Most Popular Countries to Study Abroad for Great Career and Education

Indians are known for their globetrotting nature. Exploring foreign lands has always been an exciting prospect for Indian students, whether for leisure, business, or education. And things have never been as brighter as they are now for those looking to study abroad. With so many options available to Indian students, which country to go to for further education can become a daunting task. While some countries are known for their universities, others excel in their pedagogy. So, here’s a list of some of the best countries to study. We have drawn this list considering various factors like cost of living, ease of finding student accommodation, quality of education, career opportunities, etc.

Top countries to study for Indian students 


Australia is one of the most popular educational destinations for Indian students as it provides several benefits. The easy visa application process, welcoming people, safety, and government-backed quality educational policy makes it a perfect study destination.

  • The cost of education is almost 40-60 per cent less as compared to many other countries 
  • Globally recognized universities offering a variety of quality courses
  • Several part-time work opportunities are available
  • Ranks 8th overall in the world for its education and support services 
  • The easy and convenient PR process 


Canada offers attractive prospects to people who wish to study and settle there. The government is extremely pro-foreign nationals. Their education system has been developed to provide quality education and do so at a very affordable price. Canada is surely one of the best countries to study with competent courses available in hospitality, liberal arts, biotechnology, and business. 

  • Ranks 4th overall as a popular education destination worldwide
  • Canada ranks 1st in the best quality of life sub ranking by US News & World.
  • International students can work for 3 years after obtaining a Canadian degree
  • High-tech campuses with an emphasis on techno-driven educational facilities 
  • Cost of living and accommodation amongst the lowest in English speaking countries 
  • Welcoming culture, warm and hospitable locals 
  • Highly renowned for easy and quick PR process.


From being home to some of the best universities in the world to having a multicultural atmosphere, the UK has remained one of the most popular destinations amongst Indian students. And it continues to be so as it promotes quality education and promises a comfortable, enriching, and fulfilling life.  

  • Provides ample scholarship opportunities for Indian students 
  • Four of the top ten universities in the world are based in the UK 
  • The modern education system and evolving work ecosystem 
  • UK degrees are recognized across the world 
  • International students can work 20 hours a week 
  • UK offers a 2 years post-study work visa after completing your degree. 


The United States of America has remained a dream destination for millions of Indian students. Even though several other countries have emerged as the preferred choice for many, the US remains highly desirable. 

  • Ranks Number 1 in providing quality education
  • Out of 100 global universities, 33 are based in the US
  • The flexible and inclusive educational system 
  • Universities provide orientation programs, training, and workshops to international students 
  • Programs like OPT and CPT allow students to work during and after studying

 Factors that make these countries top choices

Every country has its USP for which it becomes a popular and suitable place for studying abroad. And it would help if you looked at all these factors closely before finalizing your destination. Let’s look at them in detail:

Tuition fees: Several countries on the list offer affordable tuition fees, either backed by the government or supported through scholarships. There are even tuition-free universities in the USA for international students 2023. Choose a destination that provides a combination of quality education and reasonable prices.

Ease of living: This is the second most crucial factor to consider when shifting abroad for education. While countries provide several accommodation options, others might offer a limited choice. From university halls to rented apartments and shared rooms, accommodation facilities must be easy to find. 

Student-friendly atmosphere: Cities that have a large student population offer a lot in terms of cross-cultural exchange, extra-curricular activities, student-friendly cost of living, safety, and infrastructure. It would be best if you looking for a destination that has it all.

Safety: This is yet another essential factor to consider before choosing a destination. While countries like the USA, UK, Canada and Australia are considered safe for international students. You must research the cultural makeup of a country before finalising things. 


Living in a foreign land away from the family can be challenging, especially for those who are study abroad and staying away for the first time. Therefore, it is essential to choose a country with student-friendly accommodation options so that your new beginning in a new country is positively memorable. Whatever your accommodation needs are, one easy way to find the right place to live is through RentOspace, a one-stop destination for all kinds of accommodation options. It provides affordable and safe options for the students while connecting the right people to finalise the deals.