Ways to Get a Unique Content for Your Blog

When it comes to the discussion of the online marketing, every blogger is sure that he knows the secret of success. Everything is like a piece of cake – you just need to use a unique and interesting content. But when it comes to the implementation of a chosen strategy, the problem rises. You need to generate unique and interesting content regularly, and each your post should be top-notched.

Even loyal readers react negatively when the content does not correspond to their expectations. Also, they are not interested in the irrelevant content. Expect for these metrics, there is another important thing that can change everything – uniqueness. Unique content is actually the moving power for your content marketing strategy and SEO. The technical demands for content raise all the time. Search engines change the algorithms for searching all the time, and you need to keep with these changed. However, with each new update, the idea remains the same: your content should be unique. In fact, high-quality content can make you popular and it can lead you to the disaster.

If you have lost all hope to create content that will make an effective contribution to your promotion, we have 8 good news for you. These are the methods that you can implement to generate unique content.

#1. Efficient Usage of Ideas

Have you ever noticed that when you have some idea, you want to share it immediately? You write a brief post where you describe your thoughts and wait for the comments. This is called ineffective usage of ideas. When something big comes to your mind, write it down it a notebook or text file, but do not hurry to share it. If you wait a couple of days, this idea will grow to something really huge. When it happens, create a plan to present it in your blog. You can write at least several posts dedicated to this idea. Of course, this is not the best method for long-read writers who never publish short (or even medium) size posts.

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#2. Try Newsjacks

If you need to write a post immediately, and there is no tiniest idea in your head, use newsjacks. Newsjacking uses the idea of repurposing some trends to the favor of your blog. Of course, you need to find a story that catches you and that will catch your readers, and develop it in such a way everyone thinks that you used it just to create a proper setup.

#3. Internal Help

When you stuck at the point of nothing, rely on your coworkers. Of course, they will not write instead of you, but they inspire you for writing something unusual. This method demonstrates its advantages when you work at a big company where every department is involved in different spheres and every coworker is ready to share his experience. Go ahead and take an interview or ask your colleagues about the work itself. You can also make a small survey and include the results in your blog – everything depends on you.

#4. External Help

When you are exhausted, ill, or just tired, you can use external help. Just hire a freelancer who will do everything instead of you. Mind that finding a good freelance author can be as much challenging as writing a post. You need to make sure that a person is creative enough and can follow the style of your blog. But once you find him or her, continue to cooperate together. You get rid of writing and get some time for other important things.

#5. Co-operate with Your Audience

This is another way of external help but instead of paying a freelancer for writing a post, you will pay nothing for your followers. Asking your most dedicated and loyal readers to submit their articles is a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. First, you get the content that you need. Secondly, you increase the engagement of your audience.

Start a competition where all your readers are invited to submit you with articles on previously chosen theme or articles on the themes related to the idea of your blog. In a result of a competition, publish articles about the winners. Do not forget to insert the information that this post has been written by a winner of a competition and give a link to the author’s profile. You can use this method once in a month or two.

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#6. Share Really Interesting Content

Many bloggers avoid sharing and never do that no matter how interesting was the post. Of course, multiple shares kill the conversion. But you should not exclude shares from your content strategy for good. In some cases, a share is a good way to demonstrate loyalty to the author without additional words. Besides, this is a good way to show your readers something that you cannot describe better.

#7. Open Comments

A discussion is an easy but very effective way to attract your audience and get a post where everyone can express his opinion. You have probably noticed that sometimes bloggers ask questions in their posts and encourage their followers to answer and express their opinion. In fact, this is a good idea for a post when you have nothing to say. The main idea is to sustain the discussions in comments.

#8. Talk About Personal

As a rule, bloggers avoid talking about personal. But sometimes talking about that is the best way to get more traffic, more visits, increase the time spent on your page, and to find the idea for the post. Tell about yourself, your hobbies, your worries or experience. People love to read stories written by real people and about real people. Talking about personal, you present yourself to your audience again, and become someone whom they know like a real-life friend.

These 8 ways can push you forward creating a unique and interesting content that will be beneficial to your content strategy. You can use these strategies each time you so not know what to write, or implement them as a guideline for your content strategy.

Author Bio :Sophia Clark is a creative writer from New York who loves to share her thoughts with readers. She is a tutor and a freelance writer for this blog, who is interested in education, blogging and sharing her ideas. In her free time, she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Her big dream is to publish a novel one day. Connect with her on Twitter and Google + or find her in other social media.