When it comes to furnishing your house, high-quality pieces enhance the allure, warmth and welcome your home provides. Many Indians are getting a TV on rent to unlock the full aesthetic of their living rooms, or are picking up a stylish and modern refrigerator on rent to give their kitchens a lift.

However, your appliances shouldn’t stop there. To unlock your kitchen’s full potential invest in these four must-have kitchen appliances and give both your kitchen and your cooking a much-needed boost.

A Countertop Blender

A sleek, glass blender should be a modern addition to any kitchen. Their utility is boundless, making smoothies, fresh soups, frozen margaritas, and a whole host of sauces, dressings, and dips.

Not only will they unlock the potential of your cooking, blenders also make eating healthy a simpler affair. Instead of forcing fruits and veggies down your kids’ throats, rustle up a delicious smoothie and watch them enthusiastically gulp it down.

A Slow Cooker

The ultimate cooking appliance for convenience. Slow cookers have become popular the world over for their ability to make delicious stews, sauces and curries, with minimal effort and oversight. Simply add the ingredients in the morning before work, then let it cook all day and by the evening, you have a delicious and hearty stew ready to eat.

The modern slow cookers have a stone insert that allows them to be transported onto a backyard barbecue for even more cooking options. Any enthusiastic cooker should have a slow cooker in their kitchen.

Wine Fridges

Although not for everyone, a wine fridge in a kitchen oozes elegance. A wine fridge, complete with a zone for red and white wine (stored at different temperatures), will store your wine under the optimal conditions to help it mature with grace and keep its full flavour until you are ready to pop it open.

Look for wine fridges that come with shelving units and a glass front, complete with a digital thermostat. If you have some bottles of rare or high-end wine, it is possible to find wine fridges with a door lock, for added security.

Coffee Machines

The country runs on coffee. The addition of a coffee machine to your kitchen will thrill guests and make your morning routine simpler. The better models can have a cup of piping hot espresso or Americano coffee in your hands within 30 seconds of rolling out of bed and pressing the button.

Select a model with a built-in grinder that offers the possibility of being plumbed into the water line, otherwise, you will have to keep refilling the water reservoir. It may not sound like much, but when you are waking up before sunrise and fumbling to make your coffee in a daze, these small tasks require a Herculaneum effort.

If you are a cappuccino or latte lover, look for models which have a frothing or steaming feature. Similarly, tea lovers will want to opt for a model with a hot water dispenser.

Give your kitchen a boost with these four appliances to make your kitchen the heart of the home, and make your culinary life easier and more enjoyable.