Android devices (such as computers or laptops) have many hidden processes that always run in the background, but unlike computers or laptops, these processes are not still available. The cleanup program provides these hidden background processes and avoids inactive processes that retrieve memory space. The cleaning program is a smartphone memory and storage cleaner that allows you to save a lot of free space on your phone with a single click.

The main purpose of cleaning app are to free up to space that is taken by the cache data, non-relevant stuff and background running apps. The main reason of slow usability of mobile phones are the background apps. These apps are continuously working and that’s why system works slow. Cleaner’s apps stops those apps and clear the data.

Here we have selected 18 best cleaners apps for android that are best for you. This list is created on the basis of rating, positive reviews, user-friendly interface and many more things. Also the information is gathered on the some personal experience. All the apps that are mention in this list is the best cleaners apps in the play store. These apps are necessary for the android users as many of the apps data needs to be clean and this what the cleaner apps does. Pick the best app for your android and make your smart phone to work smoothly.

Wondershare MobileGo Storage Cleaner

Wondershare MobileGo Storage CleanerWondershare MobileGo Storage Cleaner is a versatile Android driver with great cleaning features. It can help you improve your application, manage APKs, uninstall programs, and free up space by removing unwanted files. Android mobile cleaning app is available for free on Google Play. This is a great application for classic Android cleaners. Additional features like File Transfer, SafeEraser and App Manager are very satisfying for enthusiastic users seeking to solve all Android related issues.

App Cache Cleaner

App Cache CleanerApp Cache Cleaner allows you to clean cache files stored by Android applications. The program saves these cache files for quick loading, but these files fall over time and take up extra memory. Cache Cleaner allows the user to identify the memory usage program based on the size of the unwanted file created by the application. Its best feature is that it will alert you to the program’s disk cleanup when it is necessary to clean the cash file.

SD Maid

SD MaidSD Maid is a file maintenance program that can also be used as a file manager. It tracks files and folders left by the deleted application on the Android device and frees up space by removing them from memory. There are two versions: The free version of the Android cleaning application can be used as a simple but effective system maintenance program, but the advanced version adds additional benefits to the application.

Startup Manager:

If you frequently charge your phone, you may wonder why the startup process takes so long – especially if you have a new model with lots of hardware features. Like all operating systems, Android can be configured to launch certain applications. It takes time to start and load.

The problem is that many programs add to the “start list” without even realizing it. If you use Startup Manager to remove unnecessary programs from the list, you can start your phone faster.

It is also very simple. The startup manager identifies all programs are running at startup, including system programs and user-installed applications. Deleting a program is a one-click process. If you want to use a root device, be aware that Boot Manager is only available for non-root devices.

Clean Master

Clean MasterClean Master is the most widely used Android storage cleaning application, with a large user base around the world. It is easy to use and allows users to clean the program, the rest of the files, the story and many other unwanted files that appear after the installation of the Android phone cleaning program. The pure master himself has a rich and colorful interactive interface, but the best part is that it doesn’t empty the battery.

DU Speed Booster

DU Speed BoosterDU Speed booster cleans not only the space in Android, but also the application storage for waste storage and cleaning of unwanted files, a single accelerator, a presenter, antivirus software, a privacy advisor, and an integrated Internet speed test. All these features make it an excellent all-in-one optimization tool.

Cleaner eXtreme

Cleaner eXtremeThis storage program is intended for all data-sensitive people who need the best phones, but avoid using Android cleaners for fear of losing data or receiving unexpected applications. Cleaner eXtreme controls and removes unwanted large files without having to adjust system data. It can be used as a one-click program that only asks the user to select items to delete and process the rest.

1 Tap Cleaner

1 Tap Cleaner1 Tap Cleaner, as the name suggests, is a cleaning and cleaning program that cleans and optimizes your Android device with a single touch. It has a cache cleaner, a history cleaner, and a call log and text cleaner. In addition, a standard cleanup setting removes the default actions from the program. The most interesting feature is that it allows the user to set the cleaning interval. Then the Android phone cleaner can continue to clean Android itself periodically after this interval without the user’s permission.

CPU Tuner

CPU TunerWith this free optimization tool, you can use the CPU settings to get the performance you need for your Android device. It allows you to save battery power and improve performance by using the lower part and headphones separately. The CPU receiver requires root privileges to work. This can be a little dangerous if used without prior knowledge of the tolerances of Android devices.


CCleanerCCleaner has become the most popular cleaner for computers and laptops. Like most other cleaners, CCleaner frees up space by clearing up temporary files, downloading application files and caches, and clearing call logs and SMS. Additional features make it an excellent storage cleaner for Android phones.

3c Toolbox / Android Tuner

3c ToolboxApplications such as processor tuner allow users to set Android mood and system settings, but a task manager can also manage or delete the app. It gives users many options to interfere with system settings, but the device’s regression can be performed without searching.

Root Cleaner

Root CleanerAs the name suggests, the purifier requires root privileges on the root device to completely delete the device. It has two modes of operation: it is fast and clean. The fast cleaning option resembles a typical cleaning tool with a basic clean-up button, such as. The release of memory and removal of inactive processes. However, complete aesthetics can empty the Dalvik case from the Android device, but the system must be charged.

History Eraser:

Are you worried about someone who could sneak into your phone and see what you shouldn’t do? Mobile apps tend to record many details – not necessarily for malicious reasons – manual deletion of files and deletion of stored log files can be disturbing.

History Eraser automates everything for your convenience. With a click, you can delete one of the following: browser history, call history, text message, search history, download history, application cache file, clipboard, and more. All this works well on non-root devices.

The ad supports the free version of History Eraser, but you can remove it by upgrading to a paid version.

Device Control

Device Control is a great free system tuning tool. However, it has a program manager, but in most cases, users can use system settings such as processor and GPU settings, as well as many operating system settings. As mentioned earlier, such programs can be very dangerous for Android devices without causing any harm they may cause.

The Cleaner

This detergent has an elegant and interactive interface that cleans the storage space and trash can. It works as a typical Android cleaning program, but it is free and downloads over a million times.


GreenifyGreenify eliminates the use of job restructurers by putting exhausted resource applications into sleep mode, so system resources are unavailable. This requires root privileges to work.


BetterBatteryStatsThis storage program provides battery status and usage information, but users with technical knowledge can use this data to manage their applications effectively. It detects programs that prevent the device from going into sleep mode and downloading resources from the battery.

Duplicate Contacts & Utilities:

If you meet hundreds or even thousands of people in your contact list, don’t waste time looking at duplicate contacts and tools. As the name suggests, it can remove duplicates with a single click, but it comes with other useful tools for managing contacts.

The ability to accurately deduplicate and combine duplicate contacts is only available in the paid version. The other features are completely free: duplicates, duplicates, duplicate emails, blank contacts, import/export of PDF or XLS contacts and a few other features.

It’s easy, fast and convenient, and your device doesn’t have to mess. You can easily organize and manage your contact list by filling in one of the Android contact and call applications.