Amsterdam is a city that’s at the top of every global traveler’s list. With plenty of attractions and things to do, it is certainly a great place to spend a few days in relative bliss. Find quality serviced apartments in Amsterdam at competitive rates for an enjoyable stay with all necessary amenities to boot. Once you’ve had your fill of sightseeing and leisure, you’ll naturally want to satiate those hunger pangs in style! What better way to do it than to set out on a trail for unearthing the best breakfast in Amsterdam!

Whether you wish for that perfectly made steaming cup of coffee for an energetic start to your day or a lazier and more relaxed brunch over the weekend, Amsterdam is packed with quaint yet lively cafes that cover all your needs to the hilt! There are brunch and breakfast options galore for gastronomes in the city. Till sometime earlier, breakfasting in the Netherlands was synonymous with bread and chocolate sprinkles (hagelslag) on top in tandem with jam, peanut butter or cheese.

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In fact, this is what you’ll find most families in Amsterdam consuming throughout the week. However, courtesy of an influx of cultures over the last few decades, weekend brunches have steadily evolved towards becoming more cosmopolitan and all-encompassing in Amsterdam. From scrambled eggs with smoked salmon to Eggs Benedict, BLT sandwiches and the famed Dutch pancakes to even Shakshuka, chicken and waffles and croissants, it’s all available here now! Check out a wide selection of cafes that promise lovely ambiances, Insta-worthy décor themes, friendly service and of course, immensely appetizing menus that will truly satiate your inner gastronome with aplomb!

Best 15 Cafes For A Hearty Amsterdam Breakfast 

  • Little Collins 

Your quest for the best breakfast in Amsterdam should ideally begin at Little Collins, arguably Amsterdam’s first Antipodean brunching zone, serving up a signature offering of globally inspired favorites. The owner Georgina and her friendly team started operations in a tiny place back in De Pijp and then scaled up to a bigger second venue at Amsterdam West last year. Menus differ across the two locations although some of the signature specialties include the noted Kimchi pocket, a scintillating pastry pocket spilling over with delicious Kimchi and cheese while boasting of chilli-ginger-glazed bacon toppings. Guasacaca is another hot favorite, being a salad centered on avocado and served with black beans, coriander and Halloumi. Note that both locations are usually packed for brunch so drop by in advance. You’ll certainly appreciate the tip-off!

  • Box Sociaal 

Don’t let the rather casual name fool you! The comparative newcomer to the brunch scene could actually unearth the best breakfast in Amsterdam for travelers. Located in the Plantage area and in proximity to the Artis Zoo, this joint whips up classics such as Eggs Benedict or even signature options like spring-onion and sesame stuffed waffles with glazed mushrooms and crispy fried waffles. The staff is rather humorous here with hilarious menu items such as Mortgage on Toast and more! You’ll enjoy this one for sure!

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  • Drovers Dog 

Serving up some of the city’s best coffee, Drovers Dog has Australian origins and three locations under its belt already. The biggest joint here is Drovers Dog Wibautstraat where the menu contains almost everything from avocado toasts to Eggs Benedict and even wonderful brunch burgers. The industrial yet rustic themed décor and impeccable service are major turn-ons for guests. In fact, these folks serve up one of the best Bloody Mary cocktails in town if you didn’t know already!

  • Madam Pancake

If you’re compiling a list of the top brunch and breakfast joints in Amsterdam, don’t miss out on Madam Pancake. Find fluffy and tantalizing pancakes here with multifarious toppings, orange juice that is freshly squeezed and amazing coffee and ginger shots. Nestled within the sex stores in the Red Light District, this joint shouldn’t be too hard to find provided you don’t let its location put you off. A trip here is well worth it, particularly for pancake lovers!

  • Greenwoods

You could end up discovering the very best breakfast in Amsterdam here. Inspired by classic English tearooms of yore, Greenwoods has a couple of locations in the city. Venture to the one at Keizersgracht for brunch, overlooking the pristine canal by the same title. There is a cute terrace which is great for outdoor coffee and tasty eats in summer. The homemade soda bread is a must-have (inspired by Irish grandma recipes and an abundant dose of nostalgia) while eggs are customized as per your preferences. There are also delightful complete English breakfast platters and American pancakes on offer here. So if you’re a true-blue foodie with a large appetite at that, you know where to head!

  • Dignita

Dignita has two locations beside the Hermitage Museum and at the southern tip of Vondelpark. Kid-friendly and welcoming, these cafes have ample space to keep the little ones entertained, automatically ensuring peaceful mealtimes for adults! Dignita packs quite a punch with its signature chickpea and courgette fritters and Halloumi in tandem with the dukkah, poached egg and minted yogurt. Freshly baked croissants and bread tops off the enchanting delights in store at the best breakfast in Amsterdam for several locals! Exotica meets tradition at this lovely café in a quaint setting.

  • Gartine

Tucked within an alley near the busy Kalverstraat shopping zone, Gartine is an oasis of tranquility, with delicious meals and fresh ingredients accompanied by finely crafted chinaware to boot! Even something as innocuous as a croissant is served with adequate care and specialty jam (made using fruits from the brand’s own orchard). There are several other compelling dishes including the much-loved Dutch wentelteefjes which is akin to French toast and of course, the blueberries and caramel syrup. The teas are simply spellbinding and the Gartine’s High Tea is a real delight in the afternoons.

  • Gebroeders Niemeijer

For a continental platter that is highly traditional yet appetizing, check out this classic bakery cum patisserie that has delish French breads, tarts, chocolates and viennoiserie ready for take-aways. There is a dedicated seating zone for guests wishing to sample the best breakfast in Amsterdam including a wide selection of breads with jam or butter and a fabulous cheese and charcuterie too! Orange juice and fresh coffee top off a wonderful meal at this rather reasonably priced café. A classic Amsterdam café concept, this one promises to delight you immensely!

  • Pluk 

One of the most loved breakfast places in Amsterdam, Pluk is where you’ll find the health freaks, working up a sweat over their freshly baked yet low-calorie desserts. Pluk is known for tempting smoothies and bowls and day-long menus with organic ingredients to boot! There’s also a cute shop retailing little knick-knacks, accessories and kitchenware alike. Pie lovers will find a lot to cheer here along with freakshakes as well. Pluk is nestled right in the center of the Nine Streets shopping zone with two locations in Berenstraat and near Ree 7 respectively. You can choose any of the two for a satisfying time overall.

  •  Ree 7 

One of the top choices if you’re seeking the best breakfast in Amsterdam, Ree 7 feels straight out of a romantic novel with its delightful décor theme and ambiance. Nestled right beside Pluk, Ree 7 has two floors with a wonderful all-day breakfast menu complete with lunch and egg specials galore. Venture inside and you’ll see how all that space has been delightfully put to good use! It is known for its rather delectable freakshakes spilling over with syrup, donuts and candy floss. Now if that’s not tempting, we really don’t know what is!

  • Coffee & Coconuts 

De Pijp is one zone that is absolutely strewn with quaint and charming cafes simply waiting to be discovered by eager travelers. Coffee & Coconuts is one of the major landmarks in the neighborhood, particularly for its charming art-deco movie theatre structure with ample space and a three-level loft. Some of the breakfast options are exquisite with some dishes being offered even till 1 PM and others running out as late as 4.30 PM. Try at least the signature French Toast here if not anything else! It will leave you wanting more without a shred of doubt!

  • Benji’s Amsterdam 

Travelers on the best breakfast in Amsterdam trail should lineup at Benji’s Amsterdam which is a literally delish spot for drool-worthy Instagram snaps! From the plants and marble tables to the spiral staircase, tantalizing menu and presentation, this one’s as perfect as can be! It has an all-day breakfast menu that is equally fabulous as well. Situated strategically at walking distance from the Weesperplein metro station, this café is a great place to start a tour of several landmarks including the Amstel Riverbank and city center. The salmon avocado teriyaki is out of the world along with sugar waffles! Proximity to nearby landmarks definitely helps.

  •  Corner Bakery 

The Corner Bakery is one of those super cute breakfast joints cum cafes that pander incredibly to those with sweet tooths of their own! With three varied locations, you’ll be confused about the best one to visit. The café at Oud Zuid is just a short walk away from Museum Square and offers a cozy vibe complete with Insta-worthy décor themes. The all-day breakfast concept means that you can feast on steaming pancakes literally anytime you wish! Other classic options include croissants, sweet toast, several varieties of eggs, tea, coffee, juice, bowls, fresh fruits and extensive freakshakes with amazing toppings. In fact, the crazy and quirky décor on top of these shakes is a bonus attraction worth snapping for sure!

  • The Breakfast Club 

Haven’t found the best breakfast in Amsterdam yet? Check out the Breakfast Club, one of Amsterdam’s best all-day breakfast concepts with a staggering 5 locations spread across the city. The joint at Haarlemmerplein offers more space and a gorgeous vibe with a relaxing theme overall. You can take your pick from several combo breakfasts including pancakes, cereal and even Eggs Benedict along with specialized vegetarian choices such as the delicious avocado toast. Grilled and classic cheese sandwiches are hot favorites here with tomatoes and ham. Try simple yet classic fare at the Breakfast Club and you’ll certainly come away fulfilled with the experience!

  • De Laatste Kruimel

Cozy, tiny and incredibly cute, De Laatste Kruimel is a veritable wonderland for those looking for their fill of the best pies, fresh pastries and other comfort food items. The charming café is situated within the city center, nestled away between ice-cream vendors and souvenir shops galore. It is ideal for a short refueling stop and a piping hot cup of coffee amidst your sightseeing itinerary. The café remains extremely busy and packed to the brim on most days of the week. However, a little delicate maneuvering may help you land the charming table on the balcony which looks out onto the canal. A delightful place to be, you will love the accompanying dishes like the quiche or a wide selection of pies served up fresh at this joint.

Bonus Addition – Bakers & Roasters

The 15 cafes mentioned above definitely deserve to be worthy contenders if you’re looking for the best breakfast in Amsterdam. Another bonus addition to the list would be Bakers & Roasters, one of the most popular places in town with a permanent queue on most days! The popularity quotient notwithstanding, this charming café has two locations with both remaining open just till 4 PM. You’ll fall in love with the rather sleek and modern ambiance. Wait it out at the bar, observing the talented Barista in action, whipping up fabulous coffee art like second nature! Fast and impeccable service is the lifeblood for this joint although it is something of a fine-dine in the breakfast, brunch and coffee scene.

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Have special dietary preferences or needs? The special adjustment policy makes pleasing exceptions for you, particularly if you wish to sample classic local dishes here. A small charge of 2 EUR and your dish will be altered impeccably as per your preferences. The pancakes here are truly heavenly to say the least with sweet and tempting maple syrup on top. The coffee is truly fabulous although if you’re not into coffee, you’ll find plenty of other beverage options ranging from fresh juice and cutting-edge teas to satiating cocktails as well.