sports bra

There is no doubt that this type of bra has gained great popularity in recent years. In fact, many women have not been satisfied with using it only when exercising, but also as a day-to-day garment.

The sports bra is a variation of the normal bra, designed to make life easier for many women. It is much more comfortable and versatile, and provides much greater support. Previously many of them had the wrong idea that a good sports bra or rather, any sports bra that really served us was the one that exerted more pressure on the bust. What a mistake! Let’s give thanks for the existence of the sports bra size chart in recent times, now things are done as they must be done.

Some essential recommendations

  • The fact that the piece is made with an elastic material, is not synonymous with the fact that all bodies are adapted to a measure and much less that it will look just as good with any figure. Certainly this bra is much more versatile and comfortable, but it is also made under certain standards that, despite being more flexible than traditional bra measures, should be considered.
  • Having the measure of your bra is not that difficult. Just make a revision in one of these tables of measures and look for the equivalent of your traditional measure with the sports bra.
  • Do not go crazy looking for an exact measurement; Remember that these pieces have no cups, or at least not so stiff and pronounced. The values ​​of the chart are mainly centered on the size tray. The cup is much more adjustable in these cases.

A simple way to perform the adjustment, if necessary, or to find the appropriate size between the tables of XS, S, M and L is to pay attention to the following: usually the standard measures of band size are associated with each of the sizes, that is, if it is 32 these usually correspond an XS, 34 is usually S, 36 is usually M and 38-40 an L. This does not always happen; there are much more specific conversions that allow locating the exact size of the traditional bra (with band and cup) within the proportions of these pieces.

The characteristics of sports bras

These so useful garments accumulate the reasons to be very popular. In principle, it is important to understand that these bras can be high or low impact, according to the sport you want to practice with them. The first ones are designed for activities of great physical wear and tear, such as athletics, where the support of the breasts is very important to avoid injuries. In those cases, the straps tend to be much more resistant, and may even appear interlaced, to provide better support. The later one are not so demanding; In fact, they are ideal for practicing soft activities such as yoga or pillars, or simply to go jogging around.

One of the aspects that most influence the size of this type of bra is the fabric. This is usually thick, elastic and also permeable. The idea is to allow body perspiration without much difficulty.

However, what really concerns us in this regard is the elasticity of the fabric. The most standard models usually use more flexible fabrics, which conform to various types of cups. However, the best clothes are not as elastic, or at least not in the whole model. It is preferable that the elasticity be present in the bust area, while the rest of the piece has some type of reinforcement for the support.

Do not forget that training without good support is not only uncomfortable but also damages the breast tissue as well as the ligaments that support the chest. The least you want when exercising is to subject your chest to such pressure that you stimulate, without wanting it, to decay quickly. You should not look for a sports bra that presses you (as has usually been considered appropriate) or that does not hold you enough. The tricks to locate the sizes, is the initial step to look for a good bra. The second, without a doubt, is to seek comfort by trying it on. The correct size will never cause you to feel discomfort.