styling ideas for joggers

Do you wish to get your style on with joggers? Get in-depth with this guide on how to rock this cool, stylish, and sophisticated pair of clothing. This non-complicated yet comfy pair can take all the effort out of styling and replace it with ease and a chic result.

Joggers might not appear as a fancy fashionista piece. However, you can experiment widely with this casual and fun wear and make statements. Joggers may seem lazy, but styling it is fun and lets you add your personal touch to the process.

If you’re looking for a versatile yet comfy clothing piece to replace skinny and tight fits, joggers are an excellent choice. With this guide, let’s explore the depths of this clothing piece and unique ways to style it. But first, let’s know what joggers are.

What are joggers?

As athleisure gains popularity in the world, people have started investing in this closest cousin of sweats, workouts, or athleisure pants, known as joggers. Joggers are more comfortable and stylish than their counterparts. The casual pair-pants have a drawstring on the waist and elasticized ankle cuffs. It lends the pair a more tailored and polished appearance than sweatpants.

Styling tips to enhance your joggers’ appeal

Here are the must-implement styling tips you should use to elevate your joggers’ look:

Add a shirt to achieve a chic look

If you’re a chic person, amp up your joggers with a classy shirt for that perfect look. The best way to dress up a shirt with a jogger is to tuck it in the front and leave it hanging on the back. Complete your look with bright color heels, if the outfit is toned down, or vice-versa.

This look is perfect if you have to go to brunch. Further on, don’t forget to add accessories to the look. A gold-layered neckpiece will look absolutely amazing. This look will surely make you obsessed with yourself. Carry a clutch with you to bring out the class in this chic outfit.

An elegant pullover for a cozy vibe

For a cosy winter look style your joggers with warm and soft pullovers. You can make a style statement that will turn heads wherever you go with this complete look.

You need to pair a dark-colored jogger with a light-colored pullover for that effect. Adding pointed heels to the outfit will get you to a whole other dimension. The heels can be light or dark-colored, based on your style preferences. However, you need to ensure that your personality matches the colors. This will turn your look from casual to chic.

Further, add a handheld bag and sunglasses to take it up a notch and ensure a classy look. This way, you can make your own style statement.

A formal blazer look

If you’re wondering how, know that, joggers aren’t just for casual looks. You can experiment and turn them into much more with creative ideas like the ones mentioned here. Here our advice is to throw on a blazer with the joggers for a more formal look.

This answers your question as to how you can turn joggers into formal and professional attire. Team this up with heels and you’re ready to get-set-go to any official meeting.

Just a plain t-shirt

If you’re looking for a straightforward casual look, a plain t-shirt can never do you wrong. You can choose any comfortable and bold color tee to wear with your favorite joggers. Get more comfort out of sneakers to bring the look together. This simple, subtle, and stylish look is perfect if you want to go on a casual date or a shopping day out with friends. 

Always trendy denim jackets

You can never go wrong when you style a denim jacket with your joggers. These fashion pieces are a forever trend and work perfectly in amping up your look from casual to chic. A basic white solid t-shirt and a denim jacket with your favorite pair of joggers is the aptest daytime look.

Pair the look with open-toe flats for the utmost comfort. It’s a truly effortless way to take basic jogger t-shirt pair to a stylish look.

A long coat for a contemporary vibe

The trendiest, most comfortable, and fashionista way of uplifting your joggers is by adding a long coat to the outfit. It won’t just make you look stylish. It will also keep you safe and protected from harsh winter days.

It’s a double win as you are warm and chic in the most perfect sense. You can add a white pair of shoes with an otherwise neutral outfit for a more polished appearance. So, without going overboard, you can make an amazing, minimalistic, and contemporary statement. 

A fluffy jacket for a cozy vibe

Another apt look to create with joggers in winter is using fluffy jackets. Throw on a crop top, your favorite joggers, and a fluffy jacket with sneakers for the coziest and most comfortable winter look. A pair of bulky shoes can also help elevate the outfit. 

Without exerting much effort, you can achieve this trendy and stylish look. Further, there’s no fear of winter as the fluffy jacket will keep you protected, safe, and comfortable.

Add leather joggers to your wardrobe

The current trend has made leather joggers a staple in every individual’s wardrobe. You now have multiple ways to explore this dimension of joggers. Leather joggers are more than perfect for a date night. Just pick a hot strappy top with the leather pair and throw on a sexy pair of heels. This will surely take your outfit to the never-imagined next level.

This look will give you unfound confidence that can help you achieve the depths of your sexiness. Accessorize as you want and pull off the entire outfit with ease.

A monochrome look with everything black

When your style screams classic street fashion, you cannot miss this method of styling your joggers. This look is what you can do to elevate your chic quotient and add another dimension of hotness. 

Attain this look by pairing black joggers with a tucked-in black sweater. You can style your hair in beachy waves, and add a baseball cap, peep toes, an oversized tote bag, and dark lipstick, preferably red. Lo and behold, you have uplifted your joggers from a plain and casual look to a chic and trendy outfit. 

Style your distressed and ripped joggers

The ripped and distressed fashion has transferred from pieces of denim to joggers. This has led to the opening up of various dimensions of styling for fashion enthusiasts. Those who cannot get enough distressed trousers can now find more options with similar joggers.

To style this option, you need not do much but add a plain t-shirt. Since a lot is happening down anyways, you can keep it simple with the rest of the elements. However, this is simple advice for an uplifted casual look. You can do more for yourself by adding whatever you like. Chunky boots pair well with this outfit.

Summing up

Get the most out of these simple, casual, and comfortable joggers when you style them. Fashion need not translate to discomfort. You can follow the trends without leaving your comfort zone. Hopefully, these fashion tips help you elevate your fashion routine with joggers.