How to Shop With Amazon Gift Card From A Gamers Dreams

People today buy all kinds of things on Amazon. From groceries to clothing, furniture, and anything else. This is mostly a popular shopping option now during the Coronavirus pandemic. But it’s not only about that. Amazon simply has a lot of products you can buy at a low price.

At the same time, you can get your package the next day, so there’s no downside. Another reason why Amazon is so great is that it lets you give digital gift cards to people. With so many things available on the site, there is no need to worry about getting the right present.

You can simply get a gift card for someone or yourself and use its benefits to shop. A Gamers Dreams is a 3rd party site where you can buy Amazon gift cards. Here is how you can use them to shop on Amazon.

Buying an Amazon Gift Card at A Gamers Dreams

A Gamers Dreams is a large marketplace for gift cards. They are primarily focused on selling game gift cards for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. However, they also have some general gift cards for services that everyone uses, including Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, etc.

The first thing you need to do is buy a gift card. The process is quite simple, choose the Amazon Gift card, and pick between the 50$ or 100$ card value. You can also select as many cards as you want; there is no limit. When buying a gift card, you will have to give your email and create an account at the site.

This only takes a couple of seconds and gives you 10% off your first purchase. At the same time, you will have to provide an email to which the gift card will be delivered. It takes only a couple of minutes for the recipient to receive the claim code or the gift card code.

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Transferring Gift Card Balance to Amazon (Desktop)

To redeem your gift card from A Gamers Dreams and use it, you will have to open up your web browser and go to the Amazon website. Once you’ve signed in to your account, go to the account page and click on “Accounts & Lists.”

After that, click on “Gift Cards,” and you will get to your balance page for the gift card. Here you can see your balance as well as all of the transactions you’ve made in the past. You will see the “Redeem” button to add funds from a gift card.

After clicking, you will have to add the claim code for the gift card you got from A Gamers Dreams. You will see how much credit you have on this gift card. Once you’ve made sure that you put in the correct code, click on “Apply,” and the money from the gift card will be transferred to your account.

Transferring Gift Card Credit to Amazon Account (Mobile)

If you are doing this on your mobile device, simply open up the Amazon app. Open up the menu and find the “Gift Cards & Registry,” and click on it.

Here, you will see your card’s balance, and on the bottom of the menu, you can click to redeem a new card. Enter the code for A Gamers Dreams gift card, and your funds will be transferred from the gift card.

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Claim Gift Card Via Email

As we mentioned before, when you buy an Amazon gift card from A Gamers Dream, you will have to add the recipient’s email. The platform will inform them that they’ve received their gift card code.

They can click on the “redeem” link directly in the email, and they will be directed to Amazon instantly. The process is the same from there on whether they are using a PC or mobile device. When you’ve redeemed the gift card, this amount will be automatically used the next time you make a purchase.

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Use The Gift Card During Purchase

You can also redeem the gift card when you are buying something. When you are at the checkout, you can add your gift card code in the payment information and use it directly from there. This might be convenient, but it’s best to redeem your gift card right away from A Gamers Dreams and add it to your account so that you don’t forget about it.


This is how you can use A Gamers Dreams gift card, simple and easy. Bear in mind that these cards can be used for any kind of purchase on Amazon.