Health Insurance

Health insurance is a kind of insurance that nobody is required to have by law but should have to be safe and secure. There are various types of health insurance as well and one should know the difference between all of them before investing in one. Just because it is not made compulsory by law, does not mean that it is not essential.

Let’s throw light on the varied types of health insurance. There is something known as Short Term health insurance which one can get for a short duration especially if traveling abroad for a few weeks. It is not usual but it is chosen by people who might feel the risk of being uncovered for few weeks or months due to work changes. It is popularly also known as temporary health insurance coverage.

The other type of health insurance is Fixed Indemnity Insurance that covers a person for few fixed things that could happen to them. One never knows when a tragic incident might happen so in that case, fixed indemnity insurance in addition to health care coverage is said to be very beneficial. It provides payout for some specific illnesses and injuries. The reason why a lot of people opt for this kind of health insurance is because it helps in covering the costs of plan with a high deductible.

Medicare is a health insurance policy meant for anyone who is more than the age of 65 years. It is a nationalized program meant for senior citizens, as they are often dependent on a fixed income mostly through pensions. They do not have enough finances to get a normal health insurance and that is why Medicare is tailor made for their needs. Medicare is divided into few parts that serve a different purpose for the senior citizens. For instance, Part A caters to all the hospital stays even for the family members who may be required to stay with the patients. Part B of Medicare is similar to a normal health insurance, which takes care of the doctor visits.  Part C of Medicare is known as the Medicare Advantage Plan that is designed through a private company, which also funds coverage to Part A and Part B. Then, there is Part D of Medicare, which is specified for prescription drug coverage. This might sound very complicated but is extremely advantageous for the older age groups.

Another type of health insurance is called as Medicaid, which is a federal health insurance program. Its special focus is towards people with low incomes, children, pregnant women and people with certain disabilities. As it is a federal program, every state has its own set of policy that functions in a different manner.

In countries like US, there is an interesting addition known as the Vision Investment, which is solely meant for eyes. It is mostly not included in the normal insurance health plan but can always be added on. As it focuses only on vision, it is comparatively cheaper than other health insurances.  This covers the cost of eye examination and purchasing lenses or glasses. Some also cover the laser eye surgery to improve vision.

One should not compromise with health and should make sure that they are in safe hands. It might seem that illnesses are far from you, but one never knows when something might happen. This is exactly why health insurance is considered as a safe backing for all. There are experts in this field who can provide best possible quotes from sites like for getting health insurance done. Get health insurance before it is too late!