Coffee-Origins and Blends

Coffee is among the most consumed liquid around the globe. It is planted all across the world, on different fields with multiple yielding variations. Coffee beans were first discovered on the plains of the Ethiopian plateau. It became popular during the 15th century and was exported to all parts of the world. Coffee beans are widely available in Black, dark brown, light brown, and beige colors. A shepherd named Kaldi is known to come across the coffee beans for the first time. As the demand for coffee increased, farmers and local transporters started to ship coffee beans to neighboring countries. To date, coffee beans are planted in Brazil, Uganda, Vietnam, Indonesia, Columbia, Honduras, India, and Ethiopia. A good variety of cold brew coffee can be bought from online stores and marts. 

How to Select an Ideal Coffee Blend?

There are numerous coffee blends and beans available in raw form at the local market. Users can select between Robusta and Arabica. Robusta has increased caffeine percentage and less sugar composition than Arabica but typically has a more bitter taste and less acidity. It is either used in blends to give a richer, more soothing taste, or cheap coffees, such as the instant coffee blend. Best coffee beans add luxury to your coffee machine. You need to ensure that you skim through the label at the back, its composition, type, and then pick the best fit for you from the supermarkets’ roasters. Espresso and black coffee are widely consumed worldwide, with few having a preference for milk base liquid coffee. Every user is adapted to different tastes and compositions, so it gets tough to select one superior blend.

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How to make Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold Brewed coffee is always made in chilled form. At the start, grind the coffee beans and soak them in water overnight. The water and ground coffee diffuse and presents a concentrated brew. The infusion of water and coffee mixture extracts all tempting and rich flavors from the beans. Your cold brew would taste strong, smooth, and sweet, and one can alter its rich blended taste with a milk base or adding more ice to it. 

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Few Interesting Facts About Coffee

The planting of Coffee beans can be traced back to 800 A.D, and to date, Brazil grows and exports the most significant metric tons of Coffee. In history, people used to churn up coffee beans with a fat portion to form a rich energy snack, and now coffee beans are brewed to provide us fresh morning start. The unique coffee variety in the world comes from the island of St. Helena, situated on the West coast of Africa, where Napoleon was held captive. Finland has the largest consumer market globally; on an average every citizen of Finland consumes 27.5 pounds of Coffee each year. It is reported that one cup of black coffee contains only one calorie. According to few beauty clinics, leftover coffee beans are physical exfoliators that can remove dead skin cells, making your skin glow fresh, smooth, and brighter.