6 Clever Copywriting Tactics to Boost Your Conversion Rates

An effectively written text can boost your business within a few weeks. This is the truth that many business owners deny as they do not believe in the power of marketing and strategic decisions for the business. They think that only advertising and a good quality of a product can ensure their success. They are partially right, but their opinions lack a very important moment: people should know your product, and a couple of advertisements on TV won’t be enough to attract the attention of the customers. You need to find more ways to promote your product on the online market. In this case, online marketing is the most effective tool.

Online marketing includes various aspects and one of the most important ones is creating an effective copy. Everything that you place online should have a strong purpose and idea that will become a trigger for the sales increase. For inexperienced entrepreneurs, writing a good copy is a challenge. The matter is that they do not understand what aspects are more important than others, what is the primary information that should be included in the copy, how to encourage people to buy goods, and how to present the best qualities.

Sometimes, even experienced entrepreneurs have problems with writing an effective copy. Many of them admit that they do not even understand how a piece of writing may boost a conversion rate. In this article, we are going to talk about how writing changes the efficiency of your marketing strategy and how it can increase sales.

Writing a copy as the best way for communication

A copy is not only a tool for advertisement, this is also one of the most effective methods of communication. When you choose a proper tone of voice and message, you can reach any audience. The thing is that we unintentionally read any written text so if we see it somewhere, we will at least look it through. If the text is strong enough, it will remain in our memory and sooner or later, you will remember the information.

However, to create a strong copy, you need to know some methods and techniques. Here, we present 6 copywriting methods that will boost the conversion rate and increase your sales.

Find out what your audience wants

The basic rule of a strong copy is to provide your clients with what they want. This approach includes everything starting from the goods or services and up to the way you choose to communicate with your clients. You need to be able to distinguish their preferences and even predict changes in future. Once you master this ability, you are well-prepared to write a copy that will be interesting for them and will intrigue them. Thus, you will catch their attention and get the chance to sell your goods.

Create a headline that will match your audience desires

You may write a perfect selling article which promises the highest rate of conversion and gets nothing only because the title is wrong. The art of creating effective titles and headlines cannot be overestimated. A catchy title can change anything: it may capture the attention of your TA and attract clients that you did not include to your audience.

Of course, to write an effective title, you need to understand at least basic principles of their creation. First, we recommend that you check formulae and methods of combining words into effective titles. Among the most effective methods, we may distinguish the following:

  • How to do something headline
  • Number of the best things headline
  • Offer headlines
  • Question headlines
  • Trigger headlines

Your headline should always promise a solution for a problem, but not be the solution itself.

Determine your purpose

Every time you think about your business and the ways of promoting it, you should remember your main purpose.

There are two main problems with the purpose: an entrepreneur has too many purposes that actually lead to nothing, and an entrepreneur cannot determine a purpose at all, and they act without at least some basic understanding of what they do.

Determination of the purpose is the number one thing that you should do even before you think about writing a copy. If you did not do that, you should do it right now! Do you want to increase sales or just to attract more visitors? Perhaps, you are more interested in building your brand identity than in finding new clients.

When you determine a clear purpose, you can work on writing your copy with advanced tools. That will help you to distinguish a message that you will transmit to your audience.

Tell a story

If you want to tell your customers about the benefits and values of your product, the best way to do that is to tell a story. People believe stories and if they like the story, they like the brand. Just remember Coca Cola and their Christmas advertisement with trucks and Santa Claus! This is the story that has changed the vision of the brand.

Build trust

Your copy should always make your readers trust you and the quality of your brand. You need to select the words that will tell them that they receive high-quality goods or services for the lowest price. To build a trust, you need to develop a proper vision of your brand and your services. With a copy, you can do that with ease.

Encourage them to take actions

Include Call to action blocks to your text. Without them, your copy will be just another story that does not encourage readers to do something. Give clear instructions – the copy is not a book where anyone can make their own decision. If you want your readers to buy something, your call to action block should tell that. If you want your readers to subscribe to the newsletter, you should also include that to your copy.

There is another point that we should mention. Your copy will boost the conversion only when it is written in a clear language without mistakes. If you are not sure in the quality of your writing, check it through proofreading service. When you make sure that everything is ok with the quality of writing, test the copy on your friends and colleagues. Take into consideration their comments, and check your copy to make it better.

Author Bio:

Lori Wade is a freelance content writer who is interested in a wide range of spheres from education and online marketing to entrepreneurship. She is also an aspiring tutor striving to bring education to another level like we all do. Lori is used to handling many writing orders at the same time and as she likes sharing her ideas and experience, she decided to write a great article for you to show how multiple tasks should be dealt with. If you are interested in writing, you can find her on Twitter or Google or find her in other social media. Read and take over Lori’s useful insights!