The Benefits of Studying Theology

You don’t have to be a pastor to want to study theology – it is a subject open to everyone, and anyone with an interest can benefit from it. Whilst a theology degree is the first level towards being accredited and becoming part of the clergy, these aren’t the only paths it opens up. Here’s what the study of theology can do for you if you’re interested in taking your first steps into this enriching and rewarding field.

Learn More About God 

There’s a lot more to theology than you might think. From the Bible and the Qur’an, to the complete works of St Augustine and more, you’ll study a rich range of priceless works that awaken your mind. Throughout your studies, it’s likely that you’ll battle and question the truths in the Bible, just as all the scholars and believers have done throughout its history. 

However, in doing so, you’ll get a deeper understanding of religion and God, and hopefully gain a higher appreciation for everything they stand for. You’ll challenge and be challenged, whilst gaining priceless knowledge and appreciation of the intense volatility and beauty that is theology.

A Deep Understanding of World Religion

This subject isn’t just limited to exploring Christianity – it also aims to enhance your understanding and appreciation of other world religions, in addition to their practices and how they all come together and affect people, societies, laws, politics and cultures all around the world.

It Opens Doors to Diverse Careers

Thanks to the diverse education that students receive, Theology graduates are very valuable, and are in much higher demand than many might think. Those who study theology go on to work for governments, non-profit organizations, education sectors and in community roles – particularly those involved in development where the knowledge and understanding of diverse beliefs is of paramount importance.

Your Resume Stands Out from the Rest

Those with a theology degree on their resume have proven they have a deep understanding of history, world religion, as well as current affairs in our modern time. It demonstrates you have critical thinking skills, a wide understanding of the world, and a broad knowledge of all things that fall under the umbrella of theology, such as culture, ethics, laws, politics and philosophy, as well as world religion itself. All these subjects have gravity in today’s world problems and debates, which means your skills, knowledge and experience are extremely valuable.

Options for Further Study

There is a wealth of possibilities for further study after graduating with a theology degree. It doesn’t just stop at your local church – you can go on to research incredibly fascinating and valuable subjects such as ethics, culture, religion, conflict and world history.

Enjoyment and Enrichment 

By studying theology – even if just for fun and not on an academic level – you can enjoy exploring fascinating topics that interest you. Theology boasts a huge range of topics within itself, and also extends into other areas of study, so there’s no lack of learning and enrichment to be had when you dive into the subject.

Become Part of the Ministry

Theology provides the foundations for you to be involved in the ministry. You’ll learn to be equipped for guiding Bible study groups, helping young people through challenging theological topics, and answering questions from the public.


Ultimately, studying theology helps students to understand, re-evaluate, and reflect their relationship with God, whilst increasing understanding of and appreciation for religion. However, there’s so much more to it than that which is obvious – by immersing yourself in this fascinating subject, you’ll not only improve your understanding of religion and God – you’ll also improve your job prospects, and open a myriad of diverse doors into other vital sectors of the world – from politics, culture, and community development, to non-profit organisations, charitable work and more – the world will become your oyster.