Android Emulators To Experience Android On Your PC

To use the Android OS on Windows, individuals install emulators. There are numerous reasons why tech-savvy people need an Android emulator on your PC. As a matter of fact, App Developers test their products on emulators before placing them on Google Play. In the same way, Gamers use emulators to play Android games with the help of the mouse and keyboard. Emulators allow you to select a simulated device and specify settings such as the version of Android, the number of cores CPU, RAM, the availability of SD-cards, etc, as per your needs.

There are a lot of Android emulators on the market for sale. The installation and configuration process of Android emulators is not simple. It requires minimal technical literacy.

So, we have prepared a list of the best Android emulators for PC. Go through them and Choose the one that suits your needs very well.


Leapdroid is very popular among tech-savvy people as an excellent operating system emulator. As per its developers, it supports the launch of almost any program compatible with Android OS 4.4.4 and below without any problem. OpenGL Support & a lot of settings adds its usability up to a great extent. Its complexity can be mind-blowing for some users. Its stick has two ends.

Leapdroid is not an ideal Android emulator for testers and geeks because of its limited features. Even the average user-kettle hardly tunes it. Problems being when you select a level and creates them already for a PC with processors that supports virtualization. It makes you keep guessing which to click Leapdroid VM1 or Leapdroid VM2? Such situations can spoil the picture.

Key features:

  • Correct work guaranteed with any applications available on the market,
  • Overloaded menu settings compared with the management of other emulators,
  • A relatively new version of Android on the computer compared to others,
  • Fine tuning under the PC &
  • Can easily work with VirtualBox, which you need to configure.

Remix OS

Remix OS Player is a good emulator from the Chinese programmers to test Android games, applications on the computer. It also works well while launching 3D games in the built-in virtual phone memory. So, it is very popular among almost all game lovers. It has has a modified standard interface, which is considered to be reminiscent of Windows or Mac. Always keep in mind that the main window of the emulator is similar to the usual desktop PC and the controls are optimized for use with the mouse and keyboard. The software offers necessary “chips” to all categories of users. So, Hardcore gamers will be able to play their favorite on computers with convenient controls. Developers will also enjoy an intuitive interface while using this Android emulator.

Key features:

  • The ability to emulate the Android operating system of different versions,
  • The presence of root rights without which some mobile applications do not work at all,
  • Built-in app store play market with official software versions,
  • Synchronization with mobile devices with a Google account,
  • The program works smoothly even if the PC has a small amount of RAM,
  • Support for Adobe Air Mobile technologies, which is a convenient device manager &
  • The lack of a specialized version for Windows XP and older versions of the operating system.


Windroy is a fast emulator, a MADE IN CHINA product. Its main advantage is low system requirements and the virtual machine repeats the interface of the Android 4.4.2 KitKat device. Actually, it is based on the core of the Windows system. There is a “Play Market”, a file manager and other necessary additions in the emulator. This Windroy emulator is not fit for app creators and software testers. It is good for the ordinary users of applications and soft game lovers.

Key features:

  • High-speed start and work,
  • Full Support for most modern programs & games,
  • The minimum database of functions and settings and everything works very well and
  • Aimed at ordinary users of apps and game lovers.


The BlueStacks is a versatile & multifunctional emulator. With its help, you can easily access the interface of the Android OS and an unlimited number of applications, games specially adapted for the virtual machine. It runs any programs from Google Play, apk, downloaded from third-party sources without any problem. It also allows you to create shortcuts to games on the virtual machine on the user’s PC folder. Furthermore, You can transfer them to the desktop and run as a normal Windows program in less than 10 seconds. It consumes a minimum of resources, which gives you some financial respite.

Key Features:

  • Ability to fine-tune all the parameters of the emulator,
  • You can Install Android programs from different sources in 2 clicks,
  • High-speed launch of Android applications and
  • It runs in separate tabs. So, you can switch easily.

Emulator Nox App Player

Nox App Player is a very useful Android Emulator for all. It features a minimalistic interface, the presence of multi-mode, and a huge number of various options. All these features are, in fact, are not much needed by the average users. They are beneficial for app developers and testers. It automatically connects to all PC equipment to realize the standard functions of the mobile device. For instance, if you have a camera on your laptop, the virtual tablet will perceive it as your own. Furthermore, its video recording from the screen works well, allowing the owners of powerful PCs to do live shows directly in the emulator.

Key Features:

  • A sophisticated design,
  • Configuring the consumption of RAM and CPU resources,
  • Full functioning of the Android operating system without limitations,
  • Access to almost all features in a few clicks,
  • Good optimization for applications and
  • Integration with the notification panel of Windows 10. (Mac OS and Linux are not supported).

Andy Android emulator

Andy is focused on fans of mobile games but does not pull the titles with high graphics performance (slows), while having a convenient control function via a gamepad or a smartphone connected over the network. Apart from this, it always recommends that you download an application from sponsors. It deserves your attention if you are a normal user of apps and games.

Key features:

  • The ability to connect the gamepad and fine-tuning the keyboard,
  • The Hassle-free installation process,
  • The availability of necessary functions of the emulator of Android PC and
  • Drag and drop apk to the desktop for quick installation.


It is a Virtual Box based emulator. Its functions are limited to creating an image of a virtual machine and is regarded as the best tool for professional application testing. Genymotion helps developers to create ideal applications for a variety of models of smartphones and tablets. Generally, it is not used by ordinary users and game lovers. It lacks support for AMD processors (Intel only).

Key Features

  • A huge list of device models,
  • Ability to make several virtual machines with different settings through the Virtual Box and
  • You will need to complete the registration procedure to download the Android emulator on a PC

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Final Words

The use of Android emulators is increasing with each passing day because of several reasons. Application developers use it to test their applications before uploading apps to the store. Fans of Android-games use it to play the favorite games. Perhaps, you would also like the Android emulator to be on your computer. So, go through this list of the best Android emulators for PC and choose anyone as you deem suitable for your needs.

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