Top 3 Ways to Dress to Impress After 50

Most fashion tips out there are for younger women, professionals, mothers with young children, and 20-somethings who, let’s face it, can wear a potato sack and still look good in it. When it comes to the older generation, especially mature singles, for instances, fashion tips are in scarce supply, which is why we’d like to focus on a few outfit ideas today that can help the ladies over 50 look and feel fabulous.

#1: Bright Colors

Bright colors are youthful and can shed years off of your complexion. If you’re on the pale side, opt for pink, light blue, light green, and any pastel hue that catches your eye, especially when choosing a blouse or a fitted blazer. If your skin is darker, opt for a fiery red, a nice shade of orange or yellow, and in the summer don’t be afraid to rock an electric fuchsia. Tops, blouses, blazers or cardigans in bright colors send a very clear message – age is nothing but a number. When paired with light, natural-looking makeup and a nice blow-dry, you can put any girl twice your age to shame.

#2: Funky Footwear

Most older women go for comfort as time goes on, and would rather opt for a pair of comfortable Nikes than a stunning Italian shoe. This is a huge mistake because comfortable footwear is, unfortunately, often very boring, and most definitely not sexy. We’re not saying wear a 9-inch heel to make your legs look leaner, but what we’re trying to say is don’t stop thinking style past a certain point in life because anything but elegance and a little bit of an edge will age you. Speaking of Italian shoes, they come in stunning flats or sandals with a small heel! A gorgeous shoe isn’t necessarily sky high, so don’t knock eclectic or edgy footwear before you try it.

#3: Right Kind of Attitude

You can charge an extremely expensive outfit to your credit card that you’ll be paying off for months, and not steal the show if you don’t come armed with the right kind of attitude. Clothes make a statement, but don’t make a man, and it is up to every single one of us to be as positive and as sunny as possible, and then even the above potato sack can look breathtaking on us and make everyone want one! When we start to age and our whole body aches, with a million worries weighing on our shoulders, looking stunning is not the easiest job in the world, and that’s where a positive attitude comes in to make any outfit worthy of the cover of Vogue.

Honorable mention: Hair and makeup. Long locks, no matter how old you are, are always sexy and when worn the right way, such as with a stylish pair of glasses, can look as sophisticated as ever. The same goes for natural-looking makeup that makes your face look fresh and 10 years younger.