Cross trainers or elliptical trainers are the most popular machines in the gym. A cross trainer simulates running while reducing the physical impact on your legs and lower back. And when you perform it under expert supervision, it provides a low-impact but nonetheless terrific cardio workout.

It is the elliptical motion of the machine that helps protect your joints and muscles from injuries while you are exercising. The cross trainer is the ideal workout device for individuals with knee, hip and other lower body injuries. Elliptical trainers provide you with a fun workout, and it is no wonder that the cross trainer is a popular choice both at the multi-gyms as well as home workout equipment.

But there are a few key things to consider before you avail the option of a cross trainer hire. We have compiled a list of key tips that you need to go over before you think about investing in an elliptical trainer for all your cardio requirements. Let us have a look!

Cross trainer hire: A general idea

Buying or renting the elliptical trainer is easier said than done. That is primarily because there are various make and models available. The variety is the key to this specific equipment as every individual has different requirements when it comes to physical training. There are basic machines available which are the industry standard for various aerobic workouts. And not just that! You can also go for the beefier models with a lot of bells and whistles that will offer you high-intensity exercises. So you need to make sure of your exact requirements before making a choice.

The budget plays a vital role in a cross trainer rental

Depending on your exact requirement, you can go for a primary cross trainer that will cost you around $200. For better models that offer you high-intensity workouts you will have to spend anywhere in the range of $4000-$5000. It is essential that you make the consideration based on your requirement and the budget you are capable of.

Inexpensive models at discount department stores are okay, but the problem is they are not as sturdy as the one you will find at a super-speciality multi-gym, so they might not last long.

Smaller and lightweight machines are perfect for individuals with smaller bodies and for that weekly cardio exercise. But if you are looking to include the elliptical trainer for your HIIT training, you will need better quality and a sturdy machine that will be able to stand up to the daily use along with the wear and tear. Consider your budget wisely before making a choice. If need be to save up to make a better purchase a few months down the line. Another alternative you can go for is hiring a cross trainer and paying monthly rents for the equipment.

Consider your workout space

You need to make sure that your workout space is large enough to accommodate a cross trainer. The elliptical trainers are bulky and occupy a lot of space. You need to take adequate measurements and check out the dimensions of the machine you are buying or renting.

Any basic elliptical trainer is around 4-7 feet in length. You will need to leave a certain amount room for the pedals while you are working out on it. In case of certain trainers, the pedalling space requirement might extend to a foot beyond the main frame of the machine. Account for around 10 feet of space for your elliptical trainer.

Lastly, you will also need to consider the ceiling height of the room you will install the elliptical trainer in. If you are tall, you will need the headroom so that you don’t end up hitting your head on a low ceiling.

Considerations about the various types

There are three main types of elliptical trainers with their own set of pros and cons. Let’s have a look into them.

  • The front drive

It has a rather large wheel housing at the front of the machine. These are the most affordable models available in the market today. But be warned as these are noisy and vibrate quite a bit.

  • The centre drive

This one looks similar to a treadmill, and the pedals are present where the track would be. If you are looking for a gentle workout, this is your ideal choice. The centre driven elliptical trainer is compact and needs the lowest real estate.

  • The rear drive

Here, a small wheel housing is located at the rear of the instrument, usually behind the pedals and thus makes it the largest model of elliptical trainers available in the market today. The pedals allow for an incline as well as suspended arm systems offer you a smooth workout.

Additional features that you must look for

There are a few extra features that you must look for before going for an elliptical trainer. And these are as follows,

  • Stride length

The standard stride available is the 14-inch, and it is often too small for someone of average size. Instead, look for a machine with a greater stride length of around 21 inches. Various models offer you adjustable strides in case of multiple users.

  • Smooth motion

You should ideally be looking for a jerk-free, smooth and quiet pedal function. It is the hallmark of good quality equipment.

  • Look for the quiet factor

Some elliptical trainers are quite loud which can be a source of distraction if it’s a home gym. So look for better brands and models that are quiet and make less sound.

  • Adjustable resistance

A broad range of adjustable resistances is what you should ideally look for in your cross trainer. It will help you with increasing your strength and endurance faster.

  • Adjustable incline

Some machines offer you an adjustable incline which ramps up the intensity of the workout by increasing the resistance.

Buying or renting a cross trainer is not an easy decision as you have to consider a number of things before investing. But if getting one keeps you motivated, you should go for it. We hope that this article helps you in making the perfect choice. All the very best!