Powerful Blogging Tools To Create High-Quality Content

In order to stand out in today’s world of blogging, it’s important to create content that is of a high quality and which makes readers want to remain on your blog. While your subject matter can be of great interest to your readers, if you don’t write effectively, readers will soon leave your blog. When it comes to writing, the quality of your work will have a direct impact on its ability to attract readers.  The following tools are aimed at making your writing as clear and effective as possible.

#1. Grammarly:

grammarlyRegardless of how long you have been writing, this writing tool will be an invaluable asset when creating content.  After you install it into your browser, it runs in the background and analyzes all your writing.

Not only does it pick up on over 250 different types of grammatical mistakes, it also improves poor usage of vocabulary. Developed by some of the world’s leading authorities on linguistic technology, Grammarly can even lend you a helping hand while you write emails, post on social media networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn, and when you write anywhere else on the Internet (emails to clients, for example).

While a basic spell check will only point out mistakes in spelling and grammar, this tool will also point out correctly spelled words which have been used in the wrong context. The word-choice suggestions that are offered also make your writing more impactful. With all of these helpful tools packed into a single application, Grammarly is a must-have for every blogger.

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#2. Hemingway Editor:

hemingway editorThis is a great editing tool that every blogger must have. It offers a range of tools to make your writing as effective and clear as possible.  A unique feature of the Hemingway editor is that it highlights different parts of your work to show different types of errors. For example, you can enter your work into the app to see if your sentence structures are too long or complex. These sentences will be highlighted in yellow. If on the other hand, any text is highlighted in red, your sentence is too complicated to make sense.

The editor helps you shorten words that are too long, get rid of excessive adverbs and many other such useful tools. Instead of only pointing out your spelling or grammar mistakes, this tool aims to improve the quality of your overall writing as well.

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#3. Co-Schedule: coscheduleHave you ever wondered why certain headlines appear more interesting or intriguing than others? Being a good blogger is not only about creating great content, but also about creating effective headlines that readers actually want to click on.

All you have to do is enter your headline into the headline analyzer bar and the tool will rate your headline on its likelihood to create social shares with Social media tools, it’s SEO value and how likely it is to increase traffic. This tool reviews the effectiveness and quality of your headline, helping you to keep improving it until it gives a high score by the analyzer.

The tool does all of this using proven research which analyzes whether your headline has the right balance of common, uncommon, emotional and power words. The tool will also see if your headline has the correct number of words as this can also have a direct effect on the click-through rate.

For many more such useful tools that will make you a more effective blogger, take a look at Best Blogging Apps. These tools have the power to make you a better blogger by making you a better writer and one whose work readers actually want to read.

Author Bio :

Harsh Agrawal, a blog scientist and CEO of ShoutDreams Media, started his entrepreneurship journey in 2008. His superpower is his passion for blogging & interest in understanding customer psychology. He is a speaker and spoke at numerous event such as WordCamp, IBM Business Connect, Socialathon to name a few. His award-winning blog ShoutMeLoud has more than 832K subscribers and receives nearly 4 million Pageviews per month.