Interesting Facts About Leather

Leather goods are still in practice at a large level even before the prehistoric era of humans. So, it is needless to articulate any word here in concern to the consequence of leather and the fabricated goods.

You all would have read a variety of texts in support of leather goods and its employment like leather beading cord, round leather cord of 1mm, 1.5mm, and 2mm sizes. The use of leather in manufacturing jewelry, fashion, apparel, footwear and several grooming items has given birth to a wide scope of business. Thus a myriad of round leather cord wholesaler, retailer, and other individuals are cantering in the market.

However, today I am going to present an impressive post on fascinating facts about leather, industries, and production, you read ever before. Undoubtedly, apart from reading texts on features of leather cord and product, you will be glad to have a unique compilation of leather facts from an ancient era. So, now have a look at these interesting facts of leather

  • From the very early human history, the people began to employ leather for clothes and shelter through the animals hunting.
  • Today, in the records, we have congregated the evidence of leather of date from 1300 BCE.
  • In China and Africa, the Leather industries are existing at least as well as in Europe these are at high scale from an earlier time.
  • In ancient times, animal’s fat, vegetables and smoke were used in tanning leathers, but still, the technology is improving from the beginning.
  • Homer’s Iliad is one among the written records of leather tanning written by Assyrians.
  • Around the 12th century, human developed the technology to dye leather and started to employ for decorative and grooming purposes.
  • Earlier, the tanning of leather tends worker to work around a year. But with the advent and development of technology over the centuries reduce the time. Now, it is possible to tan leather in a couple of days with the latest technology we have.
  • The tools used for leather tanning in ancient time are still in employment by every leather making workshop.
  • In earlier societies, the process of leather making was kept secret in the families. Moreover, this secret was passed to the eldest son by father, who would continue on leather work.
  • In the Middle Age, the leather worker united together into unions, and the government began to issue a license for leather makers.
  • Since the historical time, leather has been employed as the explicit material for bookbinding, which eventually guards the paper against mold and bugs, high and low humidity, high temperature, pollution, dust, and light exposure.
  • In 1965, Shearling, a type of sheep leather was employed in the treatment of bed sores for the patients had prolonged stay in clinic or hospitals.
  • From the earlier time, leather from specific types of animals has been availed. In recent, leather from snake and crocodile skin are high on trend.
  • Kangaroo leather is abrasive-proof.
  • In the process of leather making a by-product, Collagen is obtained and is used in food and cosmetic products.

However, these facts will nourish your knowledge and offer a good time to enjoy while reading. Feel free to share your valuable ideas and make it reachable to other people that make them benefited and amused.