Flower is an all in one substitute used for party decoration, making bridal bouquet, making jewelry for bride, photo backdrop, food decoration. In addition to that it has best anti ageing property used for making beauty products. Some flowers have a great kick that enhances the taste of recipe. And in the medical studies now found that flowers have a best healing power to cure cough, respiratory problem and even cancer disease too.

Flower that you can eat serves great healthy advantages as well. But have you ever thought to make a cocktail drink using flower? Well, if you don’t have an idea about it, get the ideas from here. Here are the classy booms cocktails you can make using refreshing flowers. It has its own taste and tangy flavor which will inspire the taste buds. Here are they.

1) Delft Blue:

Deft Blue CocktailIt is most inspiring and tangy cocktail you can serve for making the mood of guests. It is a perfect drink to can be served on the night dinner party wearing tuxedo or evening gown. Use violets and elder-flowers for making this Delft blue cocktail. Get the Violette, elder-flower, genever and a kick of lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients in the cocktail shaker with ice cubes, strain into the cocktail and serve it. Violate petals on the top will add a wow factor to this drink. Buy flower online to get the refreshing in the joyous occasion.

2) White Wine Spritzer with Edible Flowers:

WHITE WINE SPRITZER WITH EDIBLE FLOWERSEdible flowers now become the talk of the town mean for decorating cakes, dishes and even white Wine spritzer. If you are going to make the edible flower decoration, buy it from the florist who grows flowers in an organic manner without using pesticides. That will be the best source of getting good and healthy drink for your guests. Prepare the glass and squeeze 1.4 lemons, ¼ cup chardonnay, and soda water and now tops it with edible flowers. You can send wine gift set to UK with this recipe to friends or relatives.

3) Wild Rose Petal Sangria:

Wild Rose CocktailMake wild rose petals sangria in the summer to cool the temperature. Wild roses spread utmost fragrance in the morning. Here you can use wild flower petals for making cool drink sangria. Just collect the organically planted wild rose petals and steep the petals overnight. In the early morning start following the sangria recipe and make this cool drink to balance the temperature.

4) Cocktail with Lilac Syrup:

cocktail with lilac syrupIt is the most convenient and easy recipe of serving the blooms cocktail at a mean time. Lilac fresh blooms used for making lilac syrup. Just take this syrup and add in soda glass, with ice cube serve chilled. The Purple flower bouquet is the perfect execution to share the emotions faster than any.

5) Bachelor’s Button Martini :

Bachelor martini CocktailCombine bachelor’s button petals, sugar and water and make syrup in the low temperature. Stir gently till the sugar does not dissolve. Once it gets cool strain this syrup mix all in cocktail mould. Shake it for 30 seconds. Foamy layer will occur, it means it is ready to serve with edible flower decoration.

6) Lavender Bees Knees :

Lavender bees knees CocktailSpring season’s favorite lavender bees knees are a timeless cocktail to serve in the corporate parties. Just you need a lavender honey syrup, gin and lemon juice. Mix all in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Double strain the cocktail into wine glasses and top with lavender stick.

7) Golden Jasmine Martini :

Golden Jasmine Martini CocktailJasmine tea is not an unknown flavor, prepare the jasmine tree and rest it for a few minutes. Now add the sugar syrup, vodka and ice cubes in a cocktail mixer. Shake it well, until sugar syrup doesn’t mix well in the drink. Serve chilled in the frozen glasses.

8) Frozen Hibiscus Margaritas :

Frozen Hibiscus MargaritasUse a vanilla bean and hibiscus flower and let it boil for 14 to 20 min. Cool this down and strain the boiled water after twenty minutes. Now follow the same recipe making syrup from this boiled water. Stir the syrup till the sugar doesn’t dissolve. Cool it down and add zest, lime juice, orange juice, tequila and refrigerate for some time. Now the real procedure comes. Add all the ingredients in the ice crème machine. After 20 minutes, it is ready to serve as a sorbet or freeze it for later use.

9) Chamomile Honey and Whiskey :

Chamomile Honey and WhiskeyDrink of dream is here to chill the hunger. It is simple process to just get the chamomile tea bags, pour in hot water. Now time to add honey and bourbon and shake well with ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. Garnish with fresh chamomile petals.

10) Cocktail with Use of Butterfly Pea Flower :

Butterfly Pea Flower CocktailButterfly pea flower cocktail is used for the magical appearance in the party. Frozen the butterfly pea flower extract in ice cubes. Now put the ice cubes in the glass and pour the cocktail on it, blue color ice will melt in violet color. The magic of color will blow the mind of the guests.

11) Rose Martini:

Rose martini CocktailCollect rose petals, vodka, white crème de cacao, rose water, one drop of rose food color and rose petals. Mix well in the cocktail shaker, strain in beautiful vodka glasses.

12) Blood Orange Bee’s Knees:

Blood Orange Bee KneesUse blood orange juice, gin, lemon juice, honey syrup, 2 dashed of orange bitters and orchid flower for decoration. Except flower mix all the ingredients well with ice cubes. Serve chilled with the orchid flower presentation.

13) Shire Flower:

Shire FlowerMix purity Vodka, elder-flower liqueur, lemon juice, 1 bar spoon apricot preserves in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Garnish the chilled shire flower with daisies.

14) Lavender Martini :

Lavender Martini CocktailGet cream de violet, gin, vodka, domain de canton, elder-flower liqueur, 1 dash of lavender bitters and lavender stick for garnish. Except lavender stick mix everything well and pour into beautiful Martine glasses and top it with lavender stick.

15) Lady Rose Cocktail:

Lady Rose CocktailMake the lady’s rose cocktail using fresh red rose, cranberry juice, 3 fresh strawberries, rose syrup and pomegranate syrup. Now shake well all the ingredients in the tin or bottle with ice cubes. Finally, give a finishing touch serving in cocktail glass with red rose decoration.

16) Brazilian Orchid Cocktail:

Brazilian Orchid CocktailBrazilian orchid cocktail name is derived from the use of Cachaca a sugary syrup and the name of flower orchid. Get the leblon Cachaca, one splash of raspberry liqueur, pureed lychee and orchid flower for making it. Remaining orchid flower mix all the ingredients in the cocktail shaker. Now strain the cocktail mixture and fill in the vodka or cocktail glasses, garnish with orchid flower.

17) Black Currant Sparkler:

Black Currant SparklerIn the last we end with this beautiful dessert cocktail. Black currant sparkler is made of very few ingredients. Just you will need Campari, gin, black current preservatives, white cream de cacao, vanilla extract, Prosecco and Pansy in the last. Don’t pour prosecoo and pansy while mixing all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker. The time is to strain the ingredients. Now garnish the Black Currant Sparkler with Prosecco and Pansy.

Beautiful, attractive, mind blowing cool cocktails is here made from edible flowers. It is so good at making and creating a wonderful after- taste treat you never tasted before. It has a great kick to turn the bad mood into a happy mood. While serving flowers cocktail is the heart of the party.