Effective Ways to Build Your Brand

If you’re just starting your company, or if you think that your current company’s brand is becoming a bit of a disaster, you should start looking into ways to change it. Brand asset management tools are important to employ as your company grows, but there are many ways you can strengthen your own brand and many more benefits that can come if you’re successful with it

Conquer Social Media

Social platforms are free launch pads for bringing your brand into prominence. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and others open up opportunities for companies to get their brands out in the world without doing a ton of legwork.

One of the best rules to follow when using social media to promote your brand is being consistent. Posting on Twitter once a week or on Instagram once a month will not do it. If you don’t want to spend a bunch of time keeping up with your social networks, it’s probably a good idea to just choose a few you think you can handle posting regularly on.

Posts that include photos or videos get more engagement than posts with just text, which is something to keep in mind as you start posting.

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Beef Up Your Public Relations

A PR campaign can also help a lot. Effective PR can bring in free press coverage, rather than focusing on paid media for promotion. It is difficult, however, to come up with an angle for some businesses that would get the press interested.

To achieve this, you have to craft stories for a brand, do independent data-based studies, noteworthy promotions, or dream up something else.

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Put On A Promotional Stunt

If people can attach an experience to your brand, that touchstone will always be there.

To this end, experiential stunts can be a creative way to up your brand recognition. The Red Bull Stratos Jump, for example, brought in both press coverage and notoriety to the brand.

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Hire Brand Ambassadors

Face-to-face marketing still has a place in modern business, even if it is undervalued by a lot of companies. When people see a product or service on the internet, it’s so easy to just move on. When you see a face, hold a product, hear about a service in person, that can go a long way.

But hiring the right personalities is key. You need people who are motivated, energetic, excited about what brand they represent. It’s important to include all of this clearly in a job description and post on every job site that is relevant to your area.

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Host Live Events

Holding events and demonstrations can be an easy way to get your products and services in front of prospective clients and consumers. This can be a party that your company or brand sponsors, a workshop where a product is demonstrated, or something else completely.

If done correctly, it can not only bring focus to your brand as a whole, but also to the individual products and services you offer

Watch Your Reputation

Being in charge of your own image is sometimes as simple as controlling what pops up when someone looks you up on Google. People make decisions about your brand based on what they find.

It’s worth auditing your online content by doing searches about your brand on your own. You can see what comes up, and try to manage what looks positive and can stay and what needs to change or be deleted.

A lot of the time, these things are in your control.

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Become a Sponsor

Sponsoring an event, product, or even local sports team is a good way to expand your reach, at least in certain markets.

Sponsoring is often just another way of getting your brand associated with other brands that have been successful. If it’s an event you’re sponsoring, it can give your brand some face time with the audience.

This is, however, a two-way street. You have to choose which things to sponsor carefully because if you end up sponsoring something that doesn’t fit your brand, there could be no effect or even a negative affect.

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Use Videos

Videos work for marketing, and the strength is growing every day.

However, the platforms that host videos best are always changing. It used to be YouTube, now Facebook Live has usurped it as the most-watched video platform with 8 billion views per day.

Focus on Content Marketing

A lot of businesses do not practice content marketing, and that is definitely a mistake.

Basically, the idea behind content marketing is to create compelling content that is either brand-sponsored or gives a window into your products, and services. This can be done through blog posts, through being a guest writer on other sites, or through video and social media sharing.

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Get Some Promotional Merchandise

People love free stuff.

Creating branded materials is a good way to thank people for using your products and services or enticing people to use your brand. This can really be anything, and the more creative or out-of-the-box, the better.

You can always go the traditional route with pens, stickers, mugs, t-shirts, but there are other avenues to be explored, especially if your brand is more progressive.