Education Apps for Android

Worthy to mention, there are ‘tons’ of education apps available for those who use Android as a mobile OS. To search for the best within the aforementioned apps, it is better to conduct a search for your needle lost in the hay, indeed. Still, watchful eyes can easily identify the best, note the point, watchful eyes.

Here are the best 10 Edu. Apps linked with Android to stimulate your educational purposes by surpassing the limits of the traditional mode of teaching-learning process, enjoy.

#1. Quizlet:

Flashcards are used for educational purposes within classroom environs. When you superimpose the aforementioned concept into the virtual world, Quizlet is one of the best flashcard applications, compatible with Android supported smartphones. Deeply interested in real time practical sessions within the classroom, or feeling passionate to learn and memorize new words and its usages in different but varied contexts?

Believe in Quizlet because it is empowered with audio backup to boost your thirst to acquire knowledge from different sources. First of all, try the free and limited version. If interested, go further by gaining access to the pro version boosted up with endless possibilities related to flashcards. Besides, it is charted in Google play and can be downloaded with ease, undeniably.

#2. Solo Learn

The above-mentioned is a group of apps; develop to meet the demands of the student community, especially computer programmers. If you are interested in learning a new computer language, please make use of the app. Besides, the app is available on Google play for free.

Almost all the main programming languages are available in this app, for example, C++ and JavaScript. Budding computer programmers can make use of this app as a platform to exhibit their skills without depending upon any instructor. The best thing is that this app can be easily downloaded to android supportive smartphones.

#3. Wolfram Alpha

This app is suitable for those who are in search of a little bit advanced level of learning. For example, this app is filled with a number of categories and subcategories of learning. This app can help you dive into the wide and deep knowledge in history and geography.

If you feel that there some interesting and engaging puzzles in math, this app can help you a lot with the same.  School/college studs can benefit more from this app because it envisions to enrich their knowledge base. As a paid app compatible with Android supported widgets and smart phones, it is totally free from adds and similar time consuming in-app purchases.

#4. Google Play Books

One can see that language and literature are an integral part of learning because students learn languages and turn into literature in the form of different genres. If books are available online, students can have easier access to the world of language and literature.

Within this scenario, Google Play Books is an excellent app to quench the thirst related to literature. Still, available books are not limited within language and literature, instead it extends to textbooks and similar books for students.

This app is beyond the limits of other e-book platforms because it is user-friendly and easier to browse through different books perfectly aligned according to different genres of knowledge.

#5. Busuu

As fast learners, students easily learn new languages and related new words. Earlier, learning a new language other than one’s mother tongue was a Himalayan task because access to other languages was not possible. Now, the situation did undergo change and learners can gain easier access to new languages.

Here is a special app named as Busuu to go through the different processes of language acquisition. To be specific, this app contains intuitive methods to help learners to acquire different languages with less effort.

Almost all global languages are included in this app added with several examples for the proper acquisition and usage of the same.

#6. Daily Art

Learning cannot be limited within language acquisition only because it is a continuous process, even experiences are generally considered as an integral part of learning in general. If one is interested in having access to fine art, there is a special app named as Daily Art. It is difficult for users to gain access to artworks and detailed description on the same. If you wish to have both the aforementioned things within a single platform, you can download this app.

Besides, daily update related to different artworks is another plus point of this app. As it is compatible with different gadgets using android as OS, its mobile version is easier to use for those are interested in fine art.

#7. ExitTicket    

This app is in the form of a free version, i.e., there is no special user fee or any other hidden fee imposed upon the users in general. One can see that assessment is an integral part of the process of learning. Without assessment, it is difficult to identify a student’s level of achievement.

So, the app named as ExitTicket can be used to track a student’s level of achievement and can take remedial measures in the form of extra classes, if needed.

As this app is a real-time app, both students and teachers can benefit from the same because teachers can identify the achievement and weaknesses of a student and the student can identify the areas to be concentrated while learning.

#8. Handouts    

In the modern context, classrooms are transforming into smart-classrooms with the help of unrestricted internet access and technologically innovative gadgets. To be specific, modern classrooms make use of fewer notebooks because the usage of tablets is widespread.

Here, the app named as Handouts is most helpful for students to learn. Students can prepare digital files and store or distribute for further usages. This app is user-friendly and environmental friendly because users can use this app with ease as the same is with fewer complications and as it reduces the use of papers within classrooms the same is environmentally friendly.


People depend upon dictionaries to identify the meaning of words, origin, usage in different contexts, etc. Still, it is difficult to carry dictionaries. Pocket dictionaries are convenient, but the best possible solution is to gain access to any online dictionary. But by googling the term and gaining access to different websites is a time-consuming process. can help you to find everything related to different words, phrases, and usages within English language.

Millions of people seek help from this app by using its mobile version, compatible with android operated gadgets.

#10. Ted

Human beings like friendly conversations, but as all are obsessed with talking with someone, listening gets interrupted in one way or another. To be specific, it is important for any person to listen to orations or speeches by eminent people because it can help one to learn the basics of speaking and listening. Besides, a person who is impatient with the words uttered by others cannot become a good speaker.

Here is a better app named as Ted to listen to amazing speeches by eminent orators and motivational speakers. If one is interested in listening to the latest innovations in science and technology, enter the app and use the apt keyword to get access to the science and technology section, and enjoy the rest in the form of speeches.

As its offline mode is available, restrictions related to internet access will not become a serious issue. Besides, an individual user can save and share speeches in audio/video formats.


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