Golf:

Some people think that golf is a sport predominantly played by older individuals. In reality, golf attracts players of all ages, including a growing number of younger enthusiasts. Many golf courses have introduced initiatives to make the sport more appealing to the younger generation.

Junior golf leagues and tournaments have gained popularity, providing young players with opportunities to compete and develop their skills. These leagues foster a sense of camaraderie among young golfers and contribute to the growth of the sport among the youth.

Golf is a popular collegiate sport, and many universities and colleges have golf teams that compete at a high level. This provides young adults with the opportunity to pursue competitive golf while receiving an education.

golf is no longer confined to an older demographic, as initiatives, leagues, and changing perceptions have made the sport more appealing and accessible to people of all ages.

#10. You Need Exceptional Skill to Enjoy Golf:

Enjoying golf doesn’t require expert-level skills. Golf is a sport that caters to players of all skill levels, and there’s joy to be found in the process of improvement. Many beginners and casual players find golf to be a relaxing and enjoyable activity without the pressure of perfection.

Many people find joy in golf as a recreational activity, regardless of their skill level. The experience of spending time outdoors, enjoying the scenery, and engaging in a leisurely round with friends or family contributes to the overall enjoyment of the game.

Golf is known for its social nature, providing opportunities to connect with others on the course. Whether playing with friends, colleagues, or fellow golfers, the camaraderie and social interaction contribute significantly to the enjoyment of the game.

Enjoying golf does not hinge solely on exceptional skill. The diverse aspects of the sport, including recreation, social interaction, learning, and the overall experience, make golf accessible and enjoyable for individuals of all skill levels.


To conclude, golf has numerous myths which are not usually accurate and often misleads prospective golfers let alone discourage them. The myths range from playing, practicing, coaching, origin and so much more. As a beginner golfer, you should always be quick to ignore such myths as they are usually false and end up discouraging from golfing.