Good Reasons to Study in Australia

Studying abroad for a medium-long period is certainly one of the most important and formative experiences of your life. First of all, it will help you grow and broaden your educational and working horizons, which is why Australia is an investment in your future. It will help you develop new skills while studying and learning in a different way. Also, you will become more independent, self-esteem and have a new perspective on life. You can also have a chance to improve your English language skills by completely immersed in the local culture.

  1. 2021: Australia is a very safe country for all

Australia has contained the Covid-19 very well and is one of the safest countries for studying abroad. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Australia has been one of the countries in the world that has handled the emergency best. Australia, in fact, after a shorter lock-down period, has now restarted and has also reopened schools since the beginning of May.

  1. World-class educational system

Australia has an internationally recognized and appreciated educational system. Schools in Australia prepare students for life, develop their individual skills, strengthen their self-esteem and respect for themselves and others, accustom them to team play and make them responsible citizens which are able to manage future challenges in an increasingly competitive world.

The holistic 360-degree approach is also reflected in the choice of subjects that stimulate the development of the personality through individual expression. Students in Australia are immersed in a learning environment that is very different from ours, less notional, more geared to experimenting with theory, small classes, a direct relationship and dialogue with the teacher, always careful to encourage them.

  1. An investment for the future

Education in Australia prepares students for the job challenges of the future in an increasingly competitive world Australia: a country that prepares for the future

Australia is a country that offers young people many opportunities and a study trip there is an investment in your future. Excellent schools, innovation, a new and stimulating teaching approach that encourages individual expression, learning about cultures different from yours and improving your English are some of the main reasons that make this experience unique and also useful for your future work.

Australia is also one of the most multicultural and welcoming countries that has made multiculturalism a strength and a true value. You will have the opportunity to be in contact with different cultures and ethnic groups, both at school and in everyday life, thus enriching your cultural and personal baggage

  1. Improve English while immersed in Australian culture

Australia is an English-speaking country and a stay in this country will help you improve your English language a lot. International students in Australia have opportunities to practice English by completely immersed in the cultural life of the country. The experience in Australia is full-immersion with the host family.

You will therefore live an immersive experience in the local language and culture that will contribute to your personal growth. Australians are very welcoming and hospitable, the host family will immediately make you feel part of the nucleus and lasting bonds of friendship are created.

  1. Australia protects international students

Australia is one of the few countries that have developed a system of laws that protect international students who are studying in Australia.

As is well known, Australia is a popular study destination for students from all over the world, the third choice after the United Kingdom and the United States. In fact, every year thousands of foreign students decide to spend a medium, short or long period to study in Australia.

  1. High-quality of life

Australia offers a recognized quality of life among the highest countries in the world which has  a good balance between study and life. The quality of life in Australia is considered to be one of the best in the world. In fact, Australia offers many job opportunities, a low unemployment rate, an excellent school system and universities, excellent healthcare, modern, safe and cutting-edge cities, unspoiled nature and beautiful landscapes.

  1. Host Family life experience

international students are placed in families adapted to their needs and spend a lot of free time with the family The host family in Australia: a very important reference. The best way to appreciate the quality of life in Australia is to live with an Australian family.

The host family is chosen based on the requirements of the individual profile and the best match is sought. The experience is immediately full-immersion, in fact you will become an integral part of the new nucleus with which you will share a lot of free time and new life habits while maintaining your spaces, your private room, and your independence.

  1. Unspoiled nature and beautiful landscapes

International students in Australia will get to know new places and see the country’s breathtaking lanscapes. Australia offers a wide wealth of landscapes ranging from the endless white and deserted beaches of the coastal areas, to the coral reefs, to huge natural parks everywhere, to rainforests and to sophisticated and modern cities.

You will be able to see rare species of flora and fauna, hike inside and learn about the millennial Aboriginal culture or dive into the crystal clear waters admiring the fish-rich reefs and learning how Australia protects its World Heritage territory.

  1. Leisure and climate in Australia

Australia has a mild climate all year round. In Australia there is a balance between work, study and leisure more than anywhere else. This means that when they disconnect from work or school, Australians are dedicated to cultivating the many hobbies and sports that they always reserve time for. You will therefore have many opportunities during your stay in Australia to practice new sports and exciting activities that are also accessible in terms of costs.

In addition, the mild climate all year round facilitates culture and outdoor life in cities and along the coasts where surfing or playing golf is within everyone’s reach and an integral part of the Australian way of life!