Many competition exams are organized every year in the country, in which it is not easy for everyone to pass. In exams like CAT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, many times students fail to score well in English even after doing well in other subjects. In order to score well in your upcoming competitive exams, you have to set a base and start studying from basic classes only. Here are some quick tips which will help get good marks in English class 11. 

Start with basics

While preparing the syllabus for the exam, pay special attention to vocabulary. To improve this, you can memorize and read the synonyms and antonyms of a word through the dictionary. At the same time, always keep a pocket notebook to make a word list and keep writing some words in it every day. Plus if you use a mobile phone or tablet, you can download free flashcards that will help you a lot in learning and remembering new words.

To solve English questions, you must have a proper understanding of the use of grammar. These types of questions are common in all competitive exams and most of the questions are asked in error finding format. Finding the error in a sentence is a gradual process and to solve such types of questions, candidates have to follow the rules of grammar.

You cannot improve your reading skills after studying for a few days in English, for this you have to develop the habit of reading every day. To improve reading comprehension skills. Reading the newspaper is a good option but always reading only hard facts and information every day can not develop your reading skills above the prescribed limit. So it is better that you prefer reading feature stories, editorials, trade magazines etc. This will also improve your comprehension reading skills rapidly.

Self-assessment by yourself can tell you how much you have learned. In such a situation, everyone should keep giving mock tests for an accurate assessment of their status and improve themselves. With daily practice, you can improve and build confidence.

For the preparation of an English subject, the practice of finding spelling mistakes can be very useful. One wrong word can spoil the whole sentence. Similarly, while writing the descriptive part of any exam, the Sentence Fortune i.e. its formation is also an important aspect. Sentences are also formed with the right verb and tense.

NCERT should be your priority

NCERT Books Class 11 English Snapshot PDF and other books of this subject have very interesting and self-explanatory chapters with very simple language in order to make students understand by just simply reading it twice or thrice. Almost every chapter I have important messages which also make students learn something new and informative. Along with chapters, there are poems of recognised poets too. students are very comfortable with the chapter portion of NCERT but they fear the poem part. The language in which the poem is written hides meaning in between the words which is difficult to read and understand. For getting a strong grip on poems of your class 11 English NCERT textbook, you have to get that explained by your teacher or your tutor. While they are explaining to you, make notes which will help you during the revision time. You don’t have to write full sentences, just make notes with phrases and words to make them understandable at the time of revision. Don’t stress yourself out by reading 5 to 6 chapters in a day from your NCERT. Go for two chapters in a day and don’t just read them hurriedly to complete the syllabus early. Read every chapter from here NCERT and along with you keep a dictionary too. In case you come across any difficult or complex word whose meaning is unknown to you, you can just quickly pick up your dictionary and search that word which in turn will give you the meaning and then you will be able to complete your chapter efficiently and productively. After you have read your chapter, read the summary given by your subject teacher or download it from the internet. This will give you a quick look back at the chapter so that it gets engraved in your mind. 

After reading the summary, make sure to get into a quick go through with the notes you made while reading the chapter. There are questions given in between and end of every chapter in your NCERT, you will have to solve them after completing the chapter. If you don’t understand the question or don’t come up with an answer, you don’t need to worry. Reference book in which NCERT questions are solved. Also, you can download it from the internet too. 

Fix your knowledge with papers

After going through your NCERT chapters and understanding them completely, you have to download previous year question papers or simply take them from your seniors, you have to solve them. Set a 3 hour alarm in your alarm clock aur your phone clock, this will help you to manage the time while attempting the paper. Keep your notes, textbooks and other stuff in which you have written anything related to the paper you are going to attempt in another room. Don’t get distracted or take help from the dictionary when you are doing the previous year question paper. After completing the paper completely, finish it with drawing lines after every answer with the help of pencil and scale just like you are going to do in your final exam. This will help you to keep a habit of doing the same. 

You have to be very very regular in order to score well on your exam. Just don’t stress out and don’t compare yourself to others.