It is an online pirated website on which movie lovers can download movies of their choice. Film producers and film industries are worried for pirated websites and release of pirated content. They are facing huge losses as the pirated copies of movies get uploaded immediately on the same day of official release or in advance sometimes, illegally on sites at free of cost. It is very difficult to keep a tap on such websites until it is famously known that the sites are releasing pirated content. And these websites release content on site even before the release of the movie. And movie lovers being eager to watch their favorite movie they enter this site and download the pirated copy of the movie before release and watch it on device. This leads to no visiting theatres and it has impacted badly the film Industry.

This website is officially known as Isaimini Tamil Movies Download. It has all Tamil Movies content on site in HD quality at free.

What is this Website offering to movie lovers?

Isaimini 2020 is offering a vast library of Tamil movies collection at no cost. It also has other south language content such as Telugu and Malayalam. This website is developed with a targeted audience of mobile users, who can easily search for new releases, search, download and watch for free at any time anywhere.

However, it is an illegal activity carried by this website. They are running this site with the assistance of torrent files and magnet links, stimulating peer to peer sharing. This website keeps changing their web address and its URL to skip the catch from the government. It offers all content in HD quality to watch as well as to download.

How does this Isaimini Movies work?

As it is a free torrent website, it is run by two or more Tamilian website developers. Torrenting works by a system called seeding. This system works by acquiring an entire set of data which has to be downloaded and this set of data consists of files but fragmented. This fragmenting system is distributed to various computers by cloud networking. Therefore the users who are seeding need another network to share the remaining fragmented parts which is distributed to various other devices.

And this is how this website is working, by seeding the videos from multiple different computers and drives.

Under this system; Files are safe and can be accessed anytime. And No one can control the system because of seeding.

Why has this website suddenly become so popular than any other website.

Very Firstly, it is free of cost. It also offers Tamil movies in dubbed language. It also offers many other English content in dubbed language. It also gave an option of formats while downloading i.e. 360p, 780p and 1080p. One can download any format depending on the memory space left in your device. is popular to leak films of all categories including Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood and Pakistani films.

This site also allows you to download song tracks. Tamil songs are majorly leaked on this site, but it also has popular hits from Bollywood. It can be easily downloaded from this site.

This site is accessible on smart TV, Mobile, Computer, Android and iOS systems. The site developers have also developed an app called Movie rulz App, which is not available on google play store as it is not legal. And therefore you need to download this app through third party sources.

The con of this app is, it consumes too much of Data hence it is suggested to use wifi while using the app.

Which are similar alternative websites to Isaimini for Tamil Dubbed.

#1. Filmywap.

#2. Tamilyogi

#3. M4ufree

#4. 9xmovies

#5. MovieRulz

#6. Teluguwap

#7. Tamilrockers

#8. vmovee

#9. Jio Rockers

We do not assure if the said alternate websites are legal. It is an individual’s duty to check every website’s legality before visiting it. As per Cinematograph Act 2019, if any individual is found recording a movie without prior written consent of the filmmaker he or she can go to Jail extending imprisonment term up to 3 year. Hence, if someone is taken to court for watching illegal content or has downloaded a movie from Isaimini then he or she will be considered as a criminal for committing such offence. Punishment to such offence is not less than 06 months extending upto 03 years, not only that, one can be sentenced to jail along with the penalty between INR 50,000/- to INR 2,00,000/- .

Whether it is safe to download or stream movies online

As already mentioned above and being an Indian every Individual should know watching any pirated content or visiting illegal sites is a crime under Cyber Crime Act. And therefore we cannot assure whether it is safe to download or stream movies online from Isaimini. Firstly, we should not forget that Isaimini is an illegal site, hence visiting such sites can make you a criminal. Government has assured that anyone caught watching pirated content shall be tried under IPC act for breaching rights under IPR for copyrighted content as well as under IPC act for being declared as criminal. Also you should know like any other illegal site this site too is full of malware and viruses which can destroy your device, can allow an access to third party on your device to hack your system. Not necessarily the site has malware or viruses, but the ads and pop up on such sites take you to a third party page which may be fully embedded with malware and viruses which might barge on your device and spoil the system. Hence we recommend this site is just not safe as per law and as well as by security purpose.

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Irrespective of above, if you still wish to visit this site and watch movies on it then let us tell you, it can be accessed only via VPN connection. FAQs:

Whether it is Legal in India?

Please note that any pirated content or using illegal websites is an offence under cybercrime in India. You can be charged with a penalty or heavy fine to breach such laws. And it is possible to take action against you for breaching rules and regulations of the government of India.

What will happen if anyone downloads a movie from this site?

In India a Piracy law has been implemented. And according to this law if it is proved that a person has downloaded movies from this site having pirated content then a person can be taken to court and legal action can be taken against that person.  Hence one can watch movies online via VPN connection.

What is the frequency of releasing the new movies content on site?

The new movie content is uploaded on this site immediately after the release of the movie or sometime in advance.

After knowing all the facts yet you want to watch content on this site?

As it is illegal in India, yet if you want to watch without letting the IP address detected, then you should watch via VPN connection as stated above. It hides your IP address from the government. It is a virtual private network which allows users to watch content on any illegal site securely and privately.

How to watch Isaimini movies with VPN?

Download the VPN connection on your device and on installing VPN, open the software VPN and choose the network of the country where Isaimini movies might be legal. Then change the IP address and you can watch videos tension free. Also you can visit any site via VPN which might not be allowed in India.

What are the categories of movies in Isaimini?

  1. The categories and sections on the sites are laid down below for your reference.
  2. Tamil Dubbed Movies.
  3. Tamil MP3 songs and various other tracks
  4. Hollwood Dubbed Movies and TV shows.
  5. Malayalam movies and wallpapers.

Which Movies were Leaked on this site?

The famous movies leaked on this site were 1. Iruttu, 2. Rio Raj in plan Panni Pannanum, 3. Irumbu Manithan, 4.Jurassic Thunder, 5. The grudge, 6.Kumbalangi Nights, 7. Lucifer, 8.Luca, 9. Petta, 10.Maari, 11.Asuran and etc.

Suggest which VPN to connect?

Connecting VPS is easy. You can also watch a video on YouTube on how to connect VPN. You will know how you can cross the restrictions of your country with the assistance of VPN connection.. As VPN offers powerful encryption, it does not let hackers or third parties to enter into your device or access your activity. Suggested connection of VPN Network are listed below :

  1. Hotspot Shield.: It has download speed of 26% and upload speed 40%
  2. Surfshark VPN: 28% download speed and upload speed 4.5%
  3. HMA VPN: 42% download and 58% upload speed.
  4. 63% download and 59.9% upload.

Although legal sites charge you and it’s a heavy cut to your pocket, you can watch the videos of your choice without any risk of breaching law and fear of getting penalized. Although we have suggested above ways to watch the sites securely but we do not have any intentions to promote cyber-crime or any offence. Watching anything illegal is an offence and every individual has to abide with laws.