10 Best Programming Language to learn in 2021

Programming languages are an inevitable part of today’s modern world. Almost everything that performs some task on its own or by accepting user input has been developed as a computer program using a programming language.

Programs aren’t limited to computers, they can be found almost everywhere, like in the washing machine when you choose a wash mode, or in the dishwasher, in the refrigerator for setting temperatures, etc. All such devices have some set of instructions pre-written for them to perform. This set of instructions aren’t in normal human languages.

So to get this going, it was essential to create programming languages. Utilizing programming languages people can give directions to PCs, and PCs can effortlessly perceive these guidelines. Programming languages overcome any issues between correspondence between PCs and people.

There are various kinds of programming languages created for various usefulness. Today, we will take a gander at the ten best programming languages that you ought to figure out how to get employable or to stand apart among the group as the best.


JavaScript is the language for the web. Almost all web applications rely on JavaScript in one way or the other. Developed in the year 1995 by Brendan Eich, JavaScript quickly became the de-facto standard for web development.

JavaScript is an interpreted language, which means that its execution works by analyzing the code line by line whenever it is run.

Because of its incredible speed as an interpreted language, it immediately rose to popularity, and individuals began to determine the manners by which javaScript could be upgraded.

In the present times, JavaScript has developed as a full-stack language for the web. You can code the frontend of an application just as its backend utilizes just JavaScript. This can be accomplished using countless frameworks and libraries offered by the language.

JavaScript frameworks, such as Angular, React, and VueJS, help you make shocking and dynamic frontend applications that can likewise be scaled effectively as and when required. NodeJS and ExpressJS are backend frameworks created utilizing JavaScript, which can help you create backend code for your web application.

The backend of an application generally needs to work alongside data sets and APIs, and JavaScript has consistently demonstrated its value in this office.


Created in the year 1991 by Guido Van Rossum, with the plan to build up a programming language that can likewise function admirably and be effectively lucid, Python is the following language on our rundown.

Python is an interpreted broadly useful language that can be utilized to achieve an assortment of assignments in various fields, going from data science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, Data Analysis, and considerably more.

With Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence blasting in the previous few years, Python is the best programming language to learn on the off chance that you have any plans of going into these fields.

Different libraries and systems like sci-kit learn matplotlib, pandas, NumPy, Django, Flask, and some more make it an ideal language to be utilized in fields of Machine Learning, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence.

Python is additionally the most sought-after language when you are heading out to figure out how to code, as it has one of the least demanding syntaxes and is likewise not severe. Hence, settling on it is an ideal decision among novice developers.


Quite possibly the most well-known languages on the planet, Java was created by James Gosling and his group in the year 1995, when he worked at Sun MicroSystems. Notwithstanding being somewhat intense, Java is in weighty interest. Large enterprises and tech organizations intensely depend on Java since it being an exceptionally quick and safe language.

Java is additionally utilized in android advancement, and subsequently, the interest for Java designers who can make android applications is expanding vigorously. This is an incredible method to advance your vocation into an alternate space.

Java has excellent features like robust memory allocation, superfast performance, easy scalability, and strong type checking. This makes it a good choice for large projects where companies need to maintain consistency in code and remove bugs and errors in the development process.


In the event that you intend to commit your entire chance to create applications for various Apple items, then Swift is the best programming language for you.

Learning Swift isn’t excessively hard as it has a basic syntax that most beginners can effectively perceive. Swift was created in 2010 by Apple as a language exclusively centered around improving uses in the Apple product system.

There are two primary contenders to Swift, to be specific Flutter and React Native. Yet, at the same time, most organizations decide in the first place Swift as a language for iOS application improvement. As Apple sponsors it, it is a more secure decision among the three.


If you dream of becoming a system engineer or dream of working on heavy server-side development projects and applications, then Golang is your go-to choice for these tasks.

Golang was created and made open-source by google in the year 2009. The Golang language improvement is credited to the groups drove by Ken Thompson, Robert Greisemer, and Rob Pike.

On the off chance that you need to work with functional programming languages, you should learn Golang. Golang, likewise, has a simpler syntax, which works with quicker learning of language and a superior comprehension of general language ideas. Almost all big tech companies are working on this language and are Hiring Golang Developers.

Golang easily supports multithreading; hence it has a bright future in the development of Dockers, Blockchain, cloud systems, and server-side applications that require ultra-fast execution of code.


R is a statistical examination language created by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka and delivered in 1995.

R is a statistical language, meaning that you can make statistical reports and information examination utilizing this language without much of a stretch. Despite the fact that it is a statistical language, its syntax is very straightforward and simple to work with.

R is intensely utilized in the information science and AI industry alongside its application in substantial statistic requesting programs.

In the event that you have plans to turn into an information researcher or an AI engineer, at that point, this is the initial move towards your excursion of turning into an incredible architect. Having great information on R would consistently be an or more point in the information science industry, as it is truly adept at performing escalated computations.


C is one of the oldest programming languages. Dennis Ritchie developed it while he worked at Bell Laboratories in the year 1970.

C is considered the father of all modern languages, and thus, learning it will open doors for all the newer languages. C is a procedural language and not an object-oriented language. But still, it has a fast execution time which is highly important in the development of certain kinds of applications.

You might think that C is a very old language, so learning it would be of no benefit, but wait, there are many industries in the world where the C language is still ruling, and its developers are still in demand.


Another language from the C family of languages was developed as a version update to the C language. One of the biggest drawbacks of the C language was overcome by this language. C wasn’t object-oriented, and hence when the need for object-oriented languages arose, C++ was developed and marketed.

Bjarne Stroustrup found many features missing in the C programming language, and hence he went ahead with the development of a new language and named it C++.

C++, as a language, is world-famous for its execution speed. Till today, there are very few languages that have even reached the execution speed marks of C++. C++ is highly crucial in game development and systems that require superfast execution of commands due to this property.

If you plan to dive into the world of competitive programming, then make C++ your best friend. No other language has an execution speed as high as C++, which will give you an edge over your competitors.


Developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto in 1995, this is a good language for beginners who want to start learning to code. This language has an awesome community that is always ready to solve the most peculiar of your problems.

All current big tech companies have used Ruby during their startup and founding phase. Because ruby has a simple and easy-to-learn syntax and paradigms, it has found its way into the tech industry very easily.

Ruby is often used with its Rails framework to develop awesome applications with the model-view-controller’s help already implemented in the framework.

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In the event that your point is to create staggering Android applications with long-haul support, at that point, think about learning Kotlin. Since Kotlin is an upcoming language for android application development, it is greatly favoured by Google.

Kotlin was created by JetBrains and later publicly released to advance it as a language for Android improvement.

Kotlin is an incredible option in contrast to Java in Android application development and is additionally generally simpler than Java. Learning Kotlin currently will give you an incredible opportunity to clean your abilities and will fill in as a benefit for you in the coming time.

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