Hair Transplant tips

Turkey’s tourism industry has remarkably grown higher, due to one reason: it has become a top destination for those wanting to have a hair transplant. Turkey is an appealing market for this type of procedure, as many individuals feel that the rates they give are cheaper; hence they can save more while enjoying a holiday. Here are other things that you should know before you have a hair transplant in Turkey:

#1. Know the basics first about hair transplant

Before you travel thousands of miles away from home and spend thousands of dollars on your journey to Turkey, make sure that you’re fully aware about the basics of hair transplant procedure. If you can, speak about it first with a local dermatologist, like those from Vera Clinic, just to ensure that you are making a well-informed decision.

Here are the basics that you should be aware of:

  • Run-down of the procedure itself
  • Risks and benefits

#2. Ask about the recommended travel restrictions

It is crucial that before making the trip, you ask about the after-care first, and how long you may have to stay in the hospital, or if you can go out immediately, and what your travel restrictions are. For example, as a hair transplant is a surgical operation, naturally, there will be wounds and incisions, so will it be advisable to expose these in an extremely germ-laden capsule such as an airplane? Can you wear a hat to protect your head from the sun?

Know about all the travel restrictions first, so that you can weigh them all if it is worth flying to Turkey for your hair transplant.

#3. Research on the various package deals

In Turkey, hair transplant is not only a medical procedure; it is a part of their tourism industry that has instantly become attractive to hair fall sufferers across the globe. Hence, when you do your research, you will find that there are a lot of certified operators that offer great deals and packages for your hair transplant.

Some of these package inclusions are:

  • Airport transfers
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Air accommodation and fare
  • Doctor or clinic to do your hair transplant procedure
  • Transfers from your hotel to the clinic

If you are serious about having your hair transplant in Turkey, going for a package deal will be more to your advantage, so that from the moment you land in the country, everything has already been prepared for you, including the after-care.

#4. Check the qualifications of your surgeon

By now you should be aware that the treatment of hair loss typically falls under an unregulated worldwide industry, as it is relatively new. Plus, hair donors are also not numerous; hence, it is crucial that you are putting your procedure in the hands of an expert surgeon.

Let it be known, too, that in Turkey, hair transplant clinics are multiplying like rabbits. There are a lot of extremely qualified surgeons; however, there are also those who are merely in it for the profit, with lesser and poorer qualifications. Be sure to do your research and always double check the qualifications of your surgeon. Call or research about the following:

  • Certifications gained relating to hair transplant
  • Number of years in the field
  • Training undergone and other qualifications
  • Diplomas and other board certifications
  • License to operate as a physician

#5. Ask for recommendations from qualified people

As you are not from Turkey, you may be relying solely on what you can see on a clinic’s website. However, as mentioned above, be wary that there a lot of clinics in Turkey that are less qualified than they make themselves out to be. It is a very prudent move on your part to ask for referrals from people who are eligible to give 100% honest recommendations. For example:

  • Doctors in your country who may have connections with Turkish doctors
  • Family and friends who may have previously undergone a hair transplant

#6. Take as much time as possible before making a final decision

Choosing to travel to Turkey for your hair transplant is a significant decision. Although it will still cost cheaper than the rates offered in the USA or Europe, it will be a very unpleasant situation for you to travel so far only to find out that your transplant procedure was a scam. Visit as many clinics as you can and stock up on a lot of patience, too. When in doubt, choose to put your trust on the clinic or surgeon who has been performing a hair transplant for a long time now, or who is a veteran in this industry, rather than one whose name sounds unfamiliar yet to locals.


There is no denying that one of the fastest-growing industries in Turkey is in the medical field of hair transplants. If you are one of those tourists who hope to travel to Turkey soon for this procedure, this list as enumerated above can significantly help you in making a more informed choice and decision before you go. Remember that as minute as the procedure is, it will still affect your body and your health; hence, you have to leave little to no room for error at all.