There are many apps available in the play store that we downloaded and entertain us in many ways. With such an astonishing amount of application available for us to download, most of the people can use only 8 to 10 apps. Most people already use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Google Map.

Here are some apps that might pique and interest with you that you haven’t heard of until today.


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Stellarium Mobile Sky Map

This app is perfect for astronomy buff or someone who has a hobby of learning about stars. You can explore the night using this app while learning about stars, planets, and constellations with just a swipe. This app also has a GPS allowing you to navigate by just waving your phone in different directions.

It has a function of viewing mode where it can illustrate each mythical creatures of each constellation they represent. You can tap planets and stars to get information about them. The only thing that misses this opportunity is it doesn’t have any information or function regarding the constellations. It more on planet and stars. If you want to look for this kind of apps, you can go to were they can provide you with the apps that might interest you.


It is shaped like a penguin that listen to you and talk about your feelings. It can offer you self-care tips, mental health, and exercise based on the issue that you talk about. It can also help you with meditation, yoga, and tips for better sleep. Wysa can also encourage you to analyze and organize your thoughts.


It’s like an alarm clock where it can assist you on wakeup call service. The function of this app is you need to set a time to receive a call, go to bed and let the app do the wakeup call service. This is the best and the weird part of the app, when it’s already time for wakeup service, a random person calls you until you’re ready to wake up and start your day. It might be a teacher or a janitor, or a businessman or a taxi driver, you will never know until you try this app.


We all deserve a quality of sleep every day for us to recharge our energy. Sleepbot can provide you an in-depth analysis of your sleep cycle like average sleep time, sleep debt, and long term trends. It compiles all detailed reports to help you the desired rest you need. With this app, you can be assured that you can get enough sleep that you deserve.

PicsArt Animator

is a fun, creative app that lets you make a short video animation that is shareable to other apps. It can offer creation tools which include frame by frame animation and editing, drawing and sketching tools that can also record voice overs. Although this app is for fun and entertainment, there aren’t enough tutorials to cover all features. You need to spend more time to utilize its full potential.

Spotted by Locals

It is a useful app for travelers. It is an app that recommends places to visit within your desired locations. The suggestion itself comes from the people who live in those areas. If you want to visit a place, this app can help you to know more about the places you want to go. It can also be accessible even if it is offline and you have continuous access to updated information about that place. It can suggest a landmark to visit as well and restaurants and parks.


It is just a simple app where you choose a photo or GIF and send it to a random person around the world. In a few minutes, you will also receive random photos or GIFs from a stranger. It can provide you a unique way to connect with people from around the world. The best part of it is that you will see new things from new people all around the world.

Programming Hub

If you want to learn a programming language but you don’t have time or money to go to school or get a personal tutor, this app can help you with everything you need to learn programming. This app can offer more than 15 programming languages to choose from, including but not limited to HTML, PHP, Java, Python, and C programming. It has an optional Text to Speech features, allowing you to learn and teach you more than you need. This is the best app for you if you want to learn basic programming language.


This app might interest you but you also need to know that there are still many apps out there that are interesting, you just need to explore and spend a little more time on it. You can start searching for what interests you the most.