Boys Haircuts

Now is the right time to dive into trendiest boys haircuts in 2019. Nowadays, things have changed, and fashion is no longer a thing of women. In the past years, we have witnessed a resurgence of cool boys hairstyles.

The reason is that boys are becoming more obsessed with their looks and want to look the best. However, despite the great popularity of medium length and buns for boys , short boys haircuts remain the all-time best option for boys thanks to their ease of styling and low maintenance.

  • Pompadour Haircut

This disconnected pompadour is the talk of the town right now. The manes are faded on the sides and at the back and then clipped closely. The hair on the crown is maintained long. This slicked back hairstyle is a classic quiff cut that appears great on all boys regardless of their nationality. If you are looking for a quiff hairstyle that feels different and unique, opt for a combed pompadour that is the trend now. When it comes to boys haircuts that enhance the length to the rounded face shape, this is the great look to opt for.

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  • Mid Fade and Spiky Top Haircut

One of the easiest ways to rock faded boys haircuts is to maintain the hair on top a little longer compared to the hair on the sides and the back. Utilise your best mousse or gel to create spikes for a boyish, yet stylish look.

  • Combover With Hard Part

Modern boys haircuts are pretty versatile than you might think. If you like haircuts for boys that are on the dramatic side, then you may want to include a deep part in your style and style a comb over. This hairstyle is suitable for boys looking to showcase their sophisticated style.

  • Messy Spikes and Low Fade

It is not always the right thing to go too dramatic with faded haircuts, but you can still create some contrast for a unique look. Fades are ideal for all types of hair, especially for the boys with great natural lift and volume at their hair roots. But the spiked effect can be improved by applying a small amount of product.

  • Cowlick Hair

A cowlick style doesn’t have to look dull and frustrating-just matter how to style it, and ladies would love you for that. Thick hair works great with this hairstyle, but you can take it to the next level and include an undercut to make the thickness less relaxed. While you may find cowlicks challenging to maintain, your barber will advise you on the best products to use and maintain it with regular visits to the salon.

  • Taper Cut

Taper boys haircuts are some of the trendiest styles this year. A taper cut incorporates thick manes on top that gradually decreases in length on both sides and the back. You need to maintain your taper haircut together with a product and regular shampoos-otherwise, it will look wild. This is one of the most asked for a haircut for boys this year, thanks to its great versatility.

  • Fade Haircut

Low fade haircuts for boys involves cutting the hair on the lower side of the head, while the manes on top are cut and shaped beautifully, but kept longer than the rest. You can also choose classic boys taper hairstyles that is a bit lengthy compared to the normal fade, or opt for a fade hairstyle where the entire head is clipped down. If you choose to keep long hair on top, let your barber know before he starts to style the look for you. in case you need a more casual style, break the norm by creating the fade on the sides only and then try bold styles on the top.

  • The Side Part Haircut

The side part cut resembles an undercut; the difference is that in this haircut, one side is trimmed extra short haircuts for men see here. This hairstyle is suitable for the boys who are always busy and don’t have much time to put in their looks. It is a casual style that looks great on boys with mid-length hair, that can be styled over nonchalantly. The preferred thing about this haircut is that you can transform it into different looks by sweeping them to the sides or the centre and including an undercut.