Ways To Wear That Velvet Jacket You Always Wanted

It really doesn’t matter what year or season it is, a velvet jacket is always a perfect solution for a classy men’s outfit. This particular piece of your attire will help you achieve that dashing old Hollywood look which will dazzle women of all generations. That being said, it’s time to discuss the best 5 ways to wear a classy and stylish velvet jacket.

Formal “Take Me To Dinner” Look

Taking a woman out for a nice fancy dinner is a rather fun activity every guy enjoys. However, preparing a formal outfit for that occasion can sometimes be tricky. So, if you don’t know what to wear, we suggest you go for a burgundy velvet blazer combined with black wool pants and a black turtleneck. This classy look is perfect for fancy restaurants that have romantic lighting. If you want to look like a proper and sophisticated gentleman, this outfit is absolutely the perfect choice.

Party Jacket

Mixing formal and casual is very popular nowadays. In order to complete this look, you’ll need a pair of black jeans, a dark turtleneck or shirt, and a black velvet jacket. Make sure to pick slim fit or skinny jeans because baggy trousers don’t go well with this particular attire. Combine everything from above with a pair of elegant Chelsea boots and your outfit is ready for a night out or a house party.

Velvet Tux

If you’re searching for an elegant, formal, Hollywood star look, you should definitely consider a velvet tuxedo. Achieving this look is rather easy. All you need to do is replace your regular tux jacket with a formal velvet blazer and you’ll be the best-dressed person at the after party. In order to keep things simple and classy, make sure to wear a regular white shirt and a bowtie. When it comes to footwear, you can wear a pair of Oxfords or a pair of comfy loafers, depending on the formality of the event. All in all, this outfit is perfect for business dinners, weddings, and cocktail parties.

Soft Rock Look

Most guys who enjoy rock music tend to wear ripped jeans and leather jackets. It is a style that is implied in the world of rock and roll. However, if this particular look is too hardcore for you, swapping a leather jacket for a dark velvet blazer will provide you with a rather popular appearance we now call – soft rock look. To complete this outfit, you’ll need a casual button-down shirt with a simple pattern, and a casual vest or a silk scarf.

Classy Office Look

Even though your office is not a runway, there’s no reason not to look fine as wine at work, right? That being said, you should know that a velvet jacket is very office friendly. You can combine it with a pair of wool trousers, classic white shirt, and a silky business tie. This outfit will provide you with a sophisticated look that is highly appreciated in the workplace.